Smith and Bradley Watch Promo Code

Smith and Bradley, an American-Made Watch Manufacturer, is now a sponsor of  The S&B watches are built to not only last your lifetime, but to pass onto your future generations.  It is time that you have a watch on your wrist that feels like a watch, not a happy meal toy.



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Caw Caw….Pew Pew Pew – The Raven Is Coming!

The following is information from LanTac USA on their new LA-R15™ Raven™ Rifle.


Lantac’s LA-R15™ Raven™ Rifle is manufactured to the highest quality standards and assembled by a skilled team of rifle builders. Each rifle is shot tested at our facility and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.

With a massive specification out of the box the LA-R15 Raven rifle delivers exceptional performance and is ready to go without any modifications or upgrades.


Its proprietary buffer system (ABS) and E-BCG Bolt Carrier Group together with Intermediate or Midlength gas systems and a Dragon DGN556B brake delivery an incredible flat shooting experience with zero muzzle rise or recoil and massively reduced carrier and buffer felt recoil, all without the use of an adjustable gas block.

The 3.5LB Single Stage Trigger is manufactured by CMC and has one of the smoothest sear surfaces in the industry (1-2RMS), together with a very fast reset. This combination allows the user to deliver ultra fast shot strings with virtually zero knock back, making re-acquisition of the target from shot to shot incredibly easy.


The 416R Stainless Steel barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:7 Twist Rate and features a precision machined 11° target crown. It is hand lapped after button rifling, before an enhanced corrosion resistant Melonite finish is applied. A Lantac GB750-S low profile gas block is utilised together with a nitrided gas tube that delivers reduced carbon build up and gas erosion.

The ultra smooth (16RMS), proprietory bore and radiused cam pin slot of the UAR upper receiver work with the Lantac E-BCG’s CP-R360 Domed Head campin and the NiB (Electroless Nickle Boron Coating) on the E-BCG has the lowest coefficient of friction available.

The lightweight low profile Spada-S 12.5’’ Handguard comes with our RES Rail Extensions System on the Midlength Rifle and both versions have a 1.5’’ Picatinny rail attachment with a longer 2’’ length available as an option.

A 45° Scout Light Mount and Rail Panel packs are also available. Panels are supplied in Black, Grey & Tan.

Furniture is supplied in the form of a Magpul CTR stock with .070’’ Enhanced Butt pad and MOE+ Rubber over moulded grip.

Comes complete with Instruction and maintenance booklet.

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