Daniel Defense Introduces the DDM4V7 Pro

The following is a Press Release from Daniel Defense reference the new DDM4V7 Pro.

DDM4V7 Pro

The new DDM4V7 Pro was designed for competitors looking to dominate multi-gun-match podiums. With features like an 18″ Strength to Weight, Cold Hammer Forged barrel; a rifle-length gas system; our newly designed Muzzle Climb Mitigator; and a Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger, expect to see shorter split times, more precise follow-up shots, softened recoil, and reduced fatigue at your next competition.

DDM47V Pro 001

A new MFR XS 15.0 M-LOK rail provides major weight savings, plenty of real estate for optics, superior cooling, and outstanding ergonomics for transitioning between targets and preventing over-travel. You’ll also appreciate the larger Vltor Gunfighter Mod 4 Charging Handle latch, for easier manipulation under magnified optics, and the rugged yet comfortable DD Buttstock and Pistol Grip. Take your game—and the podium you stand on—to the next level with the DDM4V7 Pro.

DDM47V Pro 002

For more information, please visit the Daniel Defense Webpage.  CLICK HERE

1st and 2nd Amendment does not apply to Facebook

I wish that I could say that this is the first time that I have been targeted by Facebook, but unfortunately it is not.

In November 2015, I posted a very similar article titled “Facebook Censorship” READ HERE and another in January 2015 when I hosted Facebook Giveaway.  READ HERE

This morning, I received notice again that I was being locked up in “Facebook Jail” for “Violating Community Standards”.


Did I post something that promoted violence, hatred, racism, or threaten any class of person?  HELL NO!  I apparently violated Facebook’s “Community Standards” by posting a photo of four Elite Tactical Systems Group Clear Glock Magazines against a white background.


But not only did I receive a 24 hour jail sentence, I was also asked if I wanted to unpublish my page while I removed anything that violated the “Community Standards”.  READ COMMUNITY STANDARDS HERE.

I have read the community standards.  Nothing that I have done or posted has ever violated the Facebook “Community Standards”.

I do not see how posting an image of inanimate objects can violate the Facebook “Community Standards”, but an image like this does not:

FB4 Read the article by DailyMail from the UK (Article HERE).  It would appear that an image of a Police Officer being murdered does not violate “Community Standards”, but an image of some magazines does?  Here is Facebook’s response from the DailyMail article:


Apparently Facebook does not like successful pages that promote the 2nd Amendment.  And by not liking these successful pages, they shut down their 1st Amendment Rights as well.  My Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/zero7one) currently has 502,143 “fans”.  This is not one of those pages that show half naked women to build a fan base to this level within a few months.  I have been working on building this page for well over four years.  Thousands of hours have been put into the creation and maintenance of this page and as I read the “Community Standards”, it has never been violated.

Where do I go from here?  It would be unwise of me to put all of my eggs in a Facebook basket.  I have an Instagram and Twitter account as well as this webpage.  If my Facebook page went away it would not be the end of ZERO7ONE, but it would definitely cause a huge blow.  If Facebook keeps up with the “warnings” and an inevitable “Ban and Removal”, I will need to have a solid fail-safe backed up in the works.

Maybe a Class Action Lawsuit for Harassment from all of the Pro-Gun Facebook Pages that have been unrightfully banned or suspended would get their attention.  Then again, who has the money to go up against a company with Billions to throw at their attorneys just to crush the “little guys”.  What Facebook does not understand is that they have created a platform for businesses that rely on it to make money, then they take that resource away with no remorse.