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* Fix: Resolved a bunch of notices
* Fix: Added support for PHP versions below 5.3 – this didn’t get included properly in the last update.


* Tweak: Added support for PHP versions below 5.3


* Fix: The profile option as it wasnt displaying the table.
* Tweak: Changed the settings page to accomodate larger numbers of users
* FEATURE: Added ability to filter the profile/shortcode tables
* FEATURE: Added the ability to rename all the column headings
* FEATURE: Added a total row to the bottom of the profile and shortcode tables. If the table goes over 10 rows, it will insert a total row at the top of the table as well with JavaScript.


* FEATURE: Added shortcode to view individual users stats from the front end [userstats] (user must be logged in to view).


* FEATURE: Added view and costing to indivudual author profile (plus option to toggle on/off)
* Fixed undefined indexes


* Changed the post load structure to use AJAX, to reduce potential page load times.
* Localised the text strings allowing for translation and added a (very bad) Finnish translation.
* Added ability to remove users from the overview section.
* Added ability to filter posts by date.
* Added some styles to the settings to make it a bit easier to read.
* Added ability to reset the view counts on individual posts.
* Added feature to have a combined overview total for multiple selected users.
* Added feature to have a combined posts for multiple selected users.
* Removed the Individual Author bars – moved Roles column to the overview


* Fixed false positives caused by widgets. Plugin now requires wp_head to be available in the theme.


* Initial release



* Update Facebook SDK for PHP app secret proof and signed request handling
* Add empty directory index files to prevent autoindex files and exposed server directories
* Replace deprecated `$wpdb->escape()` with `esc_sql()`
* Link to [App Insights 2.0]( “Facebook developer application insights and statistics”)
* Remove widget title escaping, allowing HTML titles


* Facebook Like Button supports the new Share button
* Add Facebook Embedded Post custom width support through shortcode
* Removed channelUrl Facebook JavaScript SDK initialization parameter
* Facebook SDK for PHP 3.2.3


* Delete Facebook account data associated with a WordPress user from the user profile screen.
* Facebook application data for Facebook Login displayed in the settings debug screen.
* Improve social publisher compatibility with scheduled posts.
* (beta) Convert Instagram embeds to `og:image`s. Convert YouTube and Vimeo embeds to Open Graph media objects for video post formats.
* Improved code documentation.


* Generate and store an [app secret proof]( “Facebook Graph API app secret proof”) for Facebook Page access token verification


* Expand Open Graph protocol markup to all singular post types
* Generate and store an [app secret proof]( “Facebook Graph API app secret proof”) on Facebook app id and app secret verification
* Support auto embed of Facebook notes URLs


* Rewritten administrative tools to associate a WordPress user with a Facebook account from a profile settings page and a Facebook Page with a WordPress site from the Facebook Social Publisher settings page
* Improved Open Graph protocol markup for image, video, and audio post formats
* Improved auto-discovery of post images for use as Open Graph protocol images
* Added support for [Facebook Embedded Posts](
* Custom dashicon font adds resolution-independent graphics to your administrative interface
* Updated Facebook SDK for JavaScript asynchronous loading snippet
* Added enhanced privacy mode for Facebook SDK for JavaScript for sites targeting children in the United States under the age of 13


* [Facebook Comment API update]( to support July 2013 changes
* Improved reliability of Facebook application credentials verification for app access token exchange
* The `get_comments_number` function response now includes the number of comments for a post stored on Facebook servers
* Update Facebook PHP SDK. Includes support for app secret proofs
* Fix typo preventing custom classes on social plugins
* New Facebook icons matching April 2013 Facebook favicon redesign
* Added support for shortcode filters (WordPress 3.6+)


* Reject new comments submitted for a post with comments managed by Facebook Comments Box
* Improve Facebook PHP SDK performance through WordPress-managed sessions
* Faster image display for mention tagging autocomplete


* Open Graph posting is now an advanced feature configured through a site’s Social Publisher settings page. Applications without an approved Publish action can post to an author’s Timeline feed with more limited functionality and story promotion.
* Comments Box moved to comments_template, overriding your theme’s default comments template. Existing WordPress comments are displayed above the Comments Box.
* Added ability to disable fetching Facebook comments from Facebook servers for inclusion on the page inside a noscript element for improved SEO. See the `facebook_comments_wrapper` filter for more details.
* Set a custom sort order for Comments Box comments: social, chronological, or reverse chronological.
* Do not fetch Facebook user status or set a site cookie for default Facebook JavaScript SDK loads on the site frontend.


* Post to Facebook Page using Facebook application access token
* Do not display social publisher meta boxes or publish flow if post type not explicitly public
* Improved local validators for publish flow


* Improve performance of settings migration from old versions of the plugin


* Fix: Properly display Open Graph protocol data on author page


* Post to Timeline now uses an [app access token]( to communicate with Facebook servers without needing an active Facebook user session. Improves XML-RPC compatibility and wp-admin performance
* The Facebook PHP SDK is now loaded as needed, not with every admin request
* [Mention tagging]( Facebook friends and Facebook pages replaces previous mention meta boxes for friends and pages
* Removed mention display alongside a post. Mentions are constructed in a custom Facebook message
* Associate a WordPress account with a Facebook account from the edit profile page


* Added [Like Box]( widget for Facebook Page promotion
* New locale selector provides more extensible code
* Social publisher settings page inline help
* Fixed bug publishing to a Facebook Page


* Do not compare strings when needle longer than haystack
* Test if expected widget files and classes exist before registering a widget. Fixes possible cache conflict


* Support social action tracking in Google Analytics. Includes [Google Analyticator]( and [Google Analytics for WordPress]( support
* Facebook Subscribe Button is now known as Follow Button
* Add gallery images to Open Graph protocol images array if gallery shortcode present
* Update to Facebook PHP SDK 3.2.2
* WordPress 3.5 color picker support in Recommendations Box and Activity Feed plugins
* Fix incorrectly referenced admin menu icon file locations in minified version of icons.css


* Bugfix: use the post global object instead of get_post on a comments filter


* Comments Box – overrides of WordPress comment system applied at the post level, allowing more fine-grained control of comments by post type or mixed in a single loop
* Comments Box – declare post author with `moderate_comments` capability an admin of the individual page, granting comment moderation capabilities on Facebook for the post
* Hide settings error display if function is not yet defined


* [Open Graph protocol]( data output in prefixed form (e.g. og:title) instead of full IRI. You may declare your preference to always use a prefix in the future using the `facebook_ogp_prefixed` filter
* Debug page displays your plugin configuration, author accounts associated with a Facebook account, and server information for troubleshooting
* [Shortcode]( support for Like Button and Send Button output
* Comments Box may be disabled for a specific post when post comments are marked closed in WordPress and no comments are stored on Facebook
* Application id and secret are verified on Facebook servers, generating an app access token for future use
* Async JavaScript loader support for concatenated script loader configurations
* Fixed an issue with Comments Box color scheme preference never saving a “dark” preference value
* JavaScript files renamed to .js and .min.js to match WP Core 3.5 convention (see [Core #21633]( )
* Includes Facebook PHP SDK 3.2.1 and its new SSL certificate chain fallback


* Delete comments enabled option on plugin’s settings comments page save when no comments selected.


* Comment counts powered by Facebook available in all page contexts when comments box social plugin enabled for one or more post types
* Subscribe button settings fix
* Recommendations Bar max age setting fix


* PHP issue affecting 5.2.4 – 5.2.8 installs
* Properly save number of articles setting for recommendations bar
* Add explicit Open Graph protocol URL for front page and home


* Improve PHP 5.2 compatibility
* Fix minimum number of seconds before recommendations bar shown
* properly reference widget ids for stats


* Supports public [custom post types]( and [custom post status](
* [Facebook JavaScript SDK]( loads asynchronously after pageload
* Settings page broken into multiple settings pages with [WordPress Settings API]( support
* Choose to display social plugins and mentions on your homepage, archive pages, or individual post types
* Comments markup appearing in noscript wrappers now include [ comment markup]( by default
* Added threaded comment support for noscript fallback markup
* Updated [Facebook PHP SDK]( to version 3.2
* New social plugins builder helps correct mistakes before they happen and only include markup on your pages capable of interpretation by the Facebook JavaScript SDK
* Mention links open in a new browsing context by default
* Post mentions are displayed inside their meta boxes after save
* Strings pass through translation functions, opening up future translation support
* Fixed mixed-content warnings thrown when Facebook images displayed on a page
* Uninstall script removes site and user options when the plugin is uninstalled through the WordPress administrative interface
* [Contextual help menus]( display helpful information alongside settings choices
* High-DPI icon support for administration menu


* Fixed issue where some sites were extremely slow as a result of installing the plugin (due to cURL not being installed).
* Added warning and actively disable portions of the plugin if SSL not installed.
* Fixed bug in social publishing.
* Added logic to disable meta boxes/publishing if social publishing is disabled.
* Fixed forever loading issue on FB settings page if no active user exists.
* Added proper escaping.
* Added global settings to set whether social plugins show on all posts, all pages, both, or neither. Done for like button, subscribe button, send button, comments, and recommendations bar.
* Added per-post/page settings for showing/hiding social plugins.
* Fixed poorly formatted description that was being set when publishing to friends’ and Pages’ feeds.
* Added notification if plugins that are potentially conflicting are installed.
* Added suggestions for what to enter in fields in the new user experience.
* Bug fixes to ensure everything works on mobile (including support for WPTouch).
* Bug fixes to Pages drop down on the Facebook settings page.
* Removed the need to create PHP sessions, relying on user meta/transients now.


* Comment count bug fix.
* Comments width bug fix.
* Like, send, subscribe: fixed incorrect hrefs for homepage buttons.
* Added like/send button to settings page (spread the word!).
* Changed minimum and maximum supported WP versions.
* Security fix in the admin control panel.
* Fixed issue with publishing a post/page if there isn’t a thumbnail defined.
* Changed auto-completes to play nice with UTF-8.
* Moved extended access token function to Facebook_WP class.
* Added debug link on settings page that outputs debug information.
* Lots of i18n fixes.
* Added easier debugging of Facebook API errors.
* Added better logged in state detection in admin UI, depending on if the user has authenticated and given certain permissions.
* Fixed publishing a post if no friends or pages mentioned.
* Theme fixes to prevent like and mentions bar from showing up in the wrong place.
* Fixed configure link on plugins page.
* Fixes for bugs happening on 404 page.
* Bug fix for if a WP admin removes the app via
* Added status messages for what was/wasn’t posted to Facebook as part of a Post/Page being taken live.
* Added functionality to disable publishing to a page if access token fails.
* Clearer error messages for certain scenarios (like inability to post to a friend of page’s Timeline because of privacy settings.
* Fixed conflicts with Power Editor and extraneous text being added to og:description. Thanks to Angelo Mandato ([support mention](


* Launch.



* Removed dependency on PHP’s fsockopen function
* Fix spam/ham reports to work when reported outside of the WP dashboard, e.g., from Notifications or the WP app
* Remove jQuery dependency for comment form JavaScript
* Remove unnecessary data from some Akismet comment meta
* Suspended keys will now result in all comments being put in moderation, not spam.


* Move Akismet to Settings menu
* Drop Akismet Stats menu
* Add stats snapshot to Akismet settings
* Add Akismet subscription details and status to Akismet settings
* Add contextual help for each page
* Improve Akismet setup to use Jetpack to automate plugin setup
* Fix “Check for Spam” to use AJAX to avoid page timing out
* Fix Akismet settings page to be responsive
* Drop legacy code
* Tidy up CSS and Javascript
* Replace the old discard setting with a new “discard pervasive spam” feature.


Photography Services


Since each and every assignment for a client has differing needs and requirements, I will provide quotes on a case by case basis.

For most assignments I charge an hourly rate which includes creative design and setup, the photo shoot itself, editing of images, and digital transfer.  The hourly rate is charged on the quarter hour.  This cost will also include full rights to the images.

Depending on the product, I may offer a partial trade for product in return for the images.

All shipping and handling costs (including any return costs) are the responsibility of the client requesting services.

Once complete, the finished images will be uploaded to Dropbox for download on the client end and an invoice will be emailed to the requesting party.

As mentioned above, each assignment can vary so it is best to contact me for your specific needs and a quote.  Please provide me with your company name, contact information, a description of the products to be shot, and what your assignment needs are.

Weapon Evolution Forum – The AR15 Resource

Since 2007 I have been part of the Weapon Evolution Forum, though I have have not been present as much as of late due to other commitments.  The forum has been in the good hands of a friend and co-worker of mine that goes by UWone77 and new content is being added all the time.

Weapon Evolution offers a “No BS” approach to proving information and feedback to the members.  There is no bickering or bantering back and forth.  That is reserved for other forums out there and will not be tolerated on WEVO.

Join in on the discussion:


Diamondhead-USA Diamond Polymer Sights

Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 023-1024

Diamondhead-USA has released their new Diamond (Flip-Up) Polymer Sight for both the front and rear sighting needs of your AR-15 and Modern Sporting Rifles.  These sights are built with advanced polymer/composite construction for strength, lightweight and exceptional durability.  Both of these sights can be used with any other Diamondhead-USA diamond-shaped apertures.  Similar in function to Diamondhead-USA’s already popular line of Diamond sights, the Polymer versions also allow for faster target acquisition and sight alignment when used as a pair against the speed of traditional back-up sighting systems.  As with the Diamond sights, the new Polymer sights will feature the proprietary reference posts and horizon bars.

Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 007-1024

The Diamondhead-USA Polymer Rear Sight will function just as well with AR-15’s fitted with a factory handguard and a fixed front sight or can be paired with any picatinny rail-mounted Diamondhead-USA front sight.  These sights include a NiteBrite™ Photoluminescent Insert that can be charged by either natural light or with a flashlight.  The photoluminescence is more cost effective than tritium, but does require a light source to charge prior to using.

Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 012-1024

Both sights are spring-loaded and will flip up quickly with the push of a button and will stay up securely until they are no longer needed and can be folded down flat without the need of pressing a button again to release a locking mechanism.  The push buttons offer a large surface and positive texture to engage the sights into the open position.  The push buttons have enough resistance that should mitigate any accidental engagements of the sights until they are needed, though will not require brute force to activate.  The rear sight will fold down completely with either the small or large aperture in position which is unlike a lot of back-up sights that use a 90 degree swivel for their dual-apertures that do not allow the sight to fully close depending on which aperture is chosen.

Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 010-1024 Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 009-1024 Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 008-1024

The rear sight allows you to select one of three sighting options with a small aperture for precision shooting, a large aperture for CQB/CQC shooting, and the absence of a rear aperture by selecting the flat mid-position for use with the diamond-shaped sight exteriors and photoluminescent inserts, particularly useful in low-light CQB/CQC scenarios.

Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 002-1024

For installation, both the front and rear sights will need to be slid onto the picatinny rail and secured with the included nut and bolt which is installed with a cross-tip screwdriver.

Diamondhead-USA Polymer Sights 006-1024

The rear sight’s windage knob is adjustable with a flat-head screwdriver or similar sized flat metal object in 0.5 MOA steps.  I attempted to use a dime to see if that would work in a pinch and found that it would not fit to turn the dial.  On the front sight there is no need for special sighting tools for adjusting elevation.  To adjust the elevation, there is a dial on the rear of the sight that can be adjusted to the right or to the left of the shooter in order to raise or lower the elevation.  The elevation dial is recessed and has enough tension applied to prevent any inadvertent adjustments.  I was able to adjust the elevation dial by using a fingernail; however, you may want to have a smaller flat-head screwdriver on hand if you find the fingernail method not to work in your favor.


As with other polymer backup sights, the Diamondhead-USA Polymer front sight is not suitable for gas block mounting due to heat-related issues from the barrel damaging the polymer.  Diamondhead-USA recommends that the polymer sights should be only mounted on picatinny rail sections and flattop upper receivers.


For those who will be running the Diamondhead-USA Polymer sights with an electronic optic, these sights are same plane for both apertures and are at the same exact height as factory A2 sights.


Diamondhead-USA offers a lifetime warranty on their Diamond Polymer Sights and states; “If a Diamondhead product fails at any time due to defects in material or workmanship it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.”


The Diamondhead-USA Diamond (Flip-Up) Polymer Sights are expected to be introduced at $119.95 for the set and are anticipated to be released for sale sometime after the 2014 SHOT Show.  The SHOT Show is right around the corner from January 14-17, 2014, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.  If you plan on attending SHOT Show, make sure you stop by and check out the Diamondhead-USA product line at booth #8503.


For more information about Diamondhead-USA, check out their webpage at

Review originally written for Arms Collective by zero7one.