Black Sheep Warrior Announces Megiddo Tactical Group Brand

The following is a Press Release from Black Sheep Warrior:

For immediate release:

February 1, 2016 Sahuarita, Arizona – Tactical gear review blog, has just entered the custom holster market with their partner company, Megiddo Tactical Group (

MTG Holster Custom Drop Leg Featured

Megiddo Tactical Group is a law enforcement (LE) owned and operated company, will serve law enforcement, military and civilian holster markets through Megiddo Tactical Group branded premium Kydex holsters.  Megiddo Tactical Group may be a new brand, but our team is not new to the holster industry and is fueled by a passion for forward thinking and driven by experienced industry leaders to serve both individual consumer needs as well as those of a larger organizations.MTG OWB Paddle Holster

The Megiddo Tactical Group design team is led by industry guru David Lathrop, who began designing and manufacturing almost two decades ago with Blade-tech Inc., then moved to the inception of K Rounds, another notable Northwest holster company, where his design and style is the sole inspiration of their product line. David has now taken his vision to the next level in a permanent partnership with Megiddo Tactical Group. Having complete design and manufacturing authority has given him the canvas to create an impeccable product line – a product line based on 17 years of
experience as well as some of the best breakthroughs this industry has seen.

MTG IWB Concealment Holster

Currently, Megiddo Tactical Group offers a full line of premium Kydex holsters, using only the highest quality materials and an unparalleled manufacturing processes, as well as the battle proven line of Elzetta Tactical Lights. In addition, Megiddo Tactical Group specializes in custom holster solutions for the civilian and defense industry.

MTG DMP concealment double mag pouch

Future product development is underway as well as plans to expand the number of quality tactical products from trusted brands. What sets Megiddo Tactical Group apart from the competition? We offer an exceptional skill-set, backed by both end user experience and the ability and depth of knowledge in our team to produce and offer a phenomenally priced product with unmatched quality.

MTG SMP Range Single Mag Pouch

All manufacturing is proudly done in the United States and we stand fully behind our products to offer the industry’s strongest warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

MTG IWB Tuckable Holster

For more information about Megiddo Tactical Group visit and use coupon code “MTG” for a complimentary 15% off your first purchase.

SHOT Show 2016 – ESS Eyepro

ESS Eyepro introduced the new Crowbar protective eye wear at SHOT Show.  The frames come in three different color options (Terrain Tan, Black with Subdued Logo and Black with Silver Logo) and seven different lens options.

The Crowbar features a frameless bottom lens design and a lens gate that allows for quick lens exchanges.  The lens material is made from a military-grade polycarbonate that will provide crisp view and a broad range of ballistic protection.

ESS Eyepro Crowbar 001-1000




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SHOT Show 2016 – Samson Manufacturing

Samson Manufacturing announced the new Field Survivor Model V Pistol Grip Insert.  The newest Pistol Grip Insert in the Line Up for Samson will fit inside of a Standard A2 Pistol Grip and will include Pliers, Screw Driver, Seat Belt Cutter, Front Sight Adjustment Tool and a Broken Shell Extractor.  Model V is only in the prototype phase right now, but production models should be available around April 2016.  The MSRP is TBD.

Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor Model V-1000

Samson Manufacturing Ball Machine 003-1000

Also at the Samson booth was a throwback to a childhood claw game, but instead of fishing for stuffed animals, an attendee could donate $1 per turn with the opportunity to fish out Samson Manufacturing Sights, Rails, Gift Cards, etc.  The money donated to the cause was to be donated to Wishes For Warriors.

Samson Manufacturing Ball Machine 001-1000


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SHOT Show 2016 – Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear introduced several new products at SHOT this year that will help revolutionize your kit.

Blue Force Gear Tropic Multicam Sling 001-1000The well known Vickers Sling is now available in both Arid and Tropic Multicam patterns.






Blue Force Gear UBER Loop 001-1000The UBER Loop (aka “U-Loop”) was designed to replace the noisy metal “HK-style” sling mount.  The UBER will not damage the finish of your weapon system and is much quieter.  The mount can be quickly attached and detached from the weapon system.

Blue Force Gear Dapper Organization System 001-1000The DAPPER Organization System provides a Velcro Mounting System of various pouches that can be attached inside of the new Jedburgh pack.  Some of these pouches would also work well with the new Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt.

Blue Force Gear Jedburgh Pack
Blue Force Gear Jedburgh Pack


Blue Force Gear also announced the new Horizontal Triple M3 Magazine Pouch.

Blue Force Gear Horizontal Triple M3 Mag Pouch 001-1000


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SHOT Show 2016 – Fail Zero / Alpha Omega Weaponry

Fail Zero introduced their new AR-15, which was a joint-collaboration with Alpha Omega Weaponry.

Fail Zero and Alpha Omega Weaponry Collaboration Billet AR 003-1000s

The Limited Edition Billet AR-15, with Custom Serial Number, will feature a custom cerakote job, Magpul UBR Stock, CMC Triggers Curved Trigger, AXTS Raptor Charging Handle, Extended Magazine Release, Magpul MBUS Pro Sights and a Fail Zero NiB Bolt Carrier Group.

The Fail Zero/Alpha Omega Weaponry AR-15 will MSRP for $2995.

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SHOT Show 2016 – Unity Tactical

Unity Tactical introduced several new products at the 2016 SHOT Show.

Unity Tactical Clutch Belt 002-1000sFor those who need to carry covertly, the CLUTCH Belt (MSRP ~ $120) will offer a unique way to carry your equipment by providing a stretchable belt with four inches of adjustment.  The belt can be used to carry covertly or overtly and can take any existing holster or pouch with the addition of Velcro to securely attach into the pouches.  The dedicated pistol pouch has an opening in the bottom to allow for longer barrels.  The CLUTCH will initially be available in black or gray and offers padding on the inside of the belt.

Unity Tactical Clutch Belt 001-1000s

Unity Tactical Knuckl Mount 001-1000sThe KNUCKL Mount is a fully articulable helmet mount for attaching cameras, such as the GoPro, and lights.  The KNUCKL also has an adapter that will accept a Princeton Tech Light.

Unity Tactical TAPS Pressure Switch 001-1000sThe TAPS is a fully programmable pressure switch (momentary/ constant) that comes with attachment methods for KeyMod, M-LOK and Picatinny Rail options in one package.  If the pressure switch battery dies, the pressure switch will revert to momentary-only and will remain functional until the battery can be replaced.

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SHOT Show 2016 – Limitless Gear

Limitless Gear introduced the new MCR (Magazine Carrier Rifle), which is a hardened AR-15 Magazine carrier that can store the magazine in any position while securing the magazine in place.

Limitless Gear MCR 001-1000

The MCR, which MSRP’s for $29.95, includes a belt adapter or can easily lock into MOLLE webbing with a sliding MOLLE attachment system.  The MCR will work with all know AR-15/M16 magazines, to include 10 and 20 round magazines.  Limitless Gear advises that if a 10 round magazine is used, a Ranger Plate will need to be used.  The magazine will not pull straight out of the carrier, though a slight twist of the magazine to the right will release the magazine catch.

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SHOT Show 2016 – High Speed Gear

High Speed Gear, in collaboration with NOLATAC, has introduced the O3D (On Duty – Off Duty) Medical Pouch, which is a much smaller profile medical pouch.

HSGI O3D (On Duty - Off Duty) 001-1000

With the reduction in the size of the pouch, it should be easier for officers and those wanting to carry necessary first aid supplies on their belt or other kit without taking up too much real estate.  The O3D will MSRP in the $72 range.

HSGI O3D (On Duty - Off Duty) 002-1000



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SHOT Show 2016 – SOG Knives

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, LLC

SOG Knives had a wide variety of new products in their line up for 2016 that they introduced at SHOT Show.  Of note was their new line of bags, a minimalist multi-tool and their Quake knives.

SOG Knifes Quake and Quake XL Knifes
SOG Knifes Quake and Quake XL Knifes

The Quake and Quake XL knives, which will retail for $175 and $200 respectively, are new folders for SOG this year that offer a VG10 blade and forged aluminum handle scales.  The black handguard also doubles as the opening mechanism, which gives a very quick spring assisted opening.

SOG Knives Reactor Multi-Tool
SOG Knives Reactor Multi-Tool

The Reactor Multi-Tool is a compact, minimalist multi-tool that offers a knife, pliers, wire-cutters, a phillips and straight blade screwdriver head and most importantly, a bottle opener.





SOG Seraphim Bag
SOG Seraphim Bag

SOG has also introduced a line of packs that will range from 12 liters to 35 liters in size.  The packs will feature a hardened top cap with internal storage and though most models will come with backpack straps, there is a version that offers a sling as well as one that will convert into a duffle bag.  The bags are compatible with hydration bladders, though one is not included.  The bags will range in price from approximately $150-$250, depending on model.

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SHOT Show 2016 – Falkor Defense

Falkor Defense, formerly known as SI-Defense, has been extremely busy over the past year with a ton of new products.

The one product that really stands out in a crowd is the Falkor Defense PETRA .300 Win Mag AR.  The PETRA comes in two slight variations with either a 20″ Carbon Fiber Proof Research Barrel (MSRP around $5800) or a Stainless Steel Barrel (MSRP around $4800).  The PETRA uses a proprietary magazine for the system.

Falkor Defense PETRA
Falkor Defense PETRA

The Falkor Defense Mantis is a currently-in-production bipod that allows the user to pivot the bipod in multiple directions and lock it in place.  There are also additional accessory “feet” that can replace the standard “feet”, such as a spike, that is easily replaced.

Falkor Defense Mantis Bipod
Falkor Defense Mantis Bipod

The Falkor Defense Blast Cap is currently available in 5.56, with .308 in the works.  The Blast Cap is a muzzle device that screws onto the barrel itself and the gasses are pushed forward and will deflect sound away from the operator as well.  The Blast Cap will be available in multiple colors and will MSRP for around $270.

Falkor Defense Blast Cap
Falkor Defense Blast Cap

The Falkor Defense Optimus PDW Stock will fit on any standard AR-15 platform and includes a buffer and spring and will work with any stock BCG.  The Optimus will fold out to full carbine stock length.  The MSRP has yet to be determined.

Falkor Defense Optimus PDW Stock
Falkor Defense Optimus PDW Stock

Falkor Defense also has three new rail systems, the Transition, the Breacher and the Fatty.

Falkor Defense Rails (L to R: 5.56 Transition, .308 Transition, .308 Transition, 5.56 Fatty, .308 Fatty and .308 Breacher)
Falkor Defense Rails (L to R: 5.56 Transition, .308 Transition, .308 Transition, 5.56 Fatty, .308 Fatty and .308 Breacher)

The Transition Rail is more rigid and free floating and consists of a transition ring, a barrel nut and the rail itself.  This is truly a secure system.  The Transition is currently only available in M-LOK in both 5.56 and .308 DPMS High Profile variations with three lengths for each variation and up to 19″ for the .308 version.  The MSRP has yet to be determined.

The Breacher Rail, which is only available in .308 M-LOK, includes a “heat sync” barrel nut to assist in dispersing heat away from the chamber.  The Breacher features a linear “saw-tooth-like” surface on the front of the rail to assist with barrel work.  There is a QD mount at the 6 o’clock position of the front of the rail and two QD mounts on the rear of the rail at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.  There will be three lengths that have yet to be finalized and the MSRP has yet to be set.

Lastly, the Fatty Rail features a girthy, yet comfortable diameter that will accommodate most suppressors and three lengths that, though ranging from approximately 7.5″ to approximately 15.5″ are yet to be determined.  The Fatty will be available for both .308 and 5.56mm AR platforms.

Falkor Defense Ambi AR-15
Falkor Defense Ambi AR-15

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