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SHOT 2017 Range Day – SOG Knives



SOG Knives and Tools has always continued to strive to innovate year after year.  2017 is no different.  Continue to read to see what is new for this year.

SOG Baton Multi-Tools 001-1000

SOG has reimagined the multi-tool with their new Baton series.  The models are named Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.  Each in the series is meant to fulfill a different series of tasks, not just add more tools to each.  The smallest, the Q1, is just a bit bigger than a permanent marker.  In the image below, you can see a variety of what each looks like open, but for a full break down, I recommend clicking on the model name below to check them out on the SOG webpage for full details.  Just the opening of these tools are worth checking them out.

Q1   |   Q2   |   Q3   |   Q4

SOG Baton Multi-Tools 002-1000

As pictured below, there are two new Kiku Models, the Kiku Assisted and Kiku Fixed.  All of these knives are designed in collaboration with master blade maker, Kiku Matsuda of Japan.  The Kiku Assisted comes with a VG-10 blade in either Black TiNi or Satin Polish and is 3.5″ in length (8.1″ OAL).  The handles are made of linen Micarta and have to be held personally to appreciate the texture of these knives.  The Kiku Assisted MSRP between $174-$187, depending on blade choice.

The Kiku Fixed is available in a 4″ VG-10 Satin Polish Blade and also comes with a linen Micarta handle.  A kydex sheath is also included.  The MSRP for the Kiku Fixed is $254.

SOG New Kiku Line 002-1000

The below knife, the “Terminus”, is an all-purpouse slipjoint folding knife that is legal in many places.  The 3″ CTS BD1 steel blade does not lock, though there is positive pressure to ensure the blade does not inadvertently close.  The  Terminus is available in Black Oxide ($80) or Satin Polish ($67).  This knife features G10 handles and a reversible pocket clip.

SOG Terminus 001-1000

If you drop the below Ultra C-Ti knife in your pocket, you may forget it is there.  Weighing in at just 1.3oz, the Ultra C-Ti features a VG-10 steel blade and carbon fiber handle with titanium clip, which doubles as a money clip.  It is available only with a bead blasted blade and MSRP’s at $134.

SOG Ultra C-Ti 001-1000

For more information, please visit: http://www.sogknives.com/

SHOT 2017 – Accu-Tac Firearms


SHOT Show 2017 - Accu-Tac Firearms F-Class Series Bipod 001-1000

Accu-Tac Firearms Accessories has come out with a new bipod for the 2017 SHOT Show.  With a name “F5” floating around, this bipod uses the same legs as the SR-5 bipod, but is designed to be used with “F-Class” rifles.

SHOT Show 2017 - Accu-Tac Firearms F-Class Series Bipod 002-1000

The “F5” (name is not yet official) offers a QD mount and 25-degrees of panning to the left and right while utilizing a wide base for support.  The Tension/Lock Lever on the bottom allows the user to loosen or lock out the panning feature.

SHOT Show 2017 - Accu-Tac Firearms F-Class Series Bipod 005-1000

The release date and price are still TBD.

For more information, please visit: http://www.accu-tac.com/

SHOT 2017 – Quarter Circle 10


SHOT Show 2017 - QC10 QC-5 001-1000

Quarter Circle 10 has introduced the new QC-5 series in both full weapon platforms and as receiver sets.  The QC-5 is based around the Heckler and Koch MP5 9mm Magazine, though there is mention of a 10mm version possibly in the works as well.  The QC-5 offers a non-reciprocating charging handle and will be available in both Pistol and SBR/PDW configurations for purchase.

SHOT Show 2017 - QC10 QC-5 002-1000

QC-10 advises that the QC-5 (MP5 pattern) upper and lower receivers are specific to themselves and cannot be interchanged with the  Glock Small Frame upper and lower receivers.

SHOT Show 2017 - QC10 QC-5 003-1000

QC-10 advised that pricing is “TBD” and the QC-5 should be available around Summer 2017.

SHOT Show 2017 - QC10 QC-5 004-1000

For more information, please visit: https://www.quartercircle10.com/

SHOT 2017 – Armaspec, Inc.

SHOT Show 2017 - Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring-1000
Armaspec introduced their new Stealth Recoil Spring at this year’s SHOT Show.  The Stealth Recoil Spring is a “self-contained multi-stage drop-in replacement” for a standard buffer and spring.  The Stealth Recoil Spring was designed to reduce felt recoil and to rid the buffer spring from having contact with the inner wall of the buffer tube.  The buffer mass remains under constant tension from the bolt carrier group and an O-Ring on the head of the buffer mass prevents any metal on metal contact.

The Stealth Recoil Spring will come in 5 variations:

  • SRS-Carbine – 3.3oz equivalent
  • SRS-H – 3.8oz equivalent
  • SRS-H2 – 4.7oz equivalent
  • SRS-9 – 5.3oz equivalent
  • SRS-H3 – 5.6oz equivalent

MSRP is priced at $79!

For more information, please visit: http://armaspec.com/

SHOT 2017 – Phase 5 Weapon Systems


Phase 5 had some innovation brewing in their booth this year at SHOT.  To start off was their Universal Mini Stock (UMS).  Made of aluminum construction, the UMS will fit any standard MIL-SPEC buffer tube, Phase 5 Hex 1 and 2 Pistol Buffer Tubes and all other known Pistol Buffer Tubes.  The UMS affixes to the buffer tube via 2x set screws on the bottom of the tube.  The stock itself is not adjustable, however, Phase 5 may come out with a spacer in the future to allow for some variance.  The MSRP is $TBD and expect a ship date around the 1st of April, 2017.

SHOT Show 2017 - Phase 5 Universal Mini Stock 001-1000 SHOT Show 2017 - Phase 5 Universal Mini Stock 002-1000

Phase 5 has introduced some new rail attachments in gray and black with some other colors possible coming down the line.  The rail attachments will fit all Phase 5 rails, though there is belief that they may fit other rails with similar attachment points as well.

SHOT Show 2017 - Phase 5 Rail Attachments 004-1000 SHOT Show 2017 - Phase 5 Rail Attachments 002-1000

Phase 5 has also introduced their new Sloped Quick Disconnect End Plate (SQD-EP).  The QD Socket offers a 30-degree downward cant and 360-degrees of spin.  The SQD-EP is currently available on the Phase 5 Webpage for $39.99.
SHOT Show 2017 - Phase 5 QD End Plate 002-1000 SHOT Show 2017 - Phase 5 QD End Plate 001-1000

For more information, please visit: http://phase5wsi.com/

SHOT 2017 – Hexmag


Hexmag has branched out from solely being an AR15 Magazine manufacturer and is now offering a wider variety of products.

SHOT Show 2017 - Hexmag 20 Round .308 Magazine-1000

First teased at last years SHOT Show, Hexmag showed off their production model 20 round .308 HX-SR25 Magazines.  The MSRP will be $24.99 and they should be shipping within the next 30 days.

SHOT Show 2017 - Hexmag Keymod Rail Cover-1000 SHOT Show 2017 - Hexmag Picatinny Rail Cover-1000

Hexmag is now offering rail covers for Picatinny, Key-Mod and M-LOK rails.  The MSRP for the rail covers will be $27.99 for 4x covers of Key-Mod or M-LOK and $34.99 for 3x covers of Picatinny.

SHOT Show 2017 - Hexmag Rubber Overmold Grip-1000
Hexmag is also offering a Rubber Over Mold Grip in addition to their Advanced Tactical Grip, which is already on the market.  The MSRP is $TBD and should be available within the next 30 days.

SHOT Show 2017 - Hexmag Clear AR15 Magazine-1000

Hexmag is also going to offer a clear Hexmag 30 Round AR15 Magazine, but the pricing and release date are both TBD.

Hexmag also had another “in the works” project at SHOT that they wished to keep close hold and not to be disclosed.  I will honor that request.  Unfortunately at least one person did not honor that request and has posted the information out on the interwebs.  Though they may have gotten “first dibs” on the story, they have also proven that they cannot be trusted with future industry close hold information.

For more information, please visit: https://hexmag.com/

SHOT 2017 – CMC Triggers


CMC Triggers has stepped outside of the box this year with their line of triggers dedicated for the AR platform of rifles and has entered into the Glock Trigger Market.

SHOT Show 2017 - CMC Triggers Glock Trigger 002-1000

The trigger, called the CMC Glock Trigger Gen 1, will be available around mid-March 2017 for a cost in the ballpark of $175.  The trigger will be available for both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks, will offer a 5# trigger pull and will have the same trigger safety functionality as a standard Glock trigger.  One cannot mistake the unique look of the CMC flat trigger and it translates well over to the Glock trigger.

SHOT Show 2017 - CMC Triggers Glock Trigger 001-1000

For more information, please visit: http://www.cmctriggers.com/

SHOT 2017 – Faxon Firearms


Faxon Firearms had some new products to offer for 2017 at SHOT Show.

Starting off with a Carbon Fiber Handguard, weighing in at 8.4 oz (w/ steel barrel nut), this 15″ rail features M-LOK attachment points and a suppressor compatible 1.7″ inside diameter.  MSRP is around $349.

SHOT Show 2017 - Faxon Firearms Carbon Fiber Handguard-1000

Also new is Faxon’s .308 Bolt Carrier Group which they will offer matched head-spacing with the purchase of a barrel.

SHOT Show 2017 - Faxon Firearms .308 BCG-1000

Faxon also announced a 14.5″ barrel in either pencil or gunner profile that will come with a pinned 3-prong flash hider or 3-port muzzle break.

SHOT Show 2017 - Faxon Firearms 14.5 Barrel with 3-Port Muzzle Brake 001-1000

SHOT Show 2017 - Faxon Firearms 14.5 Barrel with 3-Port Muzzle Brake 002-1000

And coming soon, Faxon will be offering a 9mm Bolt Carrier Group.

For more information, please visit: http://faxonfirearms.com/

SHOT 2017 – Falkor Defense


Falkor Defense introduced the new I.R.S.S. (Intermediate Range Sniper System) in .308.  Did I mention that it was a suppressed SBR?  With a 13.5″ Dracos StraightJacket steel barrel and Dead Air Sandman-S” suppressor, the I.R.S.S. is reaching out and touching the bad guys at 800m.

SHOT Show 2017 - Falkor Defense IRSS (Intermediate Range Sniper System) 003-1000
Optic and Casting Couch are not included.

Further, the I.R.S.S. features a FALKOR “Fatty” Free-Float 15.6″ MLOK Handguard, FALKOR High Pressure Nitride BCG, Ambi Mirrored Controls, Ambi FALKOR MACH 10 Charging Handle, MFT Battlelink Utility Stock, Hogue Rubber Overmold Grip, a Geissele SSA-E 2-Stage Trigger and 20 Round Lancer Mag.

SHOT Show 2017 - Falkor Defense IRSS (Intermediate Range Sniper System) 001-1000

For more information, please visit: https://www.falkordefense.com/

SHOT 2017 – Battle Arms Development


Battle Arms Development had a lot to announce for 2017.

Aside from their typical BADass painted weapons, like this Iron Man AR-15…
SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms 003-1000

…they also had the “300 PDW” in .300 BLK that was nicknamed “Woody”.

SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms 300 PDW with wood furniture 001-1000

This PDW features a real wood handguard attachment and pistol grip and a faux wood cheekweld.

BAD has developed a currently unnamed 10″ handguard weighing in at 7.3 oz with a $TBD MSRP.

SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms Handguard 001-1000

BAD has also partnered up with TriggerTech to introduce the B.A.D. edition trigger.

SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms TriggerTech Trigger 001-1000

This fully adjustable trigger (2.5-5#) comes in either a straight/flat or curved variant.  The adjustment can be made while the trigger is installed by using an allen wrench on the rear of the top of the trigger housing.

SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms TriggerTech Trigger 002-1000

BAD also introduced an Ultra Compact 4.75″ Pistol Buffer Tube (sorry no photo available).  The Tube uses the same buffer as the BAD Vert Stock.  The MSRP for the tube and buffer is $225.

BAD is also working on some California Compliant gear.  They are working on a variant of their lightweight billet lower receiver with a integrated magazine release plunger.

SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms CA Compliant 002-1000
Note the plunger on the top of the lower receiver (silver dot).

When depressed (i.e. the upper receiver firmly seated against the lower), the plunger will not allow the magazine release button to be depressed.  BAD has developed a rear take-down pin that when turned in one direction and pulled out, will allow the upper receiver to crack open slightly to allow for the magazine release button to be depressed while disabling the firearm.

SHOT Show 2017 - Battle Arms CA Compliant 003-1000

The rear take-down pin can also be turned the other direction and pulled out to allow the upper receiver to open fully.  This is all still in the process of being designed and approved for legal compliance.

For more information, please visit: https://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/