SHOT Show 2015 – Proof Research

SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research TAC2 300WIN 001-1000
Proof Research TAC II 300WIN

Proof Research, which is becoming well known for their extremely accurate barrels had one of their TAC II .300 WIN bolt action precision rifles out to play with at Media Day.  The 26″ carbon fiber barrel with the hand-laid carbon fiber and Kevlar composite stock made for a beautiful, yet deadly combination.  The crew from Proof Research had several steel targets set up at about the 800 yard mark with several clay pigeons spread around the berm as well.  After getting a feel for the rifle, hitting the clay pigeon at 800 yards was almost too easy with this rifle.  The TAC II .300 WIN rifle MSRP’s at $7,290.


SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research TAC2 300WIN 002-1000


Do not expect to throw a Proof Research AR-Type barrel on every AR you own.  Unless you are rolling in money, I would not recommend installing this on your “plinker” or CQB rifle.  However, if you are a competitive shooter, avid hunter, or someone who likes to get accuracy out of longer range shots, the Proof Research barrels may be what you are looking for.  Available for both the AR-15 and AR-10 in varying calibers, the AR-Type barrels start at $940.


SHOT Show 2015 Proof Research AR15 Barrel-1000
Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped AR-15 Barrel

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