Gorilla Ammunition .223 69gr Ammo Test

Gorilla Ammo Test


Was very pleased with how the 69gr .223 Sierra MatchKing OTM Gorilla Ammo shot this morning. 50yd zero and the grouping is 20 rounds at 100yds with two volleys of 10 rounds about 20 minutes apart.

I prefer the 50yd zero since that is our duty zero for our patrol rifles and the rifle is zeroed at 50 and about 215yds with about a 2.5in rise above zero around 100yds, hence why the rounds in the bottom image appears high.

This ammo performed flawlessly without a single FTF or FTE, even on a dirty AR with a few hundred rounds through it since the last cleaning.

I also shot some Gorilla Ammo 55gr and 77gr rounds this morning and though they did not perform poorly, the 69gr came out on top for my specific rifle that has a 18″ 1:7 barrel.