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Mega Arms Photo Skillz Competition


Mega Arms is holding a ‘Mega Photo Skillz Contest’.

To enter, take a photograph of your Mega Arms rifle or individual component and send it Facebook will decide the winner.

Prizes include:

Entries must be entered by 1700PST on 11-16-2014.

For more information go to:  Mega Arms Webpage or Mega Arms Facebook Page.

Elzetta’s Instagram Photo Contest

Instagram contest2

Elzetta is having a photo contest on Instagram for your chance to win an Elzetta Modular Flashlight of your choice.

As the instructions above imply, post a photo of your Elzetta product on Instagram with the hashtag #ToughestFlashlighOnThePlanet by August 31 and the winner will be picked by none other than Top Shot Champ Dustin Ellermann.

As a huge Elzetta supporter and photographer myself, let me give you a few tips to better your chances…

  • Be Creative.  A generic shot of the light on your floor will not be noticed.
  • Be Tough.  Elzetta lights are the toughest lights you will find out there.  Show them in action and how tough they are.  A shot of them lying on bubble wrap or on a bed of cotton will probably not win you any points.
  • Be Bold.  If thousands of entries look the same, but one stands out with how bold it is, you may have a better chance.

    Good luck!

Elzetta Design Charlie Light with High Output Bezel 033-1000