Indiegogo Campaign: ProSounds H2P Hearing Amplifier and Protection

ProSounds just launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new H2P Hearing Amplifier and Protection.  These look like they are going to be lightweight and with them being such a small package, will be easy to carry wherever you go.  I like the Electronic EarPro that I have now, however, I dislike using them when shooting a long gun as the stock and the EarPro don’t always get along together.  I usually opt for “foamies” when shooting a long gun or another form of passive low profile “in-ear” EarPro for long gun sessions.  This product should give me the best of both worlds.

From the Indiegogo Campaign:

The H2P gives you the best of both worlds, providing high-quality hearing enhancement with simultaneous hearing protection. 

Made from the ground up with the latest and greatest hearing technology, the H2P protects your hearing while enhancing the sounds of the world around you. Never again will you have to miss out on the sounds you want to hear in order to preserve your hearing. 

Have conversations at loud concerts, understand instructions clearly on the construction site, and hear wildlife better when hunting – all while protecting your hearing and having the peace of mind that you won’t suffer from any kind of hearing loss. 



  • Hear up to 6x the normal hearing level.
  • Digital Compression suppresses any noise over 85 dB.
  • 30 dB Noise Reduction Rating (with foam tips).
  • Easy-to-use volume control wheel.
  • External battery compartments.
  • Three different styled tips for a customized hearing experience.
  • Simple and sleek design for little to no visibility when worn properly.
  • Available in black, red, tan, and pink colors (you can choose your color in the backer survey we’ll send you at the end of the campaign).

For more information and to support their Indiegogo Campaign, please visit:

ProSounds H2P Indiegogo Campaign