Shadow Valley Weapons SVCOMP 5.56

The Shadow Valley Weapons Comp, or SVCOMP 5.56, definitely stands out in appearance from other comps on the market today.

The SVCOMP 5.56 is sized for the .223/5.56 platform with a 1/2×28 TPI thread, an overall length of 2.25″ and a diameter of 0.850″.  The SVCOMP 5.56 is made out of 4142 Chromoly Steel with a magnesium phosphate finish.

Aside from the functionality of reducing recoil and eliminating muzzle rise, the SVCOMP 5.56 offers some additional features.


Photo courtesy of Shadow Valley Weapons.

The guys over at Shadow Valley Weapons claim that SVCOMP 5.56 offers zero muzzle rise….I was a little skeptical about “zero”, but was impressed with the below video:

 If you take a look at the photo at the top of the page you will notice that the 12 O’Clock position is void of any port holes.  This is to allow the flash to be directed away from the shooters line of sight as not to lose night vision or sight picture.

The SVCOMP 5.56 also features a glass break feature on the tip of the comp made from S7 Tool Steel.  Though some may criticize having a glass breaking feature on the bang end of a gun, if used in a controlled manner, while being cognizant of backstop, this should be a non-issue.  Though it is not for everyone, the feature is still there.  All firearms safety fundamentals should apply here.

Here is the glass breaking feature in use:

Lastly, the SVCOMP 5.56 offers a wire cutter feature where the comp itself acts as an indexing point and the fired bullet would actually be doing the cutting.  This is not something that should be done for the first time in a hostile environment.  This technique will take some time and ammo to get a hole large enough to fit through and the user needs to realize that metal fragments from the fence will likely become an additional projectile in an unknown direction, so use proper PPE, i.e. safety glasses, when doing this.

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