Contact Form DB


* Better XSS protection for admin panels


* Bug fix in [cfdb-html] variable substitution when data for column is not present.


* Generating the [submit_time] tag for Contact Form 7 is now an option in the Options page and is off by default to avoid the post being flagged as spam
* Added some protection against cross site scripting


* Bug Fix: No longer generating ‘submit_url’ for Contact Form 7 email because it seems to cause CF7 to think it is a spam submission and it drops it.
* Bug fix: when form name has commas in it, retrieving its data from the DB did not work because plugin was treating it as a list of form names


* Fix to capturing Gravity Forms list values


* Bug fix in “trans”


* Work-around for WP bug


* Bug fix related to Excel Internet Query export
* Bug fix when HTML special characters in short code attributes


* Bug fix related to “trans” with multiple transform functions


* Added delete button in admin screen viewing single submission
* Can now include in CF7 emails the CFDB [submit_time] and [submit_url]
* Fixes to handling line breaks in [cfdb-json]


* PHP fix: work-around for bug in PHP 5.3.0 – 5.3.8


* Bug fix: [cfdb-export-link] was not processing all short code options


* Bug fix: on some system submit_time timestamp lost precision due to being represented in scientific notation. This can cause more than one submission being seen as the same.


* Fix to error message introduced in 2.8.4


* New short code [cfdb-save-form-maker-post] can be used to capture data from Form Maker plugin.
* Bug fix: (recently introduced in 2.8) Fixed handling of filter expressions with $_POST(field) where field is blank
* Bug fix: Fix for rarely experienced bug where plugin is confused about needing to upgrade itself


* IMPORTANT: Addition fix to work properly with Contact Form 7 version 3.9


* IMPORTANT: Contact Form 7 users will need to update to this version when they update to Contact Form 7 version 3.9 otherwise data will no longer be saved in the database!
* Bug fix: cases where blank version saved to DB was causing the plugin to keep trying to upgrade
* Bug fix: data with blank column name was causing query to fail and data not to be displayed


* Bug fix: transform re-assigning the value of a column was creating a duplicate column


* Can put functions in short code filters. See documentation
* Can transform data coming into short codes by assigning functions or classes in the new “trans” short code attribute. See documentation
* All short code options can be set to $_POST(value), $_GET(value), $_COOKIE(value)
* Most short codes now allows for an optional “before” and “after” section
* Admin page view now has links on each row to bring up a window with just that entry’s data. Easier to read and print (and edit if Editor extension is installed)
* Support for MySqli which should fix some character encoding issues
* Returning null from cfdb_form_data filter now stops the form from saving
* Bug fix: hook to save form data was not returning “true” an causing subsequent hooks for other plugins to not be called.


* Simpler Google Live Data implementation
* [cfdb-json] now supports “header” and “headers” options. Short code builder page now generates JSON export link.


* Fix: short code builder page for Google Live Data typo: was giving the spreadsheet function as “cfdbddata” instead of “cfdbdata”


* Fix for mysql_real_escape_string error


* Google Spreadsheet Live Data now fixed. But users need to regenerate Google script code
* Google Spreadsheet Live Data function now supports all standard short code options (filter, show, hide, etc.)
* Short Code Builder page now can build function call to be used in Google Spreadsheet
* [cfdb-export-link], CSV exports and Excel export Links now support “headers” options


* Integration with wp-parsidate to shows Shamsi(Jalali) dates.


* Integration with Gravity Forms
* Translation updates


* Bug fix: When option was set, Cookies were not being captured with the form submission unless explicitly listed
* Option page has “have donated” option that will turn off showing the Donate button on admin pages


* Admin page has checkbox for selecting all visible rows
* New option: #Rows (of maximum above) visible in the Admin datatable
* Custom short code filters (alpha)


* Minor bug fix: needed to strip slashes from dt_options when using cfdb-datatable by URL
* Minor bug fix: avoiding divide by zero error in [cfdb-value]
* Minor bug fix: avoiding error when no timezone set: “Notice: date_default_timezone_set() []: Timezone ID ” is invalid”


* [cfdb-datatable form=”form-name” edit=”true”] The “edit” option makes the table editable if the CFDB Editor plugin extension is also installed.
* [cfdb-datatable] “Show” setting shows all rows by default
* [cfdb-datatable] upgraded the included DataTables to version 1.9.4
* Support for import from CSV file when CFDB Editor extension is installed


* Minor bug fix. When user has exactly one form and admin page auto-loads that form’s data, the editor plugin did not know which form to edit.


* Now “headers” option on [cfdb-table] and [cfdb-datatable] allow you to change column header display names, e.g [cfdb-table form=”form1″ headers=”ext_field1=First Name,ext_field2=Last Name”]
* Can now query multiple forms at once in short codes, e.g. [cfdb-table form=”form1,form2″]
* Added RSS URLs
* Can now use regex’s in options for forms & fields to ignore and which cookie values to save


* Added option to set the timezone in which Submit Time should be captured.


* Bug Fix: noSaveFields not observed for file upload files


* Fixing “PHP Notice: Undefined property: WPCF7_ContactForm::$user”


* Fix where JetPack users could not see submitted data related to form field names with a single quote in them


* Fixing issue where admin page for data does not show for users less than administration even when permissions are set for such users to view the data


* Fixed WordPress 3.5 compatibility issue where uploaded files were not being saved.
* New top-level menu on administration page
* JetPack form submissions are now separated based on the JetPack form ID. The form name will be listed as ‘JetPack Contact Form ‘ followed by the form’s numeric ID.


* Added Japanese language support (Shift-JIS)


* Fixed character encoding issues with Excel IQY


* Added new short code attribute “role” to limit short code output only to those with sufficient role.
* Added new short code attribute “permissionmsg” to allow turning off the “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this data” message


* Now captures data from JetPack Contact Form
* Added filter hook cfdb_form_data that can be used to change data before it gets submitted
* Added “random” option to short code. Used to retrieve random subset of rows from the query.
Usage example: [cfdb-table form=”myform” random=”1″].
The number is the number of random rows to return.
* Added button to remove _wpcf7 columns in admin page


* Bug fix that occasionally prevents pagination in the admin view of data
* Bug fix where external integrations posting to CFDB might fail if list of upload files was null instead of empty array


* Bug fix where $_GET and $_COOKIE would not work


* Variable substitution in filter now works when embedded in text, e.g. filter=”fname~~/.*$_POST(fname).*/i&&lname~~/.*$_POST(lname).*/i”
* Filters: Handling where one has two ampersands in a filter expression to indicate logical AND but the WordPress editor
converts them to html-coded version of ampersand.
* Excel IQuery export now takes standard shortcode options
* New “header=false” in table type short codes and IQuery will avoid showing the header.


* Bug Fix: Fix to match change to Contact Form 7 version 3.1 where uploaded files were not being saved to the database.


* Bug Fix: seeing error “undefined function is_plugin_active()”


* Bug Fix: Admin page data table was not showing top search banner when datatable using i18n
* Displays Jalali dates when wp-jalali plugin is installed and activated


* Improvement: cfdb-html now supports nested short codes
* Bug Fix: short code builder for cfdb-html not showing template HTML tags
* Improvement: if “form” missing from a short code, PHP error no longer happens


* Can do exports via the Short Code Builder Page with the main short code options applied (show, hide, search, filter, limit, orderby)


* Bug fix: for some users the fix in 2.2.1 for setting character encoding when retrieving was throwing exception because
no $wpdb->set_charset() method exists. Made code handle this case


* Bug fix: relating to character encoding: umlaut characters not displaying correctly
* Bug fix: “class” attribution on table tag was not being emitted for [cfdb-datatables]
* Fixed some strings that were not being internationalized.
* More links to documentation on Database Short Code page


* Short code “filter” values using submit_time can now use ‘strtotime’ values. E.g. “submit_time>last week”
* Dropped index `form_name_field_name_idx` but this fails on some MySQL versions and needs to be done manually (MySQL Bug 37910).


* Upgrade of DataTables to version 1.8.2 from 1.7.6


* New short code: [cfdb-save-form-post]
* [cfdb-html] new option: “stripbr”
* Raw submit_time is available for short codes as a field name
* Removed unnecessary quotes in Short Code builder page for “enc” value in URL generated by [cfdb-export-link]
* On uninstall, table in DB is no longer dropped by default
* When accessing a file link, it will it can now display in the browser instead of forcing a download. Mime-type issues resolves.


* Bug fix: where [cfdb-count] always gave total, ignoring filters
* Added ‘percent’ function to [cfdb-count]


* Data editing support in conjunction with Contact Form to Database Edit plugin
* Name of table that stores data was down-cased from wp_CF7DBPlugin_SUBMITS to wp_cf7dbplugin_submits to avoid issues
described in


* Bug fix: when using “filter” operators < and > where not working in cases where they were represented &gt; and &lt; HTML codes
* Bug fix: “orderby” in shortcode was ignoring if ordered by “Submitted” or “submit_time”
* Filter operations now try to do numeric comparisons when possible
* Can now use “submit_time” field in “filter” to filter on the timestamp float.
* [cfdb-html] now preserves line breaks in fields by converting new lines to BR tags.
* CFDBFormIterator now includes a ‘submit_time’ field showing the raw timestamp


* [cfdb-html] now has wpautop option
* Form input is now always run through stripslashes() regardless of whether or not get_magic_quotes_gpc is on. This is to be consistent with wp_magic_quotes always being called


* New shortcode: [cfdb-export-link]
* Bug fix in JSON output


* Added Shortcode builder page
* [cf7db-count] shortcode now supports counting all forms using form=”*” or a list of forms using form=”form1,form2,form3″
* [cf7db-html] now has “filelinks” option useful for displaying image uploads.
* Added options to turn on/off capturing form submissions from CF7 and FSCF


* Added “cfdb_submit” hook. See
* Added delimiter option for [cfdb-value] shortcode, e.g. [cfdb-value delimiter=’,’]
* Bug fix related to [cfdb-value] when not used as a shortcode (it was not observing show & hide options)
* Now including DataTables distribution inside this distribution so that page does not reference scripts from another site (so sites using https have everything encrypted on the page)
* In [cfdb-html] shortcode, now removing undesired leading “br” tag and ending “p” tag that WordPress injects. This was messing up table rows (tr tags) in the shortcode because WP was injecting line breaks between the rows.


* Minor bug fixes.


* Minor bug fixes.
* Added option to not delete data on uninstall


* Fixed bug introduced in 1.8 where deleting individual rows from the admin page did nothing.


* New shortcodes [cfdb-html] and [cfdb-count]
* New Shortcode option: ‘limit’
* New Shortcode option: ‘orderby’
* Performance/memory enhancements to enable plugin to handle large data volumes
* Now capturing form submission times with microseconds to avoid collision of two submissions during the same second
* Fixed to work with installations where wp-content is not at the standard location
* Shortcode “show” and “hide” values can now use regular expressions to identify columns
* Option to show database query text on Admin page


* Creating an export from the admin panel now filters rows based on text in the DataTable “Search” field.
* [cfdb-json] now has “format” option.
* Fixed bug where “Submitted” column would sometimes appear twice in shortcodes
* Now can filter on “Submitted” column.
* Admin Database page is now blank by default and you have to select a form to display.


* Now fully supports internationalization (i18n) but we need people to contribute more translation files.
* DataTables (including those created by shortcodes) will automatically i18n based on translations available from
* Italian translation courtesy of Gianni Diurno
* Turkish translation courtesy of Oya Simpson
* Admin page DataTable: removed horizontal scrolling because headers do not scroll with columns properly
* Updated license to GPL3 from GPL2


* Bug fix: Fixed bug causing FireFox to not display DataTables correctly.


* Bug fix: Handling problem where user is unable to export from Admin page because jQuery fails to be loaded.


* Bug fix: avoiding inclusion of DataTables CSS in global admin because of style conflicts & efficiency


* Bug fix in CSV Exports where Submitted time format had a comma in it, the comma was being interpreted as a
field delimiter.
* Accounting for local timezone offset in display of dates


* Admin page for viewing data is not sortable and filterable
* New shortcode: [cfdb-datatable] to putting sortable & filterable tables on posts and pages.
This incorporates
* Option for display of localized date-time format for Submitted field based on WP site configuration in
“Database Options” -> “Use Custom Date-Time Display Format”
* Option to save Cookie data along with the form data. “Field names” of cookies will be “Cookie
See “Database Options” -> “Save Cookie Data with Form Submissions” and “Save only cookies in DB named”


* Now works with Fast Secure Contact Form (FSCF)
* New shortcode `[cfdb-value]`
* New shortcode `[cfdb-json]`
* Renamed shortcode `[cf7db-table]` to `[cfdb-table]` (dropped the “7”) but old one still works.
* Added option to set roles that can see data when using `[cfdb-table]` shortcode
* Can now specify per-column CSS for `[cfdb-table]` shortcode table (see FAQ)
* Fixed bug with `[cfdb-table]` shortcode where the table aways appeared at the top of a post instead of embedded with the rest of the post text.


* Added a PHP version check. This Plugin Requires PHP5 or later. Often default configurations are PHP4. Now a more informative error is given when the user tries to activate the plugin with PHP4.


* If user is logged in when submitting a form, ‘Submitted Login’ is captured
* `[cfdb-table]` shortcode options for filtering rows including using user variables (see FAQ)
* `[cfdb-table]` shortcode options for CSS
* Can exclude forms from being saved to DB by name


* Added `[cf7db-table]` shortcode to incorporate form data on regular posts and pages. Use `[cf7db-table form=”your-form”]` with optional “show” and “hide: [cf7db-table form=”your-form” show=”field1,field2,field3″] (optionally show selected fields), [cf7db-table form=”your-form” hide=”field1,field2,field3″] (optionally hide selected fields)


* Added export to Google spreadsheet
* Now saves files uploaded via a CF7 form. When defining a file upload in CF7, be sure to set a file size limit. Example: [file upload limit:10mb]
* Made date-time format configurable.
* Can specify field names to be excluded from being saved to the DB.
* In Database page, the order of columns in the table follows the order of fields from the last form submitted.


* Added export to Excel Internet Query
* “Submitted” now shows time with timezone instead of just the date.
* The height of cells in the data display are limited to avoid really tall rows. Overflow cells will get a scroll bar.
* Protection against HTML-injection
* Option to show line breaks in multi-line form submissions
* Added POT file for i18n


* Option for UTF-8 or UTF-16LE export. UTF-16LE works better for MS Excel for some people but does it not preserve line breaks inside a form entry.


* Admin menu now appears under CF7’s “Contact” top level menu
* Includes an Options page to configure who can see and delete submitted data in the database
* Saves data in DB table as UTF-8 to support non-latin character encodings.
* CSV Export now in a more Excel-friendly encoding so it can properly display characters from different languages


* Added Export to CSV file
* Now can delete a row


* Initial Revision.