Elzetta Design – Tactical Lighting Redefined


Elzetta Design Charlie Light with High Output Bezel 033-1000 Hitting the tactical market in 2007, Elzetta Design has become one of the most respected names in high quality and durable lighting.   Improving drastically with LED technology over the miniature incandescent bulbs of the past, handheld lights are no longer what they were a decade ago. Available in three different body lengths, the Alpha (1 cell), the Bravo (2 cell), and the Charlie (3 cell), the configurations of the Elzetta lights are nearly endless by changing the lens, bezel and tail cap options.

The lights are available with the following options by body style:

Alpha Light (1 Cell)

Elzetta Design Alpha Light 007-1000
Alpha Light shown with optional Speed Clip and makes for a perfect EDC light.
  • Lens: Standard or Flood
  • Bezel: Standard or Crenellated
  • Tail Cap: Rotary, Click,  Alpha High-Low,  High-Strobe, Remote Tape Switch (12″ cable), or Remote Tape Switch (5″ cable)
  • Custom Laser Engraving

Bravo Light (2 Cell)

Elzetta Design Bravo Light with Low Profile Bezel 001
Bravo Light with Low Profile Bezel and Malkoff M60 Lens
  • Lens: Malkoff M60 (235 lumen – 2.5 hour), Malkoff M60F (235 lumen flood – 2.5 hour), AVS Module (650 lumen), or AVS Module (650 lumen flood)
  • Bezel: Standard, Low Profile, Crenellated, Standard (AVS), or Crenellated (AVS)
  • Tail Cap: Rotary, Click, High-Low, High-Strobe, Remote Tape Switch (12″ cable), or Remote Tape Switch (5″ cable)
  • Custom Laser Engraving

Charlie Light (3 Cell)

Elzetta Design Charlie Light with High Output Bezel  023-1000
Charlie Light with AVS High Output Module and Crenellated Bezel
  • Lens: Malkoff M60 (235 lumen – 3.7 hour), Malkoff M60F (235 lumen flood – 3.7 hour), AVS Module (900 lumen), or AVS Module (900 lumen flood)
  • Bezel: Standard, Low Profile, Crenellated, Standard (AVS), or Crenellated (AVS)
  • Tail Cap: Rotary, Click, High-Low, High-Strobe, Remote Tape Switch (12″ cable), or Remote Tape Switch (5″ cable)
  • Custom Laser Engraving


As you can see from the options above the lumens available on the Elzetta lights range from 235 to 900 lumens.  There is a misnomer with how lumens work and some believe that lumens=brightness, when in fact lumens are how much light is thrown from the lens regardless of how wide the spread is.  I could reinvent the wheel in explaining this idea, but Elzetta’s Dave Barnett does a much better job of explanation it in this video.


Tougher Than Nails.
Tougher Than Nails.

You could just take my word that the Elzetta lights are really tougher than nails, or you could watch a few videos showing proof.  The first video is one I shot at SHOT Show 2011 which shows Dave Barnett using an Elzetta light, while turned on, as a hammer to punch a nail into a 2×4.  The remainder of the video shows Elzetta’s product line as it was 3 years ago.  There have been some updates and additions since then. The second video is from Dustin Ellermann, you know, the guy from Top Shot, where he takes an Elzetta light and drops it out of a helicopter from 300 feet onto concrete.

If these videos are not proof enough, there are more, like the one where Dave Barnett submerges an Elzetta light under water, disassembles it, and reassembles it under water with full functionality afterward. Overall, these lights are solid, will hold up to a lifetime of use and abuse, and will provide a lot of light throw when and where you need it.  I personally carry a Bravo light with a High Output AVS Module (600 Lumen) on my duty belt and only need to replace the batteries (2x CR123’s) about once a month while working swing shift.  I’m sure I would need to replace them more often if I were working nights. Elzetta also offers various mounts for their lights such as the ZRX Lightweight Mount  and the ZFH1500.  Both of these mounts will accept a 1 inch in diameter light. The ZRX will fit in any picatinny rail slot and any weight gain with this mount is not noticeable at just 1.1 oz.

Elzetta Design ZRX Lightweight Light Mount 001-1000

Elzetta ZRX Lightweight Light Mount The ZFH1500 Light Mount allows the light to be mounted in the 6 o’clock position under the barrel while attached to the open space of a standard A1 or A2 front sight base.  The tail cap of the light is exposed in the back, allowing for ease of use.  A pressure switch tail cap can also be installed on any of the Elzetta lights.

Elzetta Design Bravo Light in a ZFH1500 Mount 005-1000
Elzetta ZFH1500 Light Mount with Bravo Light.

If you are looking for a light that will last you long enough to hand down to your grand-kids, then Elzetta is a great option for you to rely on for years to come. For more information on Elzetta or to purchase any of their products, please visit http://www.elzetta.com.

Spontaneous 50,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway

In celebration of reaching 50,000 fans on the ZERO7ONE Facebook Page, a spontaneous giveaway has been put together.

There will be two prize packs given away.




The 50,000 fans came around the same time as this webpage was redesigned.  Unlike the typical “like this page” Facebook giveaway, this one will take a slightly different spin.  In lieu of the liking of pages, to enter this giveaway, all you will  need to do is to subscribe to this pages newsletter (form on the upper right side of this page).  Also, make sure you confirm your subscription.



There are a few stipulation to the giveaway…..

  1. You must be a US Citizen
  2. You must be 18 years of age
  3. You must be a subscriber to this page’s newsletter

By entering your email address I promise that it will not be sold or abused in anyway.  Newsletters will be sent out on a weekly basis with a recap of the previous weeks posts.

The giveaway entry period will start on Wednesday July 30, 2014 and will end on Friday August 8, 2014 at 2000PST.  A random winner will be selected from those who have subscribed to this page.

Aero Precision Special Edition 2A Lower

Aero Precision IIA Edition Lower Receiver 006wm-1000

Aero Precision has released a new special edition 7075-T6 forged aluminum lower receiver, commemorating the Second Amendment.   This lower is matte black hard-coat anodized and features an attractive 2A logo on the right side of the magazine well.  The rear take-down pin detent hole is threaded for a 4-40 set screw to keep the install of the end plate and buffer tube “flying detent” free.  The 2A lower receiver will work with all standard AR-15 parts, accessories, and magazines.

Aero Precision IIA Edition Lower Receiver 001wm-1000
The Model of this lower is appropriately marked IIA and the Serial Number starts with 1791.


Aero Precision IIA Edition Lower Receiver 002wm-1000


The Second Amendment Lower is available in the Aero Precision online store for $105 at:  http://aeroprecisionusa.com/lower-receivers/ar15-stripped-lower-receiver-special-edition-2nd-amendment.html

***All FFL Rules and Laws apply.



Manufacturer Spotlight – Fortis Manufacturing


Fortis Manufacturing, Inc

Strong, Powerful, Robust.  That is the definition of the Latin word “Fortis” and what Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. strives to achieve in producing innovate and steadfast products.  That sentiment is also included in their motto; “Strength by Design”.


Located in Washington State, Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. (FMI™) is aimed at providing a combination of “Operator” needed strength, exceptional design and aesthetics, while still offering their AR15/M16 product line at an affordable price.  FMI™ ensures that all of their products undergo a strenuous T&E process by real-world professionals prior to the product being considered for full production.  If the product has necessary design changes, further samples are redesigned, constructed, and sent back out for further testing.  The philosophy of FMI™ is to “ensure each product will meet or exceed the heavy demands of the professionals who use them.  FMI™ is proud that all of their manufactured parts are made in the United States of America, with the exception of their creative morale patches.

FMI™ offers a diverse accessory line for the AR15/M16 platforms that provide a practical and functional upgrade to a standard set-up.

Fortis Manufacturing 14 inch REV Rail and RED Muzzle Brake 002-1000
Fortis Manufacturing REV Rail (14″)

The Fortis REV™ series of Free Float Rail Systems,built out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodization, surely stands out in the crowd.  With its sleek appearance and aggressive appearance, the REV™ is as versatile as it is attractive.  The REV™ is offered in varying lengths (7”, 9”, 12” and 14”) and features (Standard, 9” CAR Cutout and Mid-length FSP Cutout).   For an after-market rail system, the REV™ is one of the lightest options available with the 7” version coming in at 6.7 ounces and the 14” version weighing 11 ounces.  The one-piece body design offers strength and installation on an already installed barrel with standard barrel nut only requires the installation of four screws with an Allen wrench.  Some of the key features of the REV™ include KeyMod attachment points at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, a contiguous top rail, an inside diameter of 1.340”, rotation limited QD sockets, and anti-rotational tabs that fits most MIL-SPEC forged uppers, though some slight modification may be required for some uppers.  Good news for gas piston system users, the REV™ is also piston compatible.  The 14” REV™ is also available in Magpul FDE Cerakote for an additional cost.  For the REV™ 9” CAR Cutout and MID FSP Cutout, if used with a FSP with bayonet lug, the lug will touch the bottom of the internal side of the rail.


Fortis Manufacturing Rail Attachment Point (RAP) 001-1000
Fortis Manufacturing Rail Attachment Point (RAP)

The Fortis RAP™ (Rail Attachment Point), made out of 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized to a deep black finish, is a great solution for the needed attachment of a QD swivel to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, while offering an compact footprint that is barely noticeable.  The RAP™ QD socket is rotation limited and is offered either with or without a QD sling swivel.


Fortis Manufacturing Multi-Point Sling Adapter (MPSA) 001_1000

The Fortis MPSA™ (Multi-Point Sling Adapter) End Plate, built out of 6061 Aluminum and anodized in MIL-SPEC black, features both a quick detach socket and 1.25” loop sling attachment points.  It was designed to be used with carbine style buffer tubes for both the AR15 and .308 platforms and is offered in right hand, left hand, and ambidextrous models.  The machined edges of the MPSA™ have been fully radiused, inside and out, to prevent hot spots and fraying of the attached sling.  If you are looking for an end plate solution with a quick detach option only, FMI™ has you covered with the Fortis QD End Plate, which offers the same features of the MPSA™ minus the loop sling attachment point.


Fortis Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block (Photo Courtesy of Fortis Mfg)
Fortis Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block (Photo Courtesy of Fortis Mfg)

Looking to add a Low Profile Gas Block?  FMI™ has that too, which is made out of 4140 steel.  The Fortis gas block was designed with today’s match-grade barrels in mind and was built to fit .750 gas seats and attaches to the barrel with two set screws.  The gas block comes included with a roll pin for attachment of the gas tube.  If you prefer to have your gas block pinned in place, Fortis has options for pinned and not.


Fortis Manufacturing Aimpoint T1 Mount 001-1000

When you hear the term “F1” you may think of a fast, high-end, sleek race car.   FMI™ has brought the term into the firearms industry with the Fortis F1™ Optics Mount.  Instead of fiberglass, the F1™ is built out of one piece billet aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodization. Originally designed as an after-market option for the popular Aimpoint Micro H-1 and T-1 red dot sights, it is also an excellent option for the Vortex Optics SPARC.  Attaching to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail with two slotted machine screws, the F1™ is most likely the lightest option available, weighing in at a mere 1.1 ounces.  The sleek angled appearance matches up nicely with the REV™ series of rails.  As for the co-witness with the Back-Up Iron Sights, the F1™ provides a lower 1/3 co-witness for a larger field of view.


Fortis Manufacturing Rapid Engagement Device (RED)

The Fortis RED™, which is built out of 303 Stainless Steel for a 1/2×28 thread per inch (TPI), 5.56mm barrel, is 2.194 inches long and comes with an included crush washer.  The RED™ was tested and evaluated by the LE/MIL community, then put to the test by the 3 gun community.  Tested under fully automatic conditions, the RED™ has had favorable reviews.


Fortis Manufacturing Forged Upper Receiver

The Fortis Forged MIL-SPEC Stripped Upper Receiver is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and is built to MIL-SPEC standards.  The Fortis Upper features M4 feed ramps, MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail flat top, engraved “T” numbers, is finished in MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodization, and has a dry lube coating to reduce wear and added lubricity.  The upper does not come with a dust cover and forward assist assembly.


Fortis Manufacturing .308 Rail 005-1000
Fortis Manufacturing SWITCH™ .308 Rail System


Fortis Manufacturing .308 Rail 010-1000
Fortis Manufacturing SWITCH™ .308 Rail System

Designed for the DPMS High-Profile .308 Platform, the Fortis Mfg  SWITCH™ .308 Rail System is a lightweight and robust free-float rail system that is sure to please.  The beauty of this rail is the ability to install and remove without the need of tools and can be quickly swapped out depending on the mission type.  The SWITCH™ offers a QD Sling Mount and Key-Mod capability on the sides and bottom and a full length picatinny rail section on the top.

Fortis Mfg Hammer Charging Handles in Black Teflon (L) and Nickelene™ (R)

Available in Black Teflon and Nickelene™ finishes, the Fortis Mfg Hammer Charging Handle is one of the “slickest” charging handles I have come across.  Not only is it slick-looking, but the finishes adorning these charging handles offer one of the smoothest bolt racks I have experienced.  The aggressive serration surface offers extremely positive control as well as aesthetic appeal.


Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Fore-Grip – Picatinny
Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Short Angled Grip – Picatinny

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Fore-Grip - KeyMod

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Fore-Grip – KeyMod

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Short Angled Grip KeyMod 003-1000
Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Short Angled Grip – KeyMod

Available for both picatinny and KeyMod rails, the Fortis Mfg SHIFT series of fore-grips come in both a standard length and short angled version.  As the name SHIFT implies, the shooter has various options to “shift” the position of their hand to where it is most ergonomically proper depending on the shooters current shooting position.  All versions of the SHIFT allow for great control of the AR-platforms and is completely a personal preference on which model is best.

For more information, find Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. on the internet at:  http://www.fortismfg.com.



Free Downloadable Targets

Have you ever needed a training drill target but did not want to go out and buy one?  Do you have a printer?  Here are 5 FREE downloadable targets in .pdf format that you can print on standard letter-sized paper and take out to the range.

To download, click on the image below to be taken to the .pdf file for download.

Have an idea for a new one you would like to see added?  Comment with any suggestions.


Reducing Circles

Reducing Boxes



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Handgun Shooter Diagnostics

Have you ever been to the range with your handgun and you cannot hit where you are aiming, but still have a solid or semi-solid grouping of where your shots are?  The problem is probably not  your sights.  Check out the diagnostic charts below (one for righties and one for lefties) to see what your problem may be.  The charts are intended to use the center circle for where your point of aim is and the pie-shaped wedges around it to diagnose where your rounds are actually striking.

Happy shooting! RH

LH*Note:  These charts are not a ZERO7ONE creation and if anyone knows who to give proper credit to, please let me know.


The Four Fundamental Firearms Safety Rules – Revisited

Four Fundamental Firearms Safety Rules
Four Fundamental Firearms Safety Rules

Everyone who has picked up any type of firearm, will pick one up in the future, or who is currently carrying one on their person while reading this should know the four fundamental firearms safety rules.  Those rules are set in place for a reason and they should be followed at all times.  For those who have forgotten or have never heard of them before, I’ll list one of many slight variations:

  1.  Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  2. Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to shoot.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and the backstop beyond.

As one of my Department’s Firearms Instructors, these words are recited at the beginning of EVERY single firearms training session.  EVERY single session.  Is it because cops are forgetful or because we are babying them?  Absolutely not.  It is having that information ingrained in their minds every chance we get.  I am a strong believer that during a real-world, serious life threatening incident, we fall back on our training.  If you have not been trained to do something, you will most likely not, under the stress of the incident, be able to create a new way of doing things.  This is why training is so important.  This is why stressful training is so important.  And this is why training doing things more than just standing on a line firing at a piece of paper is so important.

So how does training the four fundamental firearms safety rules apply to a real-world incident.  Back in 2009 I was face to face with a drive-by-shooting suspect who I had located in the trunk of a vehicle.  Unfortunately I had located him through the interior of the car when the seat was pulled down.  The suspect had come out with his hands up and empty, then in a desperate attempt to flee, the suspect lunged between the driver and passenger seats, placed his hand on the brake, started the ignition, and placed the vehicle in drive.  It is amazing how quickly someone can complete this task when they are motivated.  Knowing that my life was in danger if he were able to drive away with me in the vehicle, that he was a drive-by-shooting suspect, and he was trying to flee, I was fully in my legal rights to end the situation with a few well-placed shots.

However, this is where my training and lack of training came in.  In the few split seconds when this occurred the one lingering thought in my head was; “I’m not clear to shoot.”  The sole reason that I did not shoot was because there were three fellow officers standing directly on the other side of the suspect and even with a brace contact, the rounds would have had the opportunity to travel through the suspect and into one of my partners.  That was not a risk that I was willing to take.  The suspect did end up starting to drive away as I was still in the vehicle.  I was able to get out safely and one of my backstop officers was able to put some rounds on target and the suspect was taken into custody a short time later.

The Brace Contact
The Brace Contact

Back to the brace contact.  Remember when I said; “If you have not been trained to do something, you will most likely not, under the stress of the incident, be able to create a new way of doing things.”?  I have been trained in several different methods of brace contact shooting to include holding the slide with my off-hand, bracing the rear of the slide with the palm of my off-hand, and using the thumb of my shooting-hand to brace the rear of the slide.  All are very effective and have varying degrees of discomfort.  However, during these training sessions we were only taught the brace contact while shooting straight ahead, while standing.  We were never trained to conduct brace contact shooting while shooting downward, which would have been the prescribed method of the day if it had been in my mental firearms “toolbox”.

On to the actual fundamentals:

Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

This should go without saying, though we still hear about accidental shootings on an all too regular basis.  If you are unsure if it is loaded, check.  If you don’t know how to check, ask.  One of the most common places to have a negligent discharge is when breaking a gun down for cleaning.  Especially with guns like a Glock where you have to press the trigger in order to break down the firearm, ensure it is clear first.  We have many clearing stands throughout our range and regularly enforce the use of them.

What about toy guns?  Toy guns are not “real” so I don’t have to treat them as if they are loaded, right?  Wrong.  Developing poor habits with “toy” guns translates over to poor habits with “real” guns.  There are only a few exceptions to this rule and tight controls must be in place in order to prevent an accident from occurring.

One of those exceptions is with paint-marking rounds during Reality Based Training Scenarios.  There are many different safety checks that must be done before conducting this type of training and those safety standards not deviated from.  Another exception is when using a “red” or “blue” gun.  These “guns” are not actually guns, but chunks of plastic formed to resemble a gun.  Not to say that you should start twirling the gun on your finger or acting immature and reckless with it, but it also has its place in a training environment where you should be able to act out scenarios safely without the worry of firing off a negligently fired round.  Along with the “red” and “blue” guns go brightly colored training bolts, such as the ones offered from Blade-Tech, that deem a firearm incapable of firing as well as training guns incapable of firing, such as the Glock 17R.  Even if you are using these types of guns for training, you should always have a “Two Person Integrity” (TPI) check in place to ensure that a live round or the capability of firing does enter the training environment.

Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to shoot.

This rule is one that I think needs to be reworded a little.  The fact that a person is “willing” to shoot something or someone does not mean that they are legally able act upon their willingness.  At least for the Law Enforcement world, I feel that this rule should read something like; “Never point your gun at anything you are not legally justified to shoot.”  I am not a wordsmith and I am sure that someone else can come up with something a little catchier, but I hope you get the point.

Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to shoot.

This should be a no-brainer, but time and time again we see negligent discharges caused by involuntary actions.  I could come up with some gee-wiz methods and not-so-scientific research to prove this point, but I don’t have to.  Read the thorough research by Roger Enoka and Christopher Heim and you will get the point.  Trigger Finger Indexing is taught for a reason.  The only time your finger should be on the trigger is when you are actively pressing it to the rear while consciously making the decision to shoot.

Be sure of your target and the backstop beyond.

Again, this is another rule that I would like to slightly modify.  I would like it to read something like; “Be sure of your target, the backstop beyond, and what is in front of your target, for the type of ammunition you are currently using.”

The first two are obvious, know what you are shooting at and what may be behind it.  The third comes into play when you are in populated areas, i.e. a shopping mall.  There may be some distance between you and your target and the “sheeple” walking around don’t realize that you have a threat in your sights, though they will walk directly in the line of fire between you and your threat.  Keep these people in mind.

As for what type of ammunition you are using vs. what your backstop is, it is all situation dependent.  If your backstop is a dirt hill, the concern may not be there, but if your backstop is the exterior wall of a residence, you may want to take that into consideration.  The same is true for cover.  If your threat shooting at you has a handgun, your piece of cover may not need to be as robust as if your threat is shooting at you with a high-power rifle.

In conclusion, be safe, ensure others are safe, don’t hesitate to correct others that are not being safe, and set an example that others will want to model after.  If you are a Firearms Instructor, your students will watch your every move and will mimic your actions.  If you are acting unsafe, your students will as well.  There is a Zero Tolerance Policy with Firearms Safety.


WP Auto Affiliate Links

* Added links to support forum and FAQ section.


* Added option to select if links should be displayed on posts only, pages only, or both.
* Excluded all other post types except posts and pages for execution.


* Order capability for affiliate links added

* Updated FAQ section
* Added some more info text inside the plugin


* Added option to delete multiple links at the same time
* Added option to select all links on the page

* Added a confirmation box when the settings are updated

* Added an index.php file in every directory so directory content won’t be seen from outside in certain environments

* Fixed a small bug caused by the latest update


* Added support for international chars ( european, russian, chinese, japanese, korean ). Thie has to be activated from plugin General settings page and the database should have the right charset, utf8_general_ci seems to be working well with this.


* Removed some development code from metabox
* If a post does not have any links generated, it will show a message instead of a blank cell
* After a link is added, the link input will show again http:// so the user can add only the link after.


* Rearranged items in excluded post page

* Fixed some error messages


* Generated links page won’t show if there is not an api key added.


* User have the option to add his own css class to be assigned to automated links.


* performance improvements


* Prevented duplicate posts to show in generated links


* Show post exclusion status in generated links page


* Added a metabox when editing posts to exclude them from link addition


* Created a new page for displaying Automated generated links.
* The generated links page shows Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale links.
* The generated links page has its own submenu item


* Fixed a bug that displayed column headers in every row from last update


* Displaying generated links on clickbank page


* More details added to api management page


* Additional check on exclude post adding. If there is already a post added with that id.


* Removed unused input box on exclude posts page


* Fixed some issues with amazon categories.


* Added api key verification


* Minor bug fixes


* Rearranged API management page


* Removed revenue sharing.


* Removed unused Modules menu


* Tested with WordPress 3.9.1 version


* Added Premium features into the plugin
* Amazon links can be added automatically based on your content
* Clickbanks links will be added automatically based on your content
* Removed some old code


* Fixed a minor bug created in previous release


* Removed some backup files


* Fixed the bug that made links to be added inside tags


* Updated plugin description


* Fixed links home page display when using amazon, clickbank or shareasale modules.

* 3.10.4 =
* Added a notice about PRO features


* Rearrenged keyword suggestion and removed short ( under 5 chars ) and all numeric keyphrases


* Removed some debug leftover code


* Hide the advanced features if the api key is not set


* Added a new premium feature: fully automated shareasale links

* Prepared the plugin for 3.9 WordPress update


* Moved the api script from wp head to wp_print_scripts


* New feature: Amazon links can be added automatically.

* Fixed a bug that caused the api connection to fire multiple times.

* Now post url is sent to ajax

* Added notice about the recent bug fix


* Fixed a major bug that prevented users adding new links.

* Added value for submit affiliate links button so the browser won’t translate it.


* Cleaned the code generated by the plugin
* Rearranged javascript code.


* Removed a notice message


* Major improvements on replacement engine, site speed and keyword matching
* New functionality added: Clickbank links can be automatically extracted and displayed, based on user selection
* To reduce page load on the plugin, the clickbank link search and replacement is done on our servers
* The access to the servers is done trough an API key
* For clickbank links, the user inputs his affiliate code, prefered category and minimum gravity. All links are automatically generated, there is no need to add keywords for amazon.


* Reordered some code for better performance and visibility


* Tweaked the code for better performance
* Started to change the coding style for future development


* Added is_main_query check to prevent the plugin to process anything if it is outside of the main loop


* Improved significantly the processing time of the affiliate links replacement, lowering the loading speed by more than 10 times

* Renamed the main css file


* Completely removed the tabs user interface


* Now the modules add a new submenu item under Wp Auto Affiliate Links instead of a tab on the main page.

* Moved Import and Export to their own submenu pages

* Fixed a bug reported by some users regarding the php short tags usage

* Instead of a text box to enter the maximum number of link to be displayed in an article, there is a select input with Link Frequency options, from Low to High with 5 levels

* Module section have a separate menu item

* Exclude posts have a separate menu item

* Code cleaning and separated in multiple files


* Separated the code in more files ( install and cloaking )


* Improved the design for settings page

* Fixed edit links forms

* Fixed wrong permissions problems, based on the following ticket: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/permission-errors-2


* Moved General Settings page outside of plugin main page, in order to separate the options from the main linking area


* Keywords with the same affiliate link will be combined
* Added a notice to let people know about the pro version

* Changed permisions from “manage_options” to “publish_pages” so the editors can use the plugin


* Added a top menu for the plugin


* Changed the order of the panels. Now the panel with affiliate links is loaded first.

* Eliminated keyword suggestion if they were already added

* All suggested keywords are not hidden to avoid confusion.

* When suggested keywords are added, they will be appended to the current input, instead of replacing the text inside

* Changed some simple javascript code into jquery ( for suggested keywords )


* Added 100 more keywords to suggestion list. The list will be hidden but upon a click it will expand and the most 100 keywords will be displayed with the possibility to be added to the form.

* Fixing some code that could cause problems to some environments


* Corrected some spelling errors


* Trying to fix the nofollow radio selector which semms to not working on some environments


* Fixed Nofollow radio selector
* Tested the plugin with 3.6.1 WordPress version
* Minor interface changes


* Exclude posts area now have instant post title and status recognition trough AJAX
* If the excluded post does not exist then it will be not added and a warning message will be triggered.


* Fixed some minor issues and removed some unused code


* Fixed the way rewrite engine works, and made it available for non-permalinks structures.


* Module integration completed. Now modules can be added into /modules under plugin directory.


* Added module support, and created first dummy module


* Added the baselines for modules support


* Changed the JS code of tabs management


* Added the option to choose a different separator ( than those suggested in dropdown ) for datafeed import


* Changed the input type to select for separator option on file export


* Added separator option for export


* Added option to export all links


* Exclude post list will indicate the status of a post, and if it exist or not


* Added select instead of input for datafeed column delimiter


* Added option to select the delimiter for importing datafeed.


* Added option to import links trough a datafeed

* In exclude links menu you can now view the article

* Fixed menu design (current tab has different style)

* In Exclude ID’s and Add Affiliates Link you can now delete just after delete
* Also this update should fix some bugs that users has been reported

* Fixed edit bug and made some modifications that fixed some compatibility problems

* Fixed add new link problem (link was visible just after refresh)

* Fixed the conflict with the “add media” button

* Update to fix the bug from previous release that prevented users to add new links.
* Update to fix the insert link and add media conflicts

* Changed the name of an included file to avoid any conflicts


* Moved exclude posts into separate tab
* Make delete and add exclude posts AJAX based


* General setings also converted to AJAX


* Imported tabs menu from paid version and
* Some changes to the design
* Better file and folder structure


* Added icon for delete button
* Add link is also done through AJAX for a better user experience


* Delete link functionality is done now through AJAX (without refreshing page)


* Updated the database table fields to match the pro version of the plugin.


* Made dbDelta function to work. When the plugin is upgraded, the database tables are also upgraded.


* Added uninstall file. When the plugin is uninstalled ( deleted from the plugins administration ), the database is cleaned.


* Added a class attribute to every automated links, so they can have a different desing from other links, if required.


* Removed some reduntant code, blank lines and spaces to clean the code and make it smaller


* Fixed some minor issues and display disorders


* Changed description to match the latest udpates


* Modified the cloaking system to work with the latest versions of wordpress


* Fixed an error that generated a warning and in some configurations prevented the execution


* Added option to make the links nofollow or dofollow


* Removed an error reporting issue


* Added the ability to selest do open links in same or new window.


* Fetching the most used 20 words instead of 10


* Changed the admin panel settings menu link name from Manage Affiliate Links to Wp Auto Affiliate Links to eliminate any confusion.
* Changed some function names to prevent clashes with other plugins


* Added option to choose if you want to show original or cloaked links.


* Now all affiliate links are cloaked. Contribution of Jos Steenbergen

* Verification, reindenting and commenting the plugin code

* Fixed some notifications to not be displayed


* Fixed a bug where some odd characters were added if an extra comma was added


* Added option to exclude specific posts or pages from displaying affiliate links, based on post ID.


* Fixed a bug when links were limited to 1 on post pages


* Added option to limit the number of times a keyword appear in a post


* Fixed some bugs from previous releases: errors generated when no keyword was set


* Added select option to choose if the links should be added on the homepage too


* Added auto-suggestions for keywords based on most used words in the content

* Made changes to the user interface for a better experience
* Added confirmation alert for delete links

* Added option to donate to support the continued development


* Made the link to open in a new window by default


* Fixed the bug when if no keyword was set, a warning message appears


* Revamped the replacing engine to solve the bugs and problems with the code.


* Changed some actions on forms to minimize the risks of collision with other plugins


* Fixed the bug where the apostrophe character was rendered inappropiate and displaying wrong code


* Added option to edit links and keywords that already exist


* Moved the add/delete actions to admin_init
* Added redirects for add/delete actions so if you hit refresh the same action won’t be repeated


* Fixed the issue where all links were decapitalized.


* Fixed the issue where links are accidentaly break html code.


* This is the first version of the plugin. Any suggestions and feedback is highly appreciated.