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AR-15 Cycle of Operation Video

AR-15 Animation

Probably one of the most common modern sporting rifles in the United States today, the AR-15, is a rather simplistic operating system once it is broken down into steps and can be visualized.  Unfortunately, unless you have x-ray vision, it is not possible to see all of the internal operations and “behind the scenes” work that is done inside the AR-15 platform.  And even if you did have the ability to see inside, you would also have to be able to slow down time to really catch what is going on in a very small fraction of a second.

Well, since I do not know anyone who can slow time or has x-ray vision, this video of the animation of the cycle of operations should help out a bit with the understanding.  Understanding how each part moves and its purpose in the overall function will help you out in diagnosing problems with your rifle and what needs repaired or replaced.

The Cycle of Operation is as follows:

  1. Feed
  2. Chamber
  3. Lock
  4. Fire
  5. Unlock
  6. Extract
  7. Eject
  8. Cock

This video was derived from the M16 Variations Interactive Animation from the National Firearms Program Unit & Web and Simulation Development Unit at the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA.