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SHOT Show 2015 – Proof Research

SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research TAC2 300WIN 001-1000
Proof Research TAC II 300WIN

Proof Research, which is becoming well known for their extremely accurate barrels had one of their TAC II .300 WIN bolt action precision rifles out to play with at Media Day.  The 26″ carbon fiber barrel with the hand-laid carbon fiber and Kevlar composite stock made for a beautiful, yet deadly combination.  The crew from Proof Research had several steel targets set up at about the 800 yard mark with several clay pigeons spread around the berm as well.  After getting a feel for the rifle, hitting the clay pigeon at 800 yards was almost too easy with this rifle.  The TAC II .300 WIN rifle MSRP’s at $7,290.


SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research TAC2 300WIN 002-1000


Do not expect to throw a Proof Research AR-Type barrel on every AR you own.  Unless you are rolling in money, I would not recommend installing this on your “plinker” or CQB rifle.  However, if you are a competitive shooter, avid hunter, or someone who likes to get accuracy out of longer range shots, the Proof Research barrels may be what you are looking for.  Available for both the AR-15 and AR-10 in varying calibers, the AR-Type barrels start at $940.


SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research AR15 Barrel-1000
Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped AR-15 Barrel

For more information, visit Proof Research at


SHOT Show 2015 – EOTech

New from EOTech for 2015 is the EOTech 518 Holographic Sight.  The 518 goes back to using two “AA” batteries, which is said to have a longer battery life.  Also, the controls are on the left side of the optic so they will not be covered when used with a magnifier.  The controls being on the left side of the optic make for ease of adjustment from a natural shooting position.

SHOT Show 2015 EOTech 518 and 3x Magnifier-1000
EOTech 518 and 3x Magnifier

Also new for 2015 is the XPS-2 300 which is specifically for the 300BLK round.  The reticle features two dots, one for subsonic and one for conventional ammunition.

SHOT Show 2015 EOTech XPS-2 300 001-1000
EOTech XPS-2 300


SHOT Show 2015 EOTech XPS-2 300 002-1000
EOTech XPS-2 300



SHOT Show Survival Guide


With the 2015 SHOT Show just around the corner, there are many people attending for the first time asking what to expect.  Though I am by no means an expert in SHOT culture, this will be my 5th year….so I have learned a thing or two.


Here are a few tips to hopefully get you through and to maintain your sanity and have some fun along the way:

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes.  You will hear this over and over again from SHOT veterans, and for good reason.  With miles and miles of aisles and not so comfortable concrete laden floors only covered by extremely thin outdoor carpeting, your shoes will save or ruin you feet and legs after hours of being on them.  You will have to decide between comfort or fashion.

  2. NO_CARTLeave the Rolling Milk Crate Carts at Home.  With over 60,000 attendees in the past few shows, the show floor gets a little crowded.  Add in everyone toting around those ridiculous milk crates with wheels and it becomes hazardous.  Trust me, you will trip over no less than a dozen of these obnoxious things as you either get cut off or when someone leaves it directly behind you when you are at a booth.  If you want to haul around brochures, bring along a backpack or something that is off the ground.

  3. Hydrate or DIE.  You are walking a lot at SHOT, plus all of that alcohol you had last night will suck the water right out of you.  If you can, stop by a Walgreen’s or somewhere and pick up a 12 pack of water.  There is a Walgreen’s on the strip, directly between the Venetian and the Palazzo.  The cost of a 12 pack of water will be probably the same as two waters on the SHOT floor.  Throw one or two bottles in your backpack, not your rolling milk crate cart, and you’ll be glad you did.

  4. Move with a Purpose.   We all know what sheep are.  Do not be one that meanders aimlessly through the aisles or stop dead in your tracks while others are trying to move with the flow.  Have some knowledge of your surroundings and act accordingly.  If you have to stop to figure out where the nearest pit stop is, step to the side and look at your map.

  5. SHOT_Show_MapHave a Map.  You can find maps just about anywhere.  They are on the SHOT Show webpage, on the App, and in the publications you can find everywhere.  Know where the booths are or figure it out for yourself.  There are over 1600 booths at the show.  Chances are if you ask any random person where a booth other than the big name companies, they will not know where it is or have the time to give you directions through the maze of aisles to figure it out.  Need a map?  Click this link to download a .pdf version of the show floor….. SHOT_Map

  6. Have a Plan!  Have a plan, but realize that it will not work out 100% unless your only plan is to meander.  I typically make a list of all of the booths that I may have a slight possibility of wanting to stop at.  Then I take this list and break it down into priorities (Must Stop, Should Stop, Kinda Want To Stop).  The first day I will bounce between all of the rooms and floors and stop by my “Must Stop” booths.  Day’s 2 and 3 consist of hitting the “Should Stop” and “Kinda Want To Stop) booths.  Day 4 is typically reserved for making one last round and tying up loose ends.

  7. DAY 4.  Do not try to make Day 4 the day you make all of the stops you need to make and try to do business.  The exhibitors are tired and/or hung over (hey, it’s Vegas) from almost a weeks work with little sleep and just want to tear down the booth and go home.  You can see it in their faces.  They have given the same speech over and over again about their products.  This is a good time to make small, short, casual conversations with the exhibitors.  Don’t be overly demanding on Day 4.

  8. You will have Competition!  With over 60,000 attendees, you may not be as important to the booth exhibitor as you think you are.  Do not expect to gather their undivided attention for hours on end while telling them about this one time that you did something cool.  Once again, if you have a purpose, get to it and move on.

  9. SWAG.  No, not Swag as the annoying term used by today’s youth, but the acronym, “Stuff We All Get”….SWAG.  Yes, there is some free promotional items that companies hand out.  Some of it is actually pretty cool and some of it is junk.  Do not expect to go to SHOT Show and walk away with a whole arsenal of weapons and enough kit to make yourself a full time high-speed low-drag operator.  It’s not going to happen.  You might get some cool patches and some thumb drives with catalogs on it, but do not come to SHOT for that purpose alone…..and yes, I know of people who do that.

  10. Lighting SUCKS!     For the pre-approved photographers/ videographers and media that are attending that are allowed to photograph booths and the products, sorry Chinese knockoff companies…not you, the lighting sucks.  There is a complete mixture of lighting temperatures from tungsten to LED to whatever the flavor of the day was when the company was building the booths.  Set your camera to AWB and hope you have a high ISO capability.  ISO 1600 is about the minimum you can get away with.  You can use a flash if you want, but I just don’t care to get the harsh shadows that it creates.

  11. Lights! Camera! Get out of the way!  While on the subject of media, if you see a photographer or videographer shooting an image or video footage, don’t get between them and the subject or person being interviewed.  When the video has to be retaken, you are wasting the time of the booth staff, which could be time spent talking to you.  Just have common courtesy.

  12. Celebrities.  Yes, there will be celebrities in attendance.  Some appreciate the recognition and will give you the time of day.  Some are just plain d-bags.  I won’t mention names, but most know who they are.  The true celebrities at SHOT are the Military Heroes that are in attendance or guest-starring in a booth.  Take a few minutes out of your day and talk to them.  They are National Treasures and when they are gone, they are gone.  Just don’t be “that guy” that walks up to a Medal of Honor Recipient and ask them how they “won” their medal.
    Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Sergeant Major Jon Caviani. Sadly, SGM Caviani passed away on July 29, 2014. It was an honor to meet this man, even if for only a few minutes.
    Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Sergeant Major Jon Caviani. Sadly, SGM Caviani passed away on July 29, 2014. It was an honor to meet this man, even if for only a few minutes.


  13.  Booth Babes.  Again, yes, there are some very attractive women who attend SHOT and some who dress in skimpy clothes straight off the strip to help promote a product.  Though they probably have some thick skin after doing what they do, treat them with respect.  Don’t be the douche canoe who makes himself appear like some serial rapist that should be on a sex offender registry.SHOT_Show_009


  14. Networking.  SHOT is a great place to network with others.  The after parties are an even better place to network.  After a few drinks, you get to really know who someone is and if you would want to work with them in the future.  Try to get into one or more of these events if you can.


  15. Magpul’s Vehicles.  Magpul does a great job every year in showing off one of their masterful automotive creations.  It should be on your SHOT bucket list of things to see.SHOT_Show_005

For more information on SHOT Show, visit

If you have specific questions, post them in the comments below and I will answer them as I have time between now and the start of the show.


SHOT Show 2015 Requests


From January 19th-23rd, 2015 I will be in Las Vegas covering the 2015 SHOT Show.  Monday the 19th will consist of Media Day at the Range, which is even tougher to get into this year.  Tuesday-Friday will consist of wading upstream through crowds of people to check out what the latest and greatest firearms, accessories, and gear the industry has to offer.

Though 5 days of drooling over guns sounds like a long time, the week really goes by fast, especially when there are over 1,600 booths to sort through.

Here is the list of exhibitors for the upcoming show:

Over the past 4 years of attending the show I have learned that some sort of course of action has to be made in order to maximize the time spent.  So, I like to have my game plan of what companies I must visit, what companies I should visit, and what companies I would like to visit if I have time.  The list is usually around 200 booths with about 1/5th of that being in the top tier of my priority list.

That being said, I am looking for your input into what you would like to see covered while at the show.  Bear in mind that not every company can exhibit.  Some choose not to go and some cannot get booth space.

Also, do you prefer photos, videos, text descriptions, or a little of each?

In the comment section below, let me know what you would like to see covered, it can be anything as long as it fits within what I normally cover or even just a company you would like to see what is new for next year.

The every beautiful Kelly Hall and Emily O’Hara from the Hot Shots Calendar.

Also, let me know what your opinion of covering the “Booth Babes” is.  Do you think it is tacky or disrespectful, or worthwhile in showing off what these fine ladies are up to?  Your opinion matters.