Multitasker Series 3 Multi-Tool Review

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In the world of Multi-Tools and their use for weapons maintenance, especially the AR-15, nothing can hold a candle to the Multitasker® Tools brand, in particularly the Series 3.

Out of the box the difference can be clearly seen and especially felt. Other multi-tools that I have owned in the past have “rattled” and did not feel robust.  The Series 3 looks like and feels like a battle tank waiting to face whatever skirmish that can be thrown at it.


Though the weapon-specific design of the Series 3 will probably not serve you as well on a camping trip in the woods, it will however prove to be a great first resort for in-the-field weapons maintenance, adjustment needs, and basic armoring tasks when conventional armorers tools are not readily available.

Prior to opening the Series 3, one of the first things I noticed was the G10 scales used for the grips.  These grips are extremely slip-resistant without being uncomfortably abrasive.


To really feel how robust this tool truly is, all that needs to be done is to open the pliers and feel how precise the machining is.  The Aluminum-Bronze washers provide for smooth operation when opening the pliers while the tight tolerances create a positive pressure that ensures that the Series 3 will stay closed until it is intentionally opened.

I appreciate the feature that allows the accessory arms to be opened while the tool is fully closed, thus eliminating one step when needing to deploy one of the tool options.


The sharpened D2 tool steel blade firmly locks into place and does not offer any “wiggle room” once deployed.  The blade is extremely sharp, so remember not to leave this around your little ones.

The 3/32″ pin punch can be used to assist with difficult AR pivot and take-down pins and the removal and installation of the fire control group pins as well.  While it can be used to break down your Glock to an armorer level as well, Multitasker® recommends not using it to pry off the Glock magazine floor plates.  Common sense applies here as there can be too much side-wards pressure on the pin, causing it to snap or possibly damaging the threads holding the punch on.   The threads holding on the pin punch are sized at 8-32 (male threading) to work in conjunction with an OTIS Technology cleaning kit.

The magnetic 1/4″ bit driver comes with the AR15 front sight tool installed.  The magnet is strong enough to keep the bits from falling out, but not impossible to remove.  When the bit driver arm is closed with a bit installed, the grip housing ensures that the bit will not inadvertently fall out.

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The Series 3 consists of quality CNC machined pliers made from D2 tool steel, a 3/8″ and 1/2″ hex wrench, a dual lug castle nut spanner wrench and screwdriver, a 3/32″ pin punch with 8-32 male thread (OTIS cleaning kit compatible), a radiused tip carbon scraper, a 3″ D2 tool steel knife blade (plain or serrated), a 1/4″ magnetic bit driver with M16A2-style Front Sight Post adjuster and a removable pocket clip.  A bit carrier with commonly used hex bits are also included.

The only thing that I think that I would have like to have seen included with the Series 3 would be some sort of pouch or carrier that would allow for the tool and bit carrier to be carried together.  I can understand that many people will have their own preferences on how to carry their Series 3, but even the ability to purchase something specific to the Series 3 as an add-on accessory would be a nice option.


Overall, as an AR-15 enthusiast, armorer, and firearms instructor, I highly recommend this tool for anyone from the basic weekend shooter to the soldier on the battlefield.

If you are interested in purchasing a Series 3 Multitasker, there are plenty of industry locations that offer them for sale, just follow the link below:


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