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Mossberg 930 JM Pro 24″ Choke Tube Test

I recently conducted a spread test using the three included choke tubes (Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder) on my Mossberg 930 JM Pro (24″ variant) to see exactly where the shot was hitting and how far the spread was at set distances.  I tested distances at 5, 10, 15 and 25 yards.  I was hoping to see what the most reliable tube was for 3-Gun matches where bird shot was to be used.  I plan on testing 00-Buck and Slug ammo as well in the near future.

The ammo used for this test was Winchester 12GA 1 1/8oz 7 1/2 shot.

The following are the results:

(NOTE:  The target is approximately 6″ wide)

Modified Choke 1

Improved Cylinder Choke 1


Full Choke 1