Patch Giveaway (2 of 4)

Since I am in a giving mood this holiday season and I get a little impatient, I am doing a small giveaway during the big giveaway.  This is part 2 of a 4 part series….

Over the next few weeks I will be holding four morale patch giveaways.  These giveaways will be from patches that I have collected over the past few years and are duplicates in my collection.  The rules of each giveaway may be different, though they will be limited to US shipping locations (APO/FPO okay).

Patch Giveaway 2-1000

For this giveaway, you must “Subscribe” to our newsletter, which is typically sent out once a week.  There is a sign-up box on the right size of the page.  Once you are signed up, just comment below with something like “I’m in” or something witty.  The more “witty” your comment, the better chance you have at winning.  If you can make me laugh uncontrollably, you may get extra points.

You will not get spammed and your email address will never be sold or given away without your express consent.

Giveaway starts now and ends on Friday, December 19th at 2000 hours PST.  Winner will be notified via email.

55 thoughts on “Patch Giveaway (2 of 4)”

  1. The last free patch I got was from Microsoft. We all know how that always works out. I’ll take a chance on this one.

  2. In, good sir. Honestly, some of these “witty” comments looks like a kid with down syndrome trying to solve fluid dynamics….

  3. Hey! Isn’t this the newsletter my wife said she paid a fortune to sign me up for but she did it because she loved me? Guess it’s ok…I bought her a new broom which was a lot cheaper than the car she wanted.

  4. I once prayed to god for a bike, but quickly found out he didn’t work that way…so I stole a bike and asked for his forgiveness.

  5. I’m all in cause I’m rollin’ like 2 flat tires this Holiday Season,
    I need a smile and these patches could be the reason

  6. The webmaster here must know my wife, there has to be a reason I have to say “I’m in , I’m in” !

  7. I’m in!
    Question : What was Ted E. Bear’s answer when he was invited in for dinner?
    Ted E. Bear : Thanks but I am STUFFED…
    yeah I know it’s corny… i tried.. have a great one everyone!

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