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100,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway


Now that the new house is getting settled into, I figured that it would be a good time to start organizing the 100,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway for http://www.facebook.com/zero7one to say THANK YOU for all of the support.  Sponsorship requests are underway and have been sent out.  I am hoping to start the giveaway around December 10th with a drawing on December 31st.

If you are a company that would like to participate, please email me at 71@zero7one.com to coordinate your sponsorship.

So far, here is a list of the sponsors:

  1. Aero Precision
  2. Arisaka Defense
  3. Battle Comp
  4. Battle Mug
  5. Blitzkrieg Components
  6. Centurion Arms
  7. CMT Tactical
  8. Elite Tactical Systems Group
  9. Elzetta Design
  10. Froglube
  11. Gear Sector
  12. Gunstruction
  13. Heckler & Koch
  14. Hexmag
  15. Kriss-USA
  16. LanTac USA
  17. MagPod
  18. Mission First Tactical
  19. Nap-Tac
  20. Seekins Precision
  21. SFP Tactical
  22. SOG Knives
  23. Sphinx
  24. Spool Tool
  25. Tactical 550
  26. TactiCool Tees
  27. Umbrella Corporation

*The list of sponsors will be updated as email confirmations are received.  Please check back periodically to see who has been added.