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* Subscription text fixed


* Default list subscription issue fixed


* Style caching compatibility added (speed increased from ~1900ms to ~600ms) – Update the other GC plugins!
* Dynamic / Inline / Cached CSS added


* Small fixes


* Hotfix for WP 3.9
* Cache compatibility fix


* Activation error fix


* Many CSS fixes


* Admin CSS collapse fix


* Synergy with caching plugins – W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache


* First release

Facebook vs. Pro-Gunners?


Recently I hosted a giveaway on this webpage which consisted of several variations of entering and/or tasks to complete.  One of these tasks was to “Like” the sponsor’s Facebook page.  Including the ZERO7ONE Facebook Page, there were 33 pages to be liked.  The giveaway ran from Dec. 10th until Dec. 31st.  On or about Dec. 28th I received a bombardment of messages and emails saying that users had been “banned” from liking Facebook pages due to my giveaway.  This concerned me.

FB-30-DaysOne of the first messages I received (pictured above) advised the user; “You’ve been temporarily blocked from liking Pages on Facebook because of the amount and type of Pages you’ve liked recently.  We’ve also cleared all of your likes from the past 30 days.”  This user was also restricted from liking any new pages for the next 30 days.

It was not until I had received another message from a user that stated that they had been “banned” because they had liked too many “Pro-Gun” pages.  I have yet to see this email for myself, but it is concerning about the “type” of pages that Facebook is tracking or not allowing mass “Liking” of.

So, I started to do a little research and asked for the followers of my Facebook page to let me know if they had been effected by it and if they could send me a screen capture of what they had.  The response was overwhelmingly sad with how many users had been affected by this and the “Liking” portion of the giveaway was taken away out of fairness to the users.  This “ban” did not effect the entrants for the first 18 days of the giveaway and only effected those who entered in the last 3 days or so.

I wanted to know if my followers or I have violated any of Facebook’s terms, conditions, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, codes, bylaws, or any other thing set forth in a myriad of pages upon pages tucked away in the bowels of Facebookland.  I also wanted to know if Facebook had anything publicly written on their page or anywhere else that I could find to show their stance against pro-gun supporters.

Through hours of research and receiving messages from others, this is what I discovered:

Facebook has Community Standards.

(Click Image for Full Size)

Facebook wants their users to have the power to publish their own stories and they appreciate diversity.  However, if you have a story to be told that involves violence and threats towards someone, that is against the terms set forth.  I get it….you threaten violence against someone or a group of people you cannot post that on Facebook.  I completely agree with that.  However, why are there still many pages on Facebook that talk about killing the Police?  Do a search for “Kill Cops” and see what results you get.

(Click Image for Full Size)

 “7.  You will not post content that is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence;  or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.”

Again, I do not see how the typical pro-gun user or company has violated these terms….so this must not be what we are looking for.  How many pages and groups out there on Facebook call for violence and riots to further their stance?  Lawfully protesting is a right of the people, rioting and looting is not.

Facebook has Principles.

(Click Image for Full Size)

As related to their “Principles”, Facebook says;  “We are building Facebook to make the world more open and transparent, which we believe will create greater understanding and connection. Facebook promotes openness and transparency by giving individuals greater power to share and connect, and certain principles guide Facebook in pursuing these goals. Achieving these principles should be constrained only by limitations of law, technology, and evolving social norms. We therefore establish these Principles as the foundation of the rights and responsibilities of those within the Facebook Service.

So if a Pro-Gunner has not broken a law, it must be because of “evolving social norms.”  But who’s social norms would that fall under?  I completely understand that my social norms are not the social norms of everyone, but I am not discriminating.

Facebook has Rules of Page Content.

(Click Image for Full Size)

Yay!  I found something about Firearms in the rules!!!!!

But wait, Facebook says;

“A.    Pages promoting the private sale of regulated goods or services (including firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products) must restrict access to a minimum age of 18.”

Private sales?  Sheesh, in Washington State we can’t even do that without going through a FFL now.  Yes, I am sure there are a few groups on Facebook that promote the private sale of firearms and I can see why Facebook has this stance.  Do I agree with it, no.  Can I understand why, sure.  Is someone “Liking” a Pro-Gun Facebook page a violation of this rule….don’t think so.

 Facebook talks about Regulated Goods.

(Click Image for Full SIze)

 “It is not permitted to complete transactions involving regulated goods on our platform. If you post an offer involving firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products, we expect you to make sure you’re following all applicable laws and consider carefully the audience for that content. ….”

“Complete transactions”?  I read that as “If you complete a sale of….”  Still, don’t see a violation here by clicking “Like”.

Advertise on Facebook.

(Click Image for Full SIze)

….but do not advertise weapons.  Again, this is Facebook’s choice and their house, so I get it.  But I don’t see a violation of the “Liking” a page here either.

So why did so many users get messages from Facebook like this:


And the reasoning behind it being this:

FB-BlockedAbusive behavior?  What is abusive about doing the #1 thing to do on Facebook, “Liking” something.  Isn’t that what Facebook was built around?  “Liking” and “Sharing”?

I became curious if this was a restriction on everyone and not just “Pro-Gunners”…then I received a golden nugget from a concerned follower who had been “banned from liking” himself.

Here is his Facebook Message and follow up emails:

“I just video taped my wife liking 116 vegan pages. She got a pop up after number 115 that told her to slow down or she could be restricted. I did not get such a warning when I liked the less than 20 pages for your give a way. I will let you know tomorrow if she gets restricted.”

“I didn’t start recording her until she was past 88 but it shouldn’t matter as she added another 26 pages before they warned her. I never got a warning and if I’m not mistaken, the companies you had us all like totaled less than 25. Anyways, she is still randomly liking liberal stuff and Facebook has not cut her off yet. I will let you know if they do. My notice of restriction came less than 24 hours after signing up for the contest and liking the other pages. My wife said that she will do it all over again tomorrow and this time I will start recording at number one. “

….email from the next day….

“My wife is still able to like pages today. I believe that your fans including myself were restricted because of Facebook’s anti gun stance. I am going to see if she can continue to like liberal type pages tomorrow and if so I will record it for you. I was restricted in less than 24 hours for liking the pages in your contest (20 or less maybe), my wife “liked” over 100 vegan pages in under 15 minutes yesterday and has liked another 30 or so today randomly throughout the day. I will keep you posted on whether they cut her off or not.”

….and later the same day….

“They still haven’t cut her off from liking pages. I’m about to have her start liking pro-gun pages to prove our point.”

Here is the video if you want to see for yourself…

So there you have it.  I have not been able to find anything that specifically says in Facebook’s long list of terms and conditions that prevent a user from “Liking” a specific amount of pages in a given sitting or even between a certain time frame.  So why were “Pro-Gunners” banned from “Liking” pages after they “Liked” just over 30 when one of our follower’s wife was able to like well over 100 “Vegan” type pages?

I would truly hope that a company as large as Facebook would have some diversity and understanding of the Constitutional Rights and the “Equality” that they talk about in their “Principles”.

I am going to put a challenge out there to everyone.  If you can find something specifically on the Facebook page in their policies, terms and conditions, or anywhere else publicly available on their page, let us know.  I must be dated on or before this post was published.

Additionally, if there is another social media outlet available that does not promote or tolerate an anti-gun sentiment, please also share that as well.

And for those who were effected by this ban, I apologize for the inconvenience that this caused you.  Future promotions will have little if any to do with Facebook other than the sharing of where to go to enter.


100K Giveaway Winners


Each of the below individuals are winners in the 100K giveaway.  I will send each of them an email later tonight for their shipping address.  I am still waiting for some of the sponsors to send their products for the giveaway, so I will announce exactly what everyone receives soon.  As soon as all products are in hand, boxes will be shipped out.  Congrats to the winners and everyone’s support and patience.

Winners from Traditional Means (Like Pages* / Submit Form)

  1. Matt Andrews (m*****20@yahoo.com)
  2. Dale Fogg (d*****gg@comcast.net)
  3. James Sherwood (s*****yj@gmail.com)
  4. Bob Torres (b*****19@hotmail.com)
  5. Michael Lane (I*****ne@gmail.com)
  6. Scott Sherman (s*****79@gmail.com)

Winner from “Liking” Facebook Post

  1. Lisa Atkin (l*****in@gmail.com)

Winner from “Sharing” Facebook Post

  1. Noah Alkinburgh (n*****gh@hotmail.com)

Winner from Twitter

  1. Russ Schulcz (@schulczr)

Winner from Instagram

  1. Marty Callan (@txfilmmaker)

*Liking too many pages caused some to be banned from liking Facebook pages.  This was not held against anyone in selecting winners due to factors out of their control.

MailPoet Newsletters


* Fixed all of the RTL issues on delivered newsletters and their web version
* Fixed issue when importing subscribers with new custom fields
* Fixed duplicated Monthly post notifications issue
* Fixed View in Browser version deactivation
* Removed option to switch to Beta


* Fixed a conflict with the plugin [Magic Action Box](https://wordpress.org/plugins/magic-action-box/)
* Fixed blank export file when exporting subscribers with custom fields
* Fixed the default subscribers ordering in the backend, we now display the most recent first
* Fixed the bug on Bold and Italic commands in our newsletter editor
* Fixed an issue on the new bulk resend confirmation email feature
* Fixed bounce management issue (Premium only), counting until 3 when a mailbox is full


* Improved security thanks to Dominik Schilling, [Ryan Satterfield](http://planetzuda.com) and [Logical Trust](https://logicaltrust.net/en/)
* Improved performance issue
* Improved email rendering
* Improved our stats dashboard, now they have a few more goodiness attached to them
* Improved Subscribers’ Export, better data encoding for Windows servers
* Improved Form Editor, Date fields now accept dates prior to 1970
* Fixed conflict with EditFlow in our Visual Editor
* Fixed rare bug on Windows Server stopping you from sending emails
* Added option to Resend confirmation email in the Subscriber’s listing
* Hard at work cleaning up our code and making it better


* Improved protection against CSRF attacks thanks to Yoshinori Matsumoto.
* Fixed bug on scheduled newsletters edited back and forth and becoming uneditable.
* Fixed when duplicating an email through the stats page of a newsletter, then deleting the duplicate would also delete the original.
* Old code Spring cleaning part 2, getting rid of the junk.


* Improved protection of themes upload, unsubscribe links, file access and statistics.
* Improved the “Send a test email” function.
* Fixed never ending process while sending previews on certain servers.
* Fixed a few regular expressions for a better rendering in Outlook.
* Fixed memory issue when dropping the “WordPress Post” widget on sites with thousands of taxonomies.
* Fixed wrong subscribers count in the subscribers’ listing.
* Old code Spring cleaning, removed unused rusty pieces.


* Fixed email display issues caused by responsive CSS. We’re truly sorry for this.
* New columns on Subscribers page: “Never opened or clicked”
* Removed “Unconfirmed” filter on Subscribers page when signup confirmation is off
* Fixed a few minor bugs on the Statistics page for Premium users. Thanks for your feedbacks!
* Fixed our hair with spray to look like cool kids in the eighties


* Fixed security issue reported by our dear Dominic. Thank you sir!


* Added 1 more add-on to our plugin’s listing
* Implemented a new Email Rendering Engine, with a lot of bugs fixed for Outlook users and Mobile Users
* Fixed broken “Automatic Latest Content” settings on sites with lots of tags
* Fixed fatal error when sending to more than 1 million total subscribers
* Fixed subscribers page being inaccessible on some Multisites (very rare bug)
* Fixed Outlook 2013 paragraph spacing issue on previous beta
* Fixed security issue reported by [Sucuri](http://sucuri.net/)
* Fixed the HTML button on TinyMCE which was hidden in editor
* Fixed the links popup on TinyMCE for IE11 in editor
* Fixed “automated latest content” (ALC) bugs with multiple Custom Post Types
* Fixed the upload image functionality in our plugin
* Fixed default item selected on filter lists at the Subscribers page for Firefox and Opera users
* Fixed warning message appearing on the subscription form for Admin Users
* Fixed a few typos in the plugin
* Improved the CSV export to expand its compatibility with Excel on Windows
* Improved the performance of the plugin when loading admin assets


* Fixed the Upload Image functionality in our plugin
* Fixed default item selected on filter lists at the Users Page for Firefox and Opera users
* Fixed warning message appearing on the Subscription form for Admin Users
* Fixed some typos in the plugin
* Improved the performance of the plugin when Loading admin assets


* Fixed TinyMCE issue with WordPress 3.9, our editor in Step 2 is working again
* Fixed conflicting shortcode between MailPoet’s custom fields and Ultimate TinyMCE shortcode


* Fixed compatibility issue with WordPress 3.9: the TinyMCE editor in WordPress Posts edition page was broken
* Fixed regular expression on Google analytics tracking code (Premium only)
* Fixed the importing method, compatible to more CSV formats
* Hey, we still have an issue with WordPress 3.9, our tinyMCE editor in Step 2 of the newsletter edition is not working properly (buttons are not usable)
* No need to report us that issue, we’re already working hard to fix it. Thanks for your patience! 🙂


* Fixed filters on Automated Latest Content for Taxonomies and Post Types
* Fixed White Screen on What’s New page after updating
* Fixed display bug, image sitting on top of the text editor in the Step2 of newsletter edition
* Added support for `mysqli` of WordPress 3.9
* Replaced The tooltip script “qTip2” in favor of “Bootstrap’s Tooltip” (JavaScript Library)


* Fixed Javascript conflict breaking some of WordPress post editor function (add media upload, etc …)
* Fixed bugs when using bulk actions within WordPress plugins listing
* Fixed a rendering issue on the welcome page
* Fixed ability to make firstname and last name field required fields on the subscription forms
* Fixed rare issue of WordPress media uploader sending HTTP 500 error when uploading an image
* Improved the performance of the plugin with a better version handling
* Improved the Import/Export tools
* Improved “admin_body_class” to be more consistent
* Improved consistency for settings defaults
* Improved the inner tabs JavaScript on the settings page in premium version
* Improved the JavaScript on the “WordPress post” widget
* Remove badly named functions creating conflicts on step 3 of the newsletter creation process


* Fixed a conflict with the “Ultimate Shortcode” plugin breaking our subscription forms
* Fixed automatically inserted text in confirmation/subscription pages
* Improved CSV special characters handling in the Subscribers import functionality
* Improved some of our warnings in the backend to make the messages clearer
* Improved MailPoet Statistics Page with styling compatible to WordPress v3.8
* Improved handling Big Databases on daily post notifications
* Added extra information in the Newsletters’ statistics page for an efficient summary
* Added German Disclaimer to a new Docs Folder for legal purpose
* Minor changes improving the User Experience in some of our Forms in the backend
* Replaced The autoselection script “Choosen” in favor of “Select2” (JavaScript Library)


* This is the juiciest of all releases. Ready?
* a new statistics dashboard in Premium. The beauty of the big picture
* add more fields in your subscription forms, like phone number, address, or whatever you like
* display an archive of your past newsletters in a page with a shortcode. Find it in the settings
* display your posts’ author names and categories in the newsletter editor
* insert several posts at once in the editor, instead of one at a time. Time saver
* a dozen new display options when you drop your posts in the newsletter, for the control freaks
* find a list of add-ons in the settings. Plug your MailPoet with your other favorite plugins, like Gravity Forms
* select your own WordPress pages for your confirmation and unsubscribe pages
* use your MailPoet shortcodes in your confirmation emails, like [user:firstname | default:reader]
* MailPoet now abides to German privacy laws. Guten tag Alex!
* the browser version of your newsletter now include the Google Analytics tracking code (Premium)
* right to left language improvements
* our user interface is now styled for 3.8
* needless to say, hundreds of mini improvements
* we hand over to you 6 months of hard work. Enjoy!


* The latest Beta for v2.6
* Fixed stable update URL to the Core Repository
* Google Analytics URLs now working as expected
* Update warning fixed
* fixed links url not being properly saved in some case when using the google campaign code
* fixed queue processing fatal error, halting the sending process (only in rare case scenarios)
* Automatic latest content widget improved
* added minor visual improvements to fit better WP 3.8 style
* Mail-tester now works also on ssl sites
* Theme installation now works with https protected sites too
* Adapted buttons to the WordPress 3.8 style
* Changed some image icons to use `dashicons`
* Removed notices regarding an unused file
* Removed a bug on FROM email input tooltip
* Removed MySQL bugs on Stats dashboard filters
* Enhanced the Widget AJAX URL method
* Fixed some CSS positioning issue around buttons
* Adapted the notices/warnings style to WordPress 3.8
* Improvements on Bulk actions for Subscribers and Newsletters
* Fixed domain column missing
* Fixed problems with problem author name for automatic newsletters
* Removed notices on preview on Browser
* improved the update plugin process
* better CSS for the add-ons bage
* fixed bug on bulk actions for subscribers and newsletters
* removing some PHP Notices/Warnings
* improved installing premium plugin process
* added newsletter bulk delete option
* fixed a bug throwing an error trying to update “Warning: fopen(…”
* improved RTL on form editor
* added smoother auto update process free and premium plugin happening together
* small corrections on statistics dashboard form editor and newsletter editor
* added better support for Retina displays
* added custom fields functionality in the form editor section
* improved stats dashboard for premium users
* added archive page shortcode
* added select your own confirmation page

* fixed rare bug emails being re-enqueued when a partially sent newsletter was paused and edited from step3
* fixed improved bounce emails detection to handle more case scenarios (premium only)
* added better support for Retina displays
* added facelift and botoxed lips much needed for our best WP 3.8 looks

* fixed another rare case where image goes missing when dragging and dropping a WordPress’ post into our visual editor
* fixed post updates taking too long when refreshing automatic newsletters with the “automated latest content” widget
* fixed rare case where image goes missing when dragging and dropping an uploaded image into our visual editor
* fixed birthday cake for our two years anniversary http://www.mailpoet.com/two-year-anniversary/

* fixed issue automatic newsletter not going out when using Wysija’s cron triggered by visitors pageview in Settings > Advanced
* fixed issue wrong separator in export file(CSV or Excel)

* fixed newsletters not being saved in Chrome at visual editor level
* fixed daily/weekly post notifications missing some articles if other newsletters were being sent at the same time
* fixed broken redirection when square brackets are present in your URLs
* fixed rare case where image goes missing when dragging and dropping a WordPress’ post into our visual editor
* fixed “View in your Browser” and “Unsubscribe” not being translated in your language in daily/weekly post notifications
* fixed broken links with port specified (e.g.: mysiteurl.com:8888/my-post)
* fixed updating automatically the “automated latest content” widget in automatic newsletter on create/update/delete any post


* improved multisite bounce process
* improved email validation
* improved IP recording
* fixed issue with “Magic Members” plugin adding their list of users when one of our forms shortcode was in a post/page
* fixed notice in the links tracking controller in the frontend
* fixed cross image in popup was slightly shifted
* fixed network sending method not inheriting the right parameters in MS (From address, etc…)
* fixed issue when trying to delete first list in list selection widget


* fixed error firing daily and weekly newsletters
* fixed premium mail-tester iframe not working on modern browser
* fixed send_at parameter being updated wrongfully for automatic newsletters


* fixed missing cron schedules for post notifications and scheduled newsletters
* fixed issue with auto save when switching themes
* fixed issue preventing the deletion of newly added image
* fixed sending method not being override in multisite
* fixed validation messages not translated on some MS sites due to language locale issue
* improved better use of the language definition so that we understand on which language a WPML site is for instance
* improved better use of the language definition (removed WPLANG) so that we understand on which language a WPML site is for instance
* added retina icons for text editor


* fixed compatibility issue with WordPress 3.6 and latest jQuery
* fixed general reply to email settings not applied to sign up confirmation email
* fixed wild “Security failure during request.” in the backend of some server configurations
* fixed count issues on subscribers and list
* fixed failing to send post notification newsletter preview with the tag [newsletter:post_title]
* refactored export and import code
* improved MailPoet’s cron in order to respect better the delays between one scheduled task and another


* fixed broken sending process when DKIM is activated but the openSSL php library goes missing
* fixed missing update procedure of 2.5.2 for bulk confirm
* fixed daily post notification sending sometimes one day old posts
* fixed SQL error on user to subscriber synch
* fixed frontend notice on subscriptions modifications
* fixed delete automatic newsletters
* fixed remove one user from all mailing lists at a time from the admin interface
* added reply-to address in advanced settings


* added hook to delete MailPoet subscribers when a WP multisite user is deleted
* fixed MailPoet’s cron page view auto trigger creating some errors on some servers
* fixed WordPress user auto import as MailPoet subscribers on multisite
* fixed rendering issue 2.5.2


* fixed confusing text alignment not applied in the visual editor’s tiny MCE
* fixed autosave on step 2, the newsletter editor
* fixed dragged images in IE10 in the newsletters’ visual editor
* fixed subscribers count not being refreshed after a bulk delete
* fixed bulk confirm option which was missing a subscribed date to be completely working


* added protection to avoid switching to the beta without wanting
* fixed PHP notices in the newsletter’s view in your browser version
* fixed view in your browser link being left aligned
* fixed line height issue on some Outlook versions


* added checkbox to select default theme for new newsletters. See Themes tab.
* added bulk select all subscribers, like Gmail with conversations
* added bulk actions to move or remove subscribers from lists
* added bulk action “Confirm unconfirmed subscribers”
* added “undo unsubscribe” in unsubscribed confirmation page
* added option to have the beta version of plugin, see Advanced Settings
* added Styles and Themes tab of visual editor as permissions in Advanced Settings
* improved single automated bounce handling config for all sites in Multisite, for Premium
* improved export feature with semi-colon separated option
* improved sorting of subscribers in stats by open date and time
* fixed the monthly scheduling of automatic newsletter for “last day…”
* fixed duplicating a post notification email into an autoresponder would prevent from sending previews
* fixed new shortcode for issue number was not returning the right number
* fixed send admin notification on subscribe for each list a user subscribes to, not just the first time
* fixed outlook rendering issue fixed images alignment
* fixed tea, with milk and sugar


* added translations of the “loading…” message in forms.#
* added download link to theme’s .zip file in theme detail pages
* added possibility to hide our update page’s kitten. It hurt some feelings
* added protection on looping install process resulting in duplication of default list or newsletter
* fixed sending autoresponders twice after importing same csv file


* improved subscription form rendering and support of unicode/special characters
* improved security on queueing emails
* fixed missing confirmation message when subscribing to forms (introduced in 2.4.2)
* fixed scheduling issue when sending every month on a given day
* fixed form editor issues related to data encoding/decoding
* fixed post notification will not activate on step3 of the newsletter edition
* fixed scheduled emails generating a queueing error on step3 of the newsletter edition
* fixed import into a list associated with a retro-active autoresponder was not put into the queue
* fixed retro-active autoresponder delay calculation


* fixed issue in form editor. Using quotes in confirmation message prevented Form from being saved.
* fixed autoresponders being automatically queued if modified and saved on step3 of the newsletter edition this resulting in a sql error


* fixed post notification being queued immediately after changes being saved on step3 related to retroactive autoresponders.


* added ability to edit HTML in text blocks of visual editor (beta)
* added a form manager in settings, with a drag and drop interface
* added ability for users to share their usage data with MailPoet’s team
* added a dozen newsletter themes
* added image resizing of images uploaded in previous versions
* added autosave on browser back button. No more lost changes
* improved sending status with progress bar
* improved translations
* improved autoresponders: now retroactive and will be sent to newly imported subscribers too
* fixed when sending directly a newsletter which was set as scheduled in step 3
* fixed dozens of small bugs
* impressed by your determination in reading the full change log


* fixed unsubscribe and subscriptions links lead now to view in browser version if the subscriber doesn’t exists in the DB anymore (instead of a white screen)
* fixed error when trying to delete a duplicated list
* fixed view in browser link
* fixed how spammy is your newsletter and Mandrill
* fixed variable type issue leading in some case scenario to a Fatal Error in the frontend subscription widget
* fixed removed autofill value in HTML version of subscription form
* improved memory usage on subscribers import and export processes


* added default value from WordPress’ logged in user in the subscription form
* added dropdown selection of statuses (publish, private, scheduled, draft) for WordPress’ Posts to be dropped into the visual editor
* added option to MailPoet’s CRON (task scheduler) to deactivate the schedule tasks checks on any page view
* fixed unsubscribe date in the frontend subscriptions management is now translated with date_i18n (thanks Anna :))
* fixed unsubscribe link in preview emails
* fixed subscribers count when double optin is deactivated
* fixed unsubscribe link with Google Analytics


* added drag and drop private or scheduled posts in the visual editor
* fixed more than one post notification going out monthly, weekly or daily
* fixed warning in MS settings
* fixed translation issues for comments checkbox for instance
* fixed little notice when deleting list
* fixed buddypress multiple checkbox on registration form
* fixed on duplicate of a post notification reset the articles already sent in the original so that it starts from scratch
* fixed import ignoring rows with invalid data to avoid import failure
* fixed missing title and description of widget
* fixed multisite only you’ll see once the update screen as a network admin
* improved logging options


* fixed scheduling issue for automatic newsletters
* fixed message output in case of cron problems
* fixed wordpress images gallery pagination
* fixed occasional internal server error on some users with PHP running as FastCGI


* added correction of our commit through svn some files were missing
* added “shortcodes” for newsletter. Add more than first and last name, like dates, links Supported in subject line too.
* added custom roles to autoresponders so you can send to more than just the default roles (admin, editor, author, etc.)
* added single sending method for all sites in Multisite. See new “MS” tab in settings for more
* added DKIM optional upgrade to 1024 bits to comply with Gmail (Premium feature)
* added support for Premium behind firewall with no possible requests to MailPoet.com
* fixed images uploaded in MailPoet are now resized to 600px. Next release will include images from media library.
* fixed lightbox (popups) width for right to left languages
* fixed subscription form on WordPress user registration
* fixed load translation error on Windows server
* fixed wrong count for the issue number tag [number] in daily, weekly and monthly post notification
* fixed immediate custom post notification wrongly triggered
* fixed browser view error for rare scenarios
* fixed SendGrid web API not able to send newsletters to subscribers with first name and/or last name
* fixed WordPress’ images browser
* fixed breakfast, with a buttered toast and nice latte


* svn error please update your version to the latest one


* fixed weekly post notifications not having all of the articles of the week, but just of the day


* fixed immediate single post notification not being triggerred


* fixed translation issue in confirmation page, message was forced in English
* fixed display bug in settings, SMTP fields (port, authentication, secure connection) showing where not needed
* fixed manual bounce processing button not working
* fixed issue number [number] tag not having the right value
* fixed small frontend conflict with jquery 1.9.0 and above
* fixed missing filter in newsletters statistic for the Not Sent status
* fixed post notification could send some past articles in one specific case scenario
* fixed wrong count of subscribers in backend interfaces
* fixed still sending to subscribers manually removed from a list in the backend
* fixed number of WordPress users don’t match with the number in our WordPress Users list
* added support for German umlaut in email addresses


* added script detector in debug mode to help resolve plugin & theme conflicts
* added checkbox option in WordPress registration form. See Advanced Settings.
* added on auto newsletter duplication reset the [number] tag
* added a safeguard for manually deleted activation email in database
* added support for SendGrid’s web API to avoid blocked SMTP ports
* added a sending status load bar for currently sending newsletter
* improved “subscribe in comments” option for better Akismet integration
* improved iframe.css inclusion for MS. All child sites take the main site’s styles by default
* renamed list “WordPress Synched” to “WordPress users” for clarity
* fixed “HTML version” which was not working for visitors
* fixed subscription form “HTML version” missing hidden fields in post/page widget
* fixed newsletters themes installation with unsafe paths
* fixed missing page/post title when subscribing without ajax
* fixed encoding issue in HTML and PHP version of the subscription form in the widget
* fixed save issue of subscriber’s status in Subscriber’s detail page in admin
* fixed over 25 mini bugs
* fixed lunch and went for a well deserved beer


* added checkbox to comments in post for visitors to optin. Activate in Settings > Advanced
* improved default newsletter into simple 5 min. guide
* improved over a dozen confusing labels and strings
* improved compatibility with domain mapping
* added hook wysija_preview to browser version of newsletter (thx to Matt)
* fixed autoload new posts on scroll in the newsletter WordPress post widget
* fixed missing total click stats in newsletter stats
* fixed saving changes when going back to Step 2 from Step 3
* added sending autoresponders to subscribers added via the admin
* removed 3 messages after installation. Nobody reads them
* removed bulk add to synch list
* removed bulk unsubscribe to all. Too dangerous.
* went for a walk in the park with friends to celebrate this new version


* added get HTML version of form. See in Widgets.
* improved MailPoet homemade cron, available in Settings > Advanced
* removed validation for first name & last name on subscriber profile
* fixed incompatibility with “Root Relative URLs” plugin
* fixed conflict with plugin “Magic Members”
* fixed crashed on some servers on install
* fixed in newsletters listing, wrong list appearing in automatic newsletter
* fixed disappeared bounce email field in Settings > Advanced for free users
* fixed Internet Explorer issue on WordPress Articles selection widget
* fixed issue on IE8 where a draggable item was not disappearing after being dropped
* fixed WordPress Synched list wrong count when sending
* fixed image not being fetched from post content when inserting a WordPress post
* fixed not sending auto newsletter with event “after a new user is added to your site” when double optin was off
* fixed various plugins conflicting with our subscription form inserted into the content of a post or page


* added MailPoet custom cron option in Advanced Settings as an alternative to wp-cron
* fixed translation missing for “unsubscribe”, “view in your browser” and “manage your subscription” links
* fixed escaping quotes on subject in step 3 send preview
* fixed wrong total of subscribers when sending
* fixed bounced tab appearing empty for free users
* fixed wrong selection in WordPress posts widget after a search(in visual editor)
* fixed security issue with swf uploading module


* added basic Custom Post Type support in WordPress post widget
* added resend an Activation Email for another list even when already subscribed
* added posts autoload on scroll when adding single post in newsletter visual editor
* fixed PHP Notice: step2 of newsletter creation
* fixed PHP Notice: on debug class
* fixed our debug hijacking WP_DEBUG in the backend (thanks Ryann)
* fixed deprecated in bounce handling
* fixed scrollbar issue in WordPress Post popup on Chrome & Safari
* fixed conflict with Simple Links plugin
* fixed toolbar tabs disappearing in some languages (will be improved)
* fixed bounce error not properly displayed prevented saving settings


* fixed Notice: Use of undefined constant WYSIJA_DBG – assumed ‘WYSIJA_DBG’ in […]/wp-content/plugins/wysija-newsletters/core/model.php on line 842
* fixed bulk add subscriber to list when unsubscribed
* fixed private list removed on edit your subscriber profile
* fixed shortcodes not being properly stripped from post excerpt
* fixed line breaks being stripped from posts
* fixed text alignment issues in Outlook
* fixed font styling issues in email
* fixed auto newsletter for new subscriber when single optin
* fixed new subscriber notification when single optin
* fixed send preview email on automatic post notification newsletter
* fixed not sending followup when updating subscriptions


* fixed missing “from name” when using Elastic Email
* fixed rare issue where Social bookmarks & Automatic latest posts were not saved
* fixed double scrollbars appearing on article selection popup
* fixed dkim wrong key
* fixed filled up sent on parameter without having sent the newsletter


* added restAPI for elasticemail when detected in the smtp configuration
* improved install making sure that no crazy plugins will harm our initial setup (symptoms: Too many redirect crash or posting to social networks)
* fixed SQL comments inserted as tables in some weird server…
* fixed error 500 on update procedure of 2.1 when some roles were not existing. (add_cap on none object fatal error)
* improved install process not creating new sql connection, only using wpdb’s one.
* fixed synched plugins (Subscribe2 etc…) when there was just the main list
* removed global css and javascript
* fixed issue where the widget would not save
* improved IE9 compatibility
* fixed excerpt function to keep line breaks
* fixed links with #parameters GA incompatibility -> Thanks Adam


* major speed improvement and cache plugin compatibility
* added utf-8 encoding in iframe loaded subscription form.
* added security check for translated links (dutch translation issue with view in browser link)
* removed _nonce non sense in the visitors subscription forms.
* fixed loading issue in subscription form
* fixed styling issue in subscription form
* fixed accents issue in subscription form
* fixed DKIM activation settings not being saved
* fixed non translated unsubscribe and view in browser links
* fixed warning showing up on some servers configuration when sending a preview of the newsletter
* fixed popups in IE8 and improved overall display
* fixed openssl_error_string function breaking our settings screen on some configurations.
* fixed error with dkim on server without openssl functions
* fixed bounce error with the rule unsubscribe user


* fixed update 2.1 error : Duplicate column name “is_public” may have caused some big slow down on some servers and some auto post to facebook (deepest apologies).
* fixed Outlook issue where text blocks would not have the proper width


* added ability for subscribers to change their email and lists.
* added “View it in your browser” option.
* added advanced access rights with capabilities for subscribers management, newsletter management, settings and subscription widget.
* added new WordPress 3.3 plupload used when possible to use.
* added mail-tester.com integration for Premium (fight against spam).
* added DKIM signature for Premium to improve deliverability.
* added the possibility to preview your newsletter without images in visual editor.
* added background colors for blocks within the visual editor.
* added alternate background colors for automatic latest post widget.
* added possibility to add total number of subscribers in widget with shortcode.
* added widget option “Display label within for Email field”.
* improved email rendering and email clients compatibility including the new Outlook 2013
* improved image upload with ssl.
* improved compatibility with access rights plugins like “Advanced Access Manager” or “User Role Editor”.
* improved import system with clearer message.
* improved subscription widget, added security if there is no list selected.
* improved Auto newsletter edition, warning added before pausing it.
* improved popups for the visual editor (themes, images, add link,…)
* updated TinyMCE to latest version, the editor now reflects the newsletter styles
* compatibility with [Magic Action Box](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-action-box/).
* fixed links style in headings.
* fixed no default value in optin form when JS disabled.
* fixed issue with automatic latest post widget where one article could appear more than once.

* fixed post notification hook when post’s status change from publish to draft and back to publish.
* fixed firewall 2 avoid troubles with image uploader automatically
* fixed problem of confirmation page on some servers when pretty links activated on wysijap post. Default is params link now.


* improved debug mode with different level for different needs
* added logging function to monitor post notification process for instance
* improved send immediately post notification (in some case the trigger was not working… using different WordPress hook now)
* fixed post notification interface (step1 and step3) not compatible with WordPress lower than 3.3
* fixed issue when duplicating sent post notifications. You should not be able to copy a child email and then change it’s type like an automatic newsletter etc…
* fixed zip format error when uploading your own theme (this error was happenning on various browsers)


* added default style for subscription notification which was lost
* fixed php error on subscription form creation
* fixed php error on helper back


* fixed strict error appearing on servers below php version 5.4
* fixed on export to a csv translate fields and don’t get the columns namekeys
* added non translated ‘Loading…’ string on subscription’s frontend


* fixed unreliable WP_PLUGIN_URL when dealing with https constants now using plugins_url() instead
* fixed automatic newsletter resending itself on unsubscribe
* fixed when unsubscribing and registering to some lists, you will not be re-registered to your previous lists
* fixed issue with small height images not displaying in email
* fixed issue with post excerpt in automatic posts
* improved php 5.4 strictness compatibility


* added extended check of caching plugin activation
* added security to disallow directory browsing
* added subscription form working now with Quick-cache and Hyper cache(Already working with WP Super Cache && W3 Total Cache)
* added onload attribute on iframe subscription form which seems more reliable
* added independant cron manager wysija_cron.php
* added cleaning the queue of deleted users or deleted emails through phpmyadmin for instance
* added theme menu erasing MailPoet’s menu when in the position right below ours


* added for dummies check that list exists or subscription form widget not editable
* fixed problem with plugin wordpress-https when doing ajax subscription
* fixed issue with scheduled articles not being sent in post notification
* fixed rare issue when inserting a WordPress post would trigger an error
* fixed issue wrong count of ignored emails when importing
* fixed multi forms several send confirmation emails on one subscribing request
* fixed subject title in email template


* fixed theme activation not working
* fixed google analytics code on iframe subscription forms
* fixed post notification bug with wrong category selected when fetching articles
* fixed issue regarding category selection in auto responder / post notifications
* fixed dollar sign being stripped in post titles
* fixed warning and notices when adding a list
* fixed on some server unsubscribe page or confirmation page redirecting to 404
* improved iframe system works now with short url and multiple forms


* fixed missing title on widget when cache plugin activated
* fixed update procedure to MailPoet version “2.0” failed! on some MySQL servers
* fixed W3C validation for subscription form with empty action: replace with #wysija
* fixed forbidden iframe subfolder corrected to a home url with params
* improved theme installation with PclZip
* fixed missing previously sent auto newsletter on newsletters page
* fixed broken url for images uploaded in WordPress 3.4
* fixed “nl 2 br” on unsubscribed notification messages for admins
* added meta noindex on iframe forms to avoid polluting Google Analytics
* added validation of lists on subscription form
* fixed issue with image alignment in automatic newsletters
* fixed url & alternative text encoding in header/footer
* fixed images thumbs not displaying in Images tab
* fixed popups’ CSS due to WordPress 3.4 update
* fixed issues when creating new lists from segment


* fixed subscribers not added to the lists on old type of widget


* Added post notifications
* Added auto responders
* Added scheduling (send in future)
* allow subscribers to select lists
* embed subscription form outside your WordPress site (find code in the widget)
* Subscription forms compatibility with W3 Total Cache and WP Supercache
* Load social bookmarks from theme automatically
* Several bug fixes and micro improvements
* Ability to send snail mail


* improved report after importing csv
* fixed Warning: sprintf() /helpers/back.php on some environnements
* fixed roles for creating newsletters or managing subscribers “parent roles can edit as well as child roles if a child role is selected”
* fixed cron MailPoet’s frequencies added in a cleaner way to avoid conflict with other plugins
* fixed w3c validation on confirmation and unsubscription page
* improved avoiding duplicates on environment with high sending frequencies
* removed php show errors lost in resolveConflicts


* added last name to recipient name in header
* fixed automatic redirection for https links in newsletter
* fixed conflict with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin in the newsletter editor
* fixed conflict with the WpToFacebook plugin
* fixed validation on import of addresses with trim
* fixed dysfunctional unsubscribe link when Google Analytics campaign inserted
* added alphanumeric validation on Google Analytics input
* display clicked links in stats without Google Analytics parameters
* fixed page/post newsletter subscription widget when javascript conflict returns base64 string
* fixed WP users synch when subscriber with same email already exists
* fixed encoded url recorded in click stats
* added sending status In Queue to differentiate with Not Sent
* fixed automatic bounce handling
* added custom roles and permissions


* fixed unsubscribe link redirection
* fixed rare issue preventing Mac users from uploading images
* added Norwegian translation
* added Slovak translation


* fixed automatically recreates the subscription page when accidentally deleted
* fixed more accurate message about folder permissions in wp-content/uploads
* fixed possibility to delete synchronisable lists
* fixed pagination on subscribers lists’ listing
* fixed google analytics tracking code
* fixed relative path to image in newsletter now forced to absolute path
* fixed widget alignment when labels not within field default value is now within field
* fixed automatic bounce handling error on some server.
* fixed scripts enqueuing in frontend, will print as long as there is a wp_footer function call in your theme
* fixed theme manager returns error on install
* fixed conflict with the SmallBiz theme
* fixed conflict with the Events plugin (wp-events)
* fixed conflict with the Email Users plugin (email-users)
* fixed outlook 2007 rendering issue


* fixed small IE8 and IE9 compatibility issues
* fixed fatal error for new installation
* fixed MailPoet admin white screen on wordpress due to get_current_screen function
* fixed unsubscribe link disappearing because of qtranslate fix
* fixed old separators just blocked the email wizard
* fixed unsubscribe link disappearing because of default color
* fixed settings panel redirection
* fixed update error message corrected :”An error occurred during the update” sounding like update failed even though it succeeded
* fixed rendering of aligned text
* fixed daily report email information
* fixed export: first line with comma, the rest with semi colon now is all semi colon
* fixed filter by list on subscribers when going on next pages with pagination
* fixed get_avatar during install completely irrelevant
* fixed wordpress post in editor when an article had an image with height 0px
* fixed when domain does not exist, trying to send email, we need to flag it as undelivered after 3 tries and remove it from the queue
* fixed user tags [user:firstname | default:subscriber] left over when sent through queue and on some users
* fixed get_version when wp-admin folder doesn’t exist…
* fixed Bulk Unsubscribe from all list “why can’t I add him”


* support for first and last names
* 14 new themes. First Premium themes
* added social bookmarks widget
* added new divider widget
* added first name and last name feature in subscription form, newsletter content and email subject
* header is now image only and not text/image
* small changes in Styles tab of visual editor
* new full width footer image area (600px)
* added transparency feature to header, footer, newsletter
* newsletter width for content narrowed to 564px
* improved line-height for titles in text editor
* fixed Outlook and Hotmail padding issue with images
* improved speed of editor
* possibility to import automatically and keep in sync lists from all major plugins: MailPress, Satollo, WP-Autoresponder, Tribulant, Subscribe2, etc.
* possibility to change “Unsubscribe” link text in footer
* choose which role can edit subscribers
* preview of newsletter in new window and not in popup
* added possibility to choose between excerpt or full article on inserting WP post
* theme management with API. Themes are now externalized from plugin.
* removed numbered lists from text editor because of inconsistent display, notably Outlook


* added SMTP TLS support, useful for instance with live.com smtp
* added support for special Danish chars in email subscriptions
* fixed menu position conflict with other themes and plugins
* fixed subscription form works with jquery 1.3, compatible for themes that use it
* fixed issue of drag & drop of WP post not working with php magic quotes
* fixed permissions issue. Only admins could use the plugin despite changing the permissions in Settings > Advanced.
* fixed display of successful subscription in widget displays better in most theme
* fixed synching of WordPress user registering through frontend /wp-login.php?action=register
* fixed redirection unsubscribe link from preview emails
* fixed cross site scripting security threat
* fixed pagination on newsletter statistics’s page
* fixed javascript conflict with Tribulant’s javascript’s includes
* improved detection of errors during installation


* Premium upgrade available
* fix image selector width in editor
* fix front stats of email when email preview and show errors all
* fix front stats of email when show errors all
* fix import ONLY subscribed from external plugins such as Tribulant or Satollo
* fix retrieve wp.posts when time is different on mysql server and apache server
* fix changing encoding from utf8 to another was not sending
* newsletter background colour now displays in new Gmail
* less confusing queue sending status
* updated language file (pot) with 20 or so modifications


* fixed subscribe from a MailPoet confirmation page bug
* fixed campaigns “Column does not exists in model ..”
* fixed address and unsubscribe links appearing at bottom of newsletter a second time
* fixed menu submenu no MailPoet but newsletters no js
* fixed bug statistics opened_at not inserted
* fixed bug limit subscribers updated on subscribers delete
* fixed daily cron scandir empty dir
* fixed subscribe from frontend without javascript error
* fixed subscribe IP server validation when trying in local
* fixed CSS issues with WordPress 3.3
* improving interface of email sending in the newsletter’s listing
* added delete newsletter option
* added language pot file
* added french translation


* fixed issue with synched users on multisite(each site synch its users only)
* fixed compatibility issue with wordpress 3.3(thickbox z-index)
* fixed issue with redundant messages after plugin import
* fixed version number display


* fixed major issue with browser check preventing Safari users from using the plugin
* fixed issue with wp_attachment function affecting WordPress post insertion
* fixed issue when importing subscribers (copy/paste from Gmail)
* fixed issue related to WordPress MU
* minor bugfixes


* Hello World.

Theme Check


* Added new checks and updates from Frank Klein at Automattic. Thanks Frank!
* Updated deprecated function listings
* Customizer check: All add_settings must use sanitization callbacks, for security
* Plugin territory checks: Themes must not register post types or taxonomies or add shortcodes for post content
* Widgets: Calls to register_sidebar must be called from the widgets_init action hook
* Title: tags must exist and not have anything in them other than a call to wp_title()<br /> * CDN: Checks for use of common CDNs (recommended only)<br /> * Note: Changed plugin and author URIs due to old URIs being invalid. These may change again in the future, the URIs to my own site are temporarily only.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20131213.1</strong></p><p>* Corrected errors not being displayed by the plugin and it incorrectly giving a “pass” result to everything.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20131212.1</strong></p><p>* Updated for 3.8<br /> * Most files have changed for better I18N support, so the language files were removed temporarily until translation can be redone.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20121211.1</strong></p><p>* Updated for 3.5<br /> * Remove Paypal button.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110805.1</strong></p><p>* TimThumb checks removed.<br /> * Proper i18n loading. Fixes http://bit.ly/ouD5Ke.<br /> * Screenshot now previewed in results, with filesize and dimensions.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110602.2</strong></p><p>* New file list functions hidden folders now detectable.<br /> * Better fopen checks.<br /> * TimThumb version bump</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110602.1</strong></p><p>* DOS/UNIX line ending style checks are now a requirement for proper theme uploading.<br /> * Timthumb version bump<br /> * Several fixes reported by GaryJ<br /> * 3.2 deprecated functions added</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110412.1</strong></p><p>* Fix regex’s<br /> * Added check for latest footer injection hack.<br /> * Fix tags check to use new content function correctly<br /> * Sync of all changes made for wporg uploader theme-check.<br /> * Updated checks post 3.1. added screenshot check to svn.<br /> * Fix links check to not return a false failure in some cases<br /> * rm one of the checks that causes problems on wporg uploader (and which is also unnecessary)<br /> * Move unneeded functions out of checkbase into main.php.<br /> * Minor formatting changes only (spacing and such)<br /> * Add check for wp_link_pages() + fix eval() check</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110219.2</strong></p><p>* Merged new UI props Gua Bob [1](http://guabob.com/)<br /> * Last tested theme is always pre-selected in the themes list.<br /> * Fixed php error in admin_menu.php</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110219.1</strong></p><p> * See [commit log](https://github.com/Pross/theme-check/commits/) for changes.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110201.2</strong></p><p>* UI bug fixes [forum post](http://bit.ly/ff7amN) props Mamaduka.<br /> * Textdomain checks for twentyten and no domain.<br /> * Fix div not closing props Mamaduka.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20110201.1</strong></p><p>* i18n working<br /> * sr_RS de_DE ro_RO langs props Daniel Tara and Emil Uzelac.<br /> * Child theme support added, checks made against parent AND child at runtime.<br /> * Trac formatting button added for reviewers.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101228.3</strong></p><p>* Last revision for 3.1 (hopefully)<br /> * Chips suggestion of checking for inclusion of searchform.php ( not<br /> perfect yet, need more examples to look for ).<br /> * add_theme_page is required, all others flagged and displayed with line<br /> numbers.<br /> * <?= detected properly, short tags outputted with line umbers.<br /> * Mostly internationalized, needs translations now.<br /> * Bug fixes.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101228.2</strong></p><p>* Added menu checking.<br /> * ThemeURI AuthourURI added to results.<br /> * Lots of small fixes.<br /> * Started translation.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101228.1</strong></p><p>* Fix embed_defaults filter check and stylesheet file data check.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101226.1</strong></p><p>* Whole system redesign to allow easier synching with WordPress.org uploader. Many other additions/subtractions/changes as well.<br /> * WordPress 3.1 guidelines added, to help theme authors ensure compatibility for upcoming release.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.7</strong></p><p>* Re-added malware.php checks for fopen and file_get_contents (INFO)<br /> * fixed a couple of undefined index errors.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.4_r2</strong></p><p>* Fixed Warning: Wrong parameter count for stristr()</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.4_r1</strong></p><p>* Added `echo` to suggested.php</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.4</strong></p><p>* Fixed deprecated function call to get_plugins()</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.3</strong></p><p>* Fixed undefined index.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.2</strong></p><p>* Missing `<` in main.php<br /> * Added conditional checks for licence.txt OR Licence tags in style.css<br /> * UI improvements.</p></div><div class="update"><strong>20101110.1</strong></p><p>* Date fix!</p></div><div class="update"><strong>10112010_r1</strong></p><p>* Fixed hardcoded links check. Added FAQ</p></div><div class="update"><strong>10112010</strong></p><p>* First release.</p></div></div><!-- .entry-content --></article><!-- #post-## --><nav class="navigation paging-navigation" role="navigation"><h1 class="screen-reader-text">Posts navigation</h1><div class="pagination loop-pagination"> <a class="prev page-numbers" href="http://zero7one.com/2015/01/page/2/">← Previous</a> <a class='page-numbers' href='http://zero7one.com/2015/01/'>1</a> <a class='page-numbers' href='http://zero7one.com/2015/01/page/2/'>2</a> <span aria-current='page' class='page-numbers current'>3</span></div><!-- .pagination --></nav><!-- .navigation --></div><!-- #content --></section><!-- #primary --><div id="content-sidebar" class="content-sidebar widget-area" role="complementary"><aside id="text-12" class="widget widget_text"><div class="textwidget"></div></aside><aside id="text-2" class="widget widget_text"><div class="textwidget"><div id="fb-root"></div><div class="fb-like" data-href="http://www.facebook.com/zero7one" data-width="50" data-layout="standard" data-action="like" data-show-faces="true" data-share="true"></div></div></aside><aside id="custom_html-5" class="widget_text widget widget_custom_html"><div class="textwidget custom-html-widget"><a href="http://www.pjtra.com/t/SkNIT0ZKTUlDR0xNSU1IQ0dLTk1PSg" target="_blank" onclick="ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Sponsor-Link', eventAction: 'Rainier-Arms-Ad'});"><img src="http://www.pjtra.com/b/SkNIT0ZKTUlDR0xNSU1IQ0dLTk1PSg" border="0" width="265" height="88" title="300x100" alt="300x100"></a><p></p> <a href="https://goo.gl/JvPJT1" target="_blank" onclick="ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Sponsor-Link', eventAction: 'Aero-Precision-Ad'});"><img src="http://zero7one.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/we-make-it-265x265.gif" alt="265x265" width="265" height="265" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-356" /></a><p></p> <script>document.write(unescape('%3Cscript 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target="_blank" onclick="ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Sponsor-Link', eventAction: 'BDU-Ad'});"><img src="http://zero7one.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/BDU.png" alt="265x102" width="265" height="102" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-356" /></a><p></p> <a href="http://www.pjtra.com/t/R0BLRUZMQ0BESUpGSkVARkZKRw" target="_blank" onclick="ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Sponsor-Link', eventAction: '5Eleven-Ad'});"><img src="http://www.pjtra.com/b/R0BLRUZMQ0BESUpGSkVARkZKRw" border="0" width="264" height="68" title="Shop 5.11 Tactical Online" alt="Shop 5.11 Tactical Online"></a><p></p> <a href="http://www.avantlink.com/click.php?tt=ml&ti=596323&pw=231025" target="_blank"><img src="//www.avantlink.com/gbi/14619/596323/181549/231025/image.jpg" width="265" height="225" style="border: 0px;" alt="" /></a><p></p> <a href="http://www.avantlink.com/click.php?tt=ml&ti=439898&pw=231025" target="_blank"><img src="//www.avantlink.com/gbi/13361/439898/181549/231025/image.jpg" 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