Magpul has just raised the bar….again.


Magpul, as they commonly do, has raised the bar, again.  This time it is not in the form of a polymer magazine or gun accessory, but something more practical for those of us who either build rifles professionally or personally.

Now entering the arena is the Magpul Armorer’s Wrench and the BEV™ Block, which are both for the AR15/M4 platform of rifles.

Photo is property of Magpul.

The Armorers Wrench, which is constructed out of Heat-Treated US Steel  and finished with a manganese phosphate finish, features a USGI barrel and castle nut wrenches, a free-float tube barrel nut wrench, a 1/2″ torque wrench/breaker bar interface, an armorer’s hammer, a rifle-length receiver extension wrench, a 3/4″ wrench, and of course a bottle opener!  You wouldn’t expect anything less from a product made in ‘Merica, would you?

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Photo is property of Magpul.
Photo is property of Magpul.

Building off of their successful polymer background, Magpul has taken the same high-quality expected in their accessories and put it into their Barrel Extension Vise, or BEV™ Block, for the AR15/M4 platform.  The BEV™ provides support for both the upper and lower receiver and will solidly engage the barrel extension with steel lugs and offers a full-length steel support shank.  The BEV™ will support both billet and forged upper receivers and the BEV™ can be turned up-side-down in the vise to work on lower receivers as well.

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Both of these products will be hitting my armorer’s bench soon!

Mega Arms Photo Skillz Competition


Mega Arms is holding a ‘Mega Photo Skillz Contest’.

To enter, take a photograph of your Mega Arms rifle or individual component and send it Facebook will decide the winner.

Prizes include:

Entries must be entered by 1700PST on 11-16-2014.

For more information go to:  Mega Arms Webpage or Mega Arms Facebook Page.



CC Intnl

Houston, Texas, October 14, 2014 – CC INTNL has announced its proud association with Voere, bringing with it an envious entry into the US arms market. The collaboration is aimed at providing the technically advanced range of precision rifles to the US customers, and the Voere X3 and M2 are sure to be ranked one the best precision rifles on the market.

CC Intnl Voere 1

CC Intnl Voere 2

Voere is renowned worldwide for using precision technology in their firearms. An experience of over 6 decades and EN ISO 9001 certification, Voere has rich credentials of developing match and hunting rifles. Both the M2 and X3 are improved new launches of their LBW series. The tactical rifles turned into a true modular platform are a boost to the military, law enforcement and long range shooting enthusiast around the world.

CC Intnl Voere 3


CC Intnl Voere 4

“It is a happy and proud moment for our young organization to team up with a vintage brand – VOERE and bring in their revolutionary designs in precision rifles into the USA. The design features are unique to its category and comprises of a high-speed bolt action with three high-strength locking lugs and the switch barrel option.” said Louis Corkern, CEO of CC INTNL. “The new range of X3 and M2 precision rifles are now available for importation into the USA and are being welcomed with open arms in the long range and extreme long range shooting world” he quipped.

CC Intnl Voere 5

CC Intnl Voere 6

Both the models are primarily a replica of each other with most parts interchangeably used amongst them. However, the most basic difference lies in the length, where X3 is visibly longer at 93cm – 133cm as compared to 102cm – 118cm length of M2. The range in total length of the two rifles is attributed to the size of barrel and stock length. Also, the caliber range sets them apart. While the M2 is available in switch barrel configuration from .223 Remington up to the .300 Winchester Magnum, the X3 is available in switch barrel configurations from 308 Winchester up to the Cheytac cased cartridges. The stock is fixed or side-folding that features quick and precisely adjustable monopod and cheek-piece. The single or two-stage trigger is mounted on a machined aluminium chassis and sports an ergonomic pistol grip, replaceable with any AR15-type grip. The “extra” features include Picatinny mount (MIL-STD-1913) rails for optics and other tactical accessories. Right over the pistol grip is an ambidextrous manual safety at an easy reach of the thumb. The VOERE X3 and M2 rifles also feature a two-piece firing pin and thumb safety and/or hand-cocking system for enhanced safety.  The two make up for an unbeatable combination of stability and ruggedness.


CC International was founded as an export company in 2012 by Louis Corkern and Michelle Heilbron. The company then decided to use their International business experience and started importing into the USA. A group of experienced extreme long range/hard target interdiction shooters, top level corporate executive, and experienced ITAR personnel forms the central team which is responsible for the core business: Export and Import of Firearms, Firearm Components, Ammunition, Optics and other ITAR controlled items. There are over 14,000 products available through the in-house online retail portal. A dedicated team of experts play guide to choose the most suitable items, all ready to be shipped. CC INTNL takes pride in advocating Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP), and hence emerges to be the least price-offering shop in the firearms market. CC INTNL’s reputation stands tall on a HIT formula: Honesty, Integrity and Trust. CC INTNL strives to export quality products manufactured in the USA to the global market, and import superior quality products into the USA from global manufacturers.


For more Information:

CC INTNL, 13121 Louetta Road, Box 550,  Cypress, Texas. 77429

HQ: (281) 606-4646

Fax: (281) 606-4645

Website: CC Intnl