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SHOT Show 2015 – Eye Safety Systems (ESS)

Eye Safety Systems (ESS) has released two new colors to their line-up for 2015.  The CDI and CDI-Max will be available in Terrain Tan and the 5B and Creedence will be available in Reaper Woods.

I personally own two pair of the CDI’s and they are my daily glasses for both patrol (Law Enforcement) and at home.

SHOT Show 2015 ESS CDI Glasses in Terrain Tan-1000
ESS CDI Glasses in Terrain Tan


SHOT Show 2015 ESS Creedence Glasses in Reaper Woods-1000
ESS Creedence Glasses in Reaper Woods

For more information on Eye Safety Systems product line, visit http://www.esseyepro.com/.


SHOT Show 2015 – LanTac USA

LanTac USA, who has been mostly known for their Dragon Muzzle Brakes, had a booth full of new awesomeness available for all to see….and for one sticky fingered thief, a BCG to take home.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Blast Mitigation Device (BMD)-1000
LanTac USA Blast Mitigation Device (BMD)

LanTac USA’s Blast Mitigation Device, or BMD, is a removable shroud of sorts that can be placed over the Dragon Muzzle Brake to control the side blast from the Dragon and away from the shooter.  The BMD is quickly removed from the Dragon by pressing two release buttons on either side of the device.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG)-1000
LanTac USA Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG)

This Enhanced BCG is the brother of the Ti Enhanced BCG that was stolen from the LanTac booth at SHOT.  The stolen version was a one-off version without Forward Assist serrations and was made of Titanium.  Click HERE for more info from LanTac regarding a description of the stolen BCG.  They are offering a reward.

The Enhanced BCG is M16 Full Auto style, machined from 8620 steel with a Shot Peened (SP) bolt and is Magnetically Particle Inspected (MPI).  The entire carrier assembly is NiB, electroless NiB coated with the patented advanced UTC EXO process.  The carrier features forward gas porting with enlarged gas vents to run cooler and cleaner and reduces the pressurization of the receiver.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Gas Block and Dragon Muzzle Brake-1000
LanTac USA Gas Block and Dragon Muzzle Brake

The LanTac Gas Block will fit .750″ diameter gas pad barrels and uses two set screws to secure the block in place.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA SPADA-S Rail-1000

The LanTac USA SPADA-S Rail is a lightweight freefloat handguard that features reinforced attachment positions at the 3, 6 and 9-o’clock positions with helicoil inserts.  The rail offers zero protrusion to the rear and will mount to any upper receiver, regardless of shape.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Upper Advancd Receiver (UAR)-1000

LanTac USA Upper Advancd Receiver (UAR)

The LanTac USA Upper Advanced Receiver, aka UAR, is machined from Billet 7075-T6 aluminum, is finished with MilSpec, Type 3, Class2, Deep Black, Hardcoat Anodizing and comes standard with M4 feedramps.  The UAR comes standard with a CP-R360 Domed Head Cam Pin.  The Cam Pin features a circular head with singular flat face so it can retrofit any other BCG cam pin without the need of removing the gas key.

For more information on LanTac USA, visit http://www.lantac-usa.com/.


SHOT Show 2015 – Line of Fire

SHOT Show 2015 Line of Fire - New Camo Pattern-1000
Line of Fire – New Camo Pattern

Line of Fire, by far my favorite glove out there for shooting, has added some new gloves to their line up this year as well as a new camo pattern (pictured above) that they will be releasing soon.

SHOT Show 2015 Line of Fire Double Down Cold Weather Glove 001-1000
Double Down Cold Weather Glove

The Double Down Cold Weather Glove offers strength, stretch, warmth and weather resistance via a Durastretch shell fabric mated with 4-way stretch Polartec Power Stretch materials.  Digital Goat Skin Leather and TEGS gripping technology create the palm and gripping surface.  The Double Down has wind blocking capability while being breathable, water resistant and has touch screen capability.  The Double Down MSRP’s for$170.

SHOT Show 2015 Line of Fire Double Down Cold Weather Glove 002-1000
Double Down Cold Weather Glove
SHOT Show 2015 Line of Fire Phantom Glove 001-1000
Phantom Glove

The Phantom is a knitted glove that provides comfort, fit and Cut Level 5 protection and molded impact panels to provide protection for the back of the hand.  Due to the material used with the glove, TEGS material cannot be used for the palm grip.  The Phantom will MSRP for approximately $35.

SHOT Show 2015 Line of Fire Phantom Glove 002-1000
Phantom Glove

For more information on Line of Fire, visit http://www.loftactical.com/.


SHOT Show 2015 – POF

Patriot Ordnance Factory has been working during 2014 to get these products out for this year.

SHOT Show 2015 POF Archangel Ambidextrous Charging Handle 002-1000
POF Archangel Ambidextrous Charging Handle

The Archangel Ambidextrous Charging Handle looks cool with the engraved wings and sword along the body, however the wingspan is just a little too big for my taste.  I love the concept, but the levers are going to get caught up on kit for anyone using this in the real world.

SHOT Show 2015 POF Gen4 Ambidextrous AR 001-1000
POF Gen4 Ambidextrous AR

The POF Gen4 Ambidextrous Lower Receiver seems to have hit the mark though.  With full ambi-controls, including a bolt catch, not just release.  Can you see it?  Look in front of the trigger, inside the trigger guard.  It’s the little nub in the upper right hand corner of the guard is the bolt catch.  I would definitely like to get my hands on one of these.

SHOT Show 2015 POF Gen4 Ambidextrous AR 002-1000
POF Adjustable Gas Block

The POF Adjustable Gas Block has 18 adjustable positions.  Best part?  You can adjust it with a screwdriver from the front of the block.  No more trying to fish a micro Allen wrench in between rail slots to get your adjustments.

SHOT Show 2015 POF WARHOG 7.62x39 AR-1000

And lastly, POF has released their WARHOG, a 7,62×39 AR Platform.  Yep, AR-body with AK-ammo.  Currently C-Products mags are the only mags that will work.


SHOT Show 2015 – Browe Inc

SHOT Show 2015 Browe BCO and BSO-1000
Browe BCO and BSO

Browe Inc, the makers of the Browe Combat Optic (BCO) and the Browe Sport Optic (BSO) have now released a new variant of the BCO, the Browe Tactical Optic (BTO).  The BTO is for all intensive purposes the same as the BCO with the exception that the BTO features an Aluminum housing in lieu of the BCO’s Titanium housing.  There will be some weight savings with the BCO, however the MSRP of the BTO ($1250) is $300 less than the BCO ($1550).

The BSO is only available in Aluminum and MSRP’s for $999.  Though the BCO and the BTO feature illuminated reticles, the BSO is a “day optic” with a chargeable reticle that can be charged with a flashlight.  The “charge” will give you a bright setting for approximately 3-5 minutes and will remain “charged” at a brightness comparable to tritium for approximately 5 hours.

For more information on Browe, visit http://www.browe-inc.com/.


SHOT Show 2015 – Elzetta

SHOT Show 2015 Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light 001-1000
Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light with Keymod, Picatinny, and M-Lok Mounts

New from Elzetta Design for 2015 is their Mini CQB Light.  The Mini CQB is based off of their “Alpha” model and is compatible with all of the “Alpha” light components and is in partnership with Impact Weapons Components (IWC).  The single CR123 battery light boasts an amazing 315 lumens and most impressively, will mount to Picatinny, Key-Mod, and M-Lok rails by switching out the interchangable rail attachment point, which will be sold separately.

Elzetta is taking pre-orders now and you can expect them to be available around late-March to early-April 2015.

The Mini CQB will run $235 for the M-Lok and Key-Mod models and $210 for the Picatinny model.

For more information, visit Elzetta Design at http://www.elzetta.com/.

SHOT Show 2015 Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light M-Lok 001-1000
Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light M-Lok


SHOT Show 2015 – Proof Research

SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research TAC2 300WIN 001-1000
Proof Research TAC II 300WIN

Proof Research, which is becoming well known for their extremely accurate barrels had one of their TAC II .300 WIN bolt action precision rifles out to play with at Media Day.  The 26″ carbon fiber barrel with the hand-laid carbon fiber and Kevlar composite stock made for a beautiful, yet deadly combination.  The crew from Proof Research had several steel targets set up at about the 800 yard mark with several clay pigeons spread around the berm as well.  After getting a feel for the rifle, hitting the clay pigeon at 800 yards was almost too easy with this rifle.  The TAC II .300 WIN rifle MSRP’s at $7,290.


SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research TAC2 300WIN 002-1000


Do not expect to throw a Proof Research AR-Type barrel on every AR you own.  Unless you are rolling in money, I would not recommend installing this on your “plinker” or CQB rifle.  However, if you are a competitive shooter, avid hunter, or someone who likes to get accuracy out of longer range shots, the Proof Research barrels may be what you are looking for.  Available for both the AR-15 and AR-10 in varying calibers, the AR-Type barrels start at $940.


SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research AR15 Barrel-1000
Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped AR-15 Barrel

For more information, visit Proof Research at http://proofresearch.com/.


SHOT Show 2015 – EOTech

New from EOTech for 2015 is the EOTech 518 Holographic Sight.  The 518 goes back to using two “AA” batteries, which is said to have a longer battery life.  Also, the controls are on the left side of the optic so they will not be covered when used with a magnifier.  The controls being on the left side of the optic make for ease of adjustment from a natural shooting position.

SHOT Show 2015 EOTech 518 and 3x Magnifier-1000
EOTech 518 and 3x Magnifier

Also new for 2015 is the XPS-2 300 which is specifically for the 300BLK round.  The reticle features two dots, one for subsonic and one for conventional ammunition.

SHOT Show 2015 EOTech XPS-2 300 001-1000
EOTech XPS-2 300


SHOT Show 2015 EOTech XPS-2 300 002-1000
EOTech XPS-2 300