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Tyrant Designs CNC Mini-Vert Grip

The following is a Press Release from Tyrant Designs CNC:

Tyrant Designs CNC , an industry leader in high-end aftermarket AR  grips is only a few weeks away from releasing their first ever AR vertical grip! So far they are only calling it the Mini Vert Grip. The dimensions are roughly 3” L x .8” W and is directly compatible with M-LOK and KeyMod. The 3” in length is almost an inch shorter than most vertical grips, Tyrant instead utilizing an elongated lip at the bottom, allowing the operator the option of either tucking their pinky behind, or resting the finger on top. It is said to weigh around 2 ounces, but no official number has been recorded. Tyrant Designs also mentioned that this will be their most affordable product to date, and the price point will be very competitive with other vertical grips.

Tyrant CNC Mini Vert Grip 1

“This is something that we have been slowly working on for some time now. There are some great vertical grips out there, and we did not want to release just a ‘me too’ product. The mini vert is lightweight and shorter than most vert grips. That translates into less hanging mass on the operators rifle while still giving them the added control a vertical grip offers. ”

Tyrant CNC Mini Vert Grip 2
Tyrant Designs CNC is an AR accessories manufacturer based just outside of Chicago. They have had several successful designs for AR pistol grips and are releasing their line of vertical grips and handstops next month.

Tyrant Designs CNC, LLC
10134 Pacific Ave
Franklin Park, Il 60131

XTECH Tactical Introduces 5rd Magazine Extender and Complete 20rd Magazine for HK VP9

The following is a Press Release from XTECH TACTICAL.
XTech Tactical Logo

Mesa, AZ, August 23, 2016 – XTECH Tactical, manufacturer of the Advanced Tactical Grip is today introducing two new products for the HK VP9 pistol. First up is the new 5rd Magazine Extender for VP9 magazines. The XTECH Tactical mag extender adds an additional 5 round capacity to the VP9 magazine for a 20 round total. The mag extender is super simple to install with absolutely no tools needed.




Jeremy Deadman, Director of Sales and Marketing for XTECH Tactical explains how they have eliminated reliability concerns that plague many other mag extenders.

“The biggest thing for function is that we have a 100% consistent ID within the extender portion AND the  ID within the extender is less than the ID of the magazine.  The benefit here is that it is impossible for the extender to cause a Fail to Feed which is a known issue in extenders.”


The XTECH Tactical VP9 5rd Mag Extender is now shipping with an MSRP of $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING through the end of August.  http://www.xtechtactical.com/mtx-vp9p30-5-magazine-extender-with-spring/  Not available for sale in NY, CA or MA.

Additionally, XTECH Tactical will be offering complete XTECH Tactical VP9 magazines with and without the Mag Extender. The XTECH Tactical VP9 magazine will feature a 310 Stainless Steel body vs H&K’s Spring Steel body. It will also feature an extra round indicator hole to show the 20th round as shown in the photo below.


The XTECH Tactical 20 and 15 Round VP9 magazines will start shipping early this fall. The 20 Round magazine MSRP is $59.95 and the 15 Round magazine is $34.95.  Not available for sale in NY, CA or MA.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jeremy Deadman at jeremy@xtechtactical.com.

About XTECH Tactical: American Ingenuity. American Made. XTech Tactical.

In 2013, XTech Tactical was formed to develop revolutionary firearms accessories for the AR style rifles and other small arms.

The XTech Tactical founding members bring over 50 years of combined design-for-manufacturing and quality control experience. Collectively they are listed on over 35 US and International Patents, and have been part of taking hundreds of products from concept through production.

Years of experience allows XTech Tactical to continuously introduce high quality, durable, and innovative products to the market. Its first release, the ATG™ grip, is an adjustable angle AR grip which easily adjusts to the three ideal angles of an AR style pistol grip. Each angle functions without any compromise on weight, durability or comfort, making it the ideal grip for all shooting stances or styles.


Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post

Blitzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post 001-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post and Adjustment Tool

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post (FSP) with white contrast stripe is a great upgrade to any AR-15.  With the included proprietary front sight tool, installation and adjustments are an easy task. The recessed white stripe chevron makes for very fast sight picture acquisition and offers a great reference for those who sometimes confuse the protective wings of the front sight housing as the FSP.  Sight adjustments are limited to every two clicks with the white chevron on both sides, though only two of the four sides are used for sighting, it will be twice as accurate as a single-sided sight while obtaining a precise zero.

Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight in Samson Mfg BUIS 001-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP in a Samson Manufacturing BUIS

The Blitzkrieg Components Chevron FSP is machined from a single piece of billet 416 stainless steel and is coated in a melonite matte black finish.  I have successfully installed the chevron FSP in a Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND front BUIS, a Magpul MBUS front sight, a Samson Manufacturing front sight and a standard A2 front sight base.  It will fit almost any AR-15 front sight housing, though Blitzkreig Cmponents advises that their chevron FSP is not compatible with the Magpul MBUS Pro or the LWRC Skirmish sights.

Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post in a Magpul MBUS 003-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP in a Magpul MBUS

Zeroing in my AR with the Blitzkrieg Components Chevron FSP was just as easy as any standard FSP and any noticeable difference in obtaining a realistic zero with every two clicks was negligible compared to one click adjustments. Additionally Blitzkrieg Components also offers a black chevron FSP without the white stripe marking for those who opt not to have the bright white feature on the front sight.  Personally, I prefer the white stripe as it offers higher contrast and a faster sight picture.

Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Front Sight with Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post 006-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP in a Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Front Sight

Engineering wise, I am not sure if it would be possible or even feasible to create a four-sided white stripe chevron FSP that would offer the chevron post on all sides.  If that were to be done, it would offer more capabilities for sight adjustment, however the chevron would probably need to be canted at an angle towards the target, and the shape of the sight would be more in line with that of a pyramid.  I would be interested to see if that was possible, and if it were to be as effective or if the sight being angled away from the shooter would cause any issues with sight acquisition, or precision.

Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Sights with Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post 001-1000
Even against a bright background, the Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP offers enough contrast to obtain good sight acquisition.

For more information on Blitzkrieg Components, check out their webpage: https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/

Build Breakdown #2

CMT Tactical Billet Upper and Lower Receivers with Diamondhead-USA  13.5-inch VR-S T Rail and Ferfrans Modular Muzzle Device 004-1000

CMT Tactical Billet Upper and Lower Receivers with Diamondhead-USA  13.5-inch VR-S T Rail and Umbrella Corporation Grip 23 001-1000

Spool Tool by Tricorne


Tricorne Spool Tool 003-1000 (2)

Anyone who has spent any time in the military or who has had even an itch of survival skills has heard of or used Paracord (aka 550 cord).

A new company has entered the scene, Tricorne, which is named after the three cornered hat worn by the patriots that founded our great nation.


The fine folks at Tricorne have created the “Spool Tool” (Patent Pending) which is, per their webpage, “a device that is used for storing, cutting, measuring, and finishing Paracord and other rope, cord, line, string, and twine.” The “Spool Tool” is 100% made in the U.S.A. and Tricorne is an LLC based out of San Diego, CA and is a veteran owned and family operated business.


From Tricorne:
“The Spool Tool was an idea born out in the field. While watching a group of people work with paracord, I noticed the difficulties everyone was having with the paracord unraveling, getting tangled up, knotting, and generally becoming a big pain to handle. Then came the added problem of keeping your blade/scissors and lighter close at hand. Unexpectedly, the idea for a tool to manage it all was born…the Spool Tool.”

Spool Tool Features:

  • Can be Purchased with 100% Nylon, Type III, Commercial Paracord
  • Lenox Standard Utility Blade (Replaceable): Shatter Proof, Titanium Nitrite Coated
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware including Spare Nut and Screw
  • 2 Paracord Attachment Points
  • Holder for Mini-BIC Lighter
  • 8 Burn Slots with Various Sizing to Accommodate Different Thickness of Cord
  • Carabineer/Lanyard Hole
  • American Made – Built and Designed for a Lifetime of Use

My first thought of the “Spool Tool” was, why didn’t they have this when I was in the military? My second thought was, why didn’t I think of this? The spool itself feels virtually indestructible and though simple in function, it is well thought out and designed.

The razor blade, though it will last a lot longer than the 50′ of paracord will, was extremely simple to replace. Two screws that are attached to the spool via a small nut on the reverse side are all it takes to remove the cover and to reattach once the blade has been changed out.


From what I understand, the BIC lighter will not be included with the Spool Tool when shipping is required, though it may be included when it is offered for sale in stores. At a cost of around $1 and found for sale virtually everywhere you can pick up a pack of smokes, it is a moot point whether or not the lighter is included. And if you are worried that the lighter’s “button” will be pressed while in your bag, don’t fret, Tricorne has already thought of that and has included a tab that blocks any inadvertent attempts to lose all of your lighter fluid.


To use the Spool Tool, select your length of paracord that you need and cut with the razor blade:



Place the end of the paracord through one of the burn slots (multiple different sizes):


Burn the tip of the frayed paracord until you have a “bubble” of burnt material:


Pull the paracord through the burn slot and the “bubble” of burnt material will form to a finer point. (If you desire, I found that if there is excess dried hard material on the end of the paracord, it can be trimmed by using the razor blade with ease.):


For such a simplistic piece of equipment, the Spool Tool offers a big bang for your buck for what your receive.   Tricorne now offers multiple color variations of not only the paracord, but the Spool Tool also comes in black, coyote, orange and blue.

Tricorne Spool Tools in a variety of colors 001-1000
Spool Tool’s are available for purchase on their webpage and you can follow them on Facebook as well.

MagPod – Coming Soon


The MagPod is an aftermarket PMAG floor plate replacement that allows you to turn your magazine effectively into a monopod.

Get it?  MAGazine + monoPOD = MagPod.

The installation of the MagPod is extremely simple to install on any Generation 2 or older Magpul PMAG or EMAG, but not possible on the newer Magpul M3 PMAG, which was initially frustrating to install upon (non-existent) as I didn’t get the memo of the latter.


The front edge of the MagPod allows a forward lean of the rifle and provides enough real estate against the ground to prevent an uneven feeling or sideways wobble.  The bottom dimple-looking pad, which is made out of an unknown rubberesque material provides a good less-slip surface.  I say less-slip and not non-slip because with enough forward force, nearly any surface will slip, so I do not want to be misleading.

MagPod 001-1000

I appreciate the feature of the front “leg” of the base pad and how it is hollowed out on the sides.  Intentional in engineering or not, the hollowed out sides not only reduce the weight of the MagPod, but afford the user some leverage to get their meat hooks onto while drawing the magazine from a pouch.

MagPod 002-1000

Though there is no technical data or a completed webpage to reference right now on the specifics of the  MagPod, their Facebook page has been providing some insight into the process that has been in the works for a few years.

Below is an image of an earlier prototype of the MagPod that I took back at the 2013 SHOT Show.  Notice the change in the forward “leg” padding?


Though there has been some heartburn over MagPod’s release date being pushed back, I think that the difference in the forward pad should be worth the wait.  Manufacturers can update, modify, and change a product 1,000 times after it is released and customers have complained on why they didn’t like a product or why they will never buy from that company again.  That same manufacturer only gets one chance to release its product to the world and to ensure it is right before it goes out is admirable.  We would have a hell of a lot less recalls and warranty problems if more companies took this stance.


MagPod 005-1000

So for those of you who have been patiently awaiting the MagPod to hit the stores, your long wait may be coming to a close.  As of a Facebook post from a few days ago, their latest release date is looking to be around the beginning of September 2014.  I hope that date holds true as it would be nice to be able to pick up a few more.



Manufacturer Spotlight – Fortis Manufacturing


Fortis Manufacturing, Inc

Strong, Powerful, Robust.  That is the definition of the Latin word “Fortis” and what Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. strives to achieve in producing innovate and steadfast products.  That sentiment is also included in their motto; “Strength by Design”.


Located in Washington State, Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. (FMI™) is aimed at providing a combination of “Operator” needed strength, exceptional design and aesthetics, while still offering their AR15/M16 product line at an affordable price.  FMI™ ensures that all of their products undergo a strenuous T&E process by real-world professionals prior to the product being considered for full production.  If the product has necessary design changes, further samples are redesigned, constructed, and sent back out for further testing.  The philosophy of FMI™ is to “ensure each product will meet or exceed the heavy demands of the professionals who use them.  FMI™ is proud that all of their manufactured parts are made in the United States of America, with the exception of their creative morale patches.

FMI™ offers a diverse accessory line for the AR15/M16 platforms that provide a practical and functional upgrade to a standard set-up.

Fortis Manufacturing 14 inch REV Rail and RED Muzzle Brake 002-1000
Fortis Manufacturing REV Rail (14″)

The Fortis REV™ series of Free Float Rail Systems,built out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodization, surely stands out in the crowd.  With its sleek appearance and aggressive appearance, the REV™ is as versatile as it is attractive.  The REV™ is offered in varying lengths (7”, 9”, 12” and 14”) and features (Standard, 9” CAR Cutout and Mid-length FSP Cutout).   For an after-market rail system, the REV™ is one of the lightest options available with the 7” version coming in at 6.7 ounces and the 14” version weighing 11 ounces.  The one-piece body design offers strength and installation on an already installed barrel with standard barrel nut only requires the installation of four screws with an Allen wrench.  Some of the key features of the REV™ include KeyMod attachment points at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, a contiguous top rail, an inside diameter of 1.340”, rotation limited QD sockets, and anti-rotational tabs that fits most MIL-SPEC forged uppers, though some slight modification may be required for some uppers.  Good news for gas piston system users, the REV™ is also piston compatible.  The 14” REV™ is also available in Magpul FDE Cerakote for an additional cost.  For the REV™ 9” CAR Cutout and MID FSP Cutout, if used with a FSP with bayonet lug, the lug will touch the bottom of the internal side of the rail.


Fortis Manufacturing Rail Attachment Point (RAP) 001-1000
Fortis Manufacturing Rail Attachment Point (RAP)

The Fortis RAP™ (Rail Attachment Point), made out of 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized to a deep black finish, is a great solution for the needed attachment of a QD swivel to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, while offering an compact footprint that is barely noticeable.  The RAP™ QD socket is rotation limited and is offered either with or without a QD sling swivel.


Fortis Manufacturing Multi-Point Sling Adapter (MPSA) 001_1000

The Fortis MPSA™ (Multi-Point Sling Adapter) End Plate, built out of 6061 Aluminum and anodized in MIL-SPEC black, features both a quick detach socket and 1.25” loop sling attachment points.  It was designed to be used with carbine style buffer tubes for both the AR15 and .308 platforms and is offered in right hand, left hand, and ambidextrous models.  The machined edges of the MPSA™ have been fully radiused, inside and out, to prevent hot spots and fraying of the attached sling.  If you are looking for an end plate solution with a quick detach option only, FMI™ has you covered with the Fortis QD End Plate, which offers the same features of the MPSA™ minus the loop sling attachment point.


Fortis Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block (Photo Courtesy of Fortis Mfg)
Fortis Manufacturing Low-Profile Gas Block (Photo Courtesy of Fortis Mfg)

Looking to add a Low Profile Gas Block?  FMI™ has that too, which is made out of 4140 steel.  The Fortis gas block was designed with today’s match-grade barrels in mind and was built to fit .750 gas seats and attaches to the barrel with two set screws.  The gas block comes included with a roll pin for attachment of the gas tube.  If you prefer to have your gas block pinned in place, Fortis has options for pinned and not.


Fortis Manufacturing Aimpoint T1 Mount 001-1000

When you hear the term “F1” you may think of a fast, high-end, sleek race car.   FMI™ has brought the term into the firearms industry with the Fortis F1™ Optics Mount.  Instead of fiberglass, the F1™ is built out of one piece billet aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodization. Originally designed as an after-market option for the popular Aimpoint Micro H-1 and T-1 red dot sights, it is also an excellent option for the Vortex Optics SPARC.  Attaching to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail with two slotted machine screws, the F1™ is most likely the lightest option available, weighing in at a mere 1.1 ounces.  The sleek angled appearance matches up nicely with the REV™ series of rails.  As for the co-witness with the Back-Up Iron Sights, the F1™ provides a lower 1/3 co-witness for a larger field of view.


Fortis Manufacturing Rapid Engagement Device (RED)

The Fortis RED™, which is built out of 303 Stainless Steel for a 1/2×28 thread per inch (TPI), 5.56mm barrel, is 2.194 inches long and comes with an included crush washer.  The RED™ was tested and evaluated by the LE/MIL community, then put to the test by the 3 gun community.  Tested under fully automatic conditions, the RED™ has had favorable reviews.


Fortis Manufacturing Forged Upper Receiver

The Fortis Forged MIL-SPEC Stripped Upper Receiver is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and is built to MIL-SPEC standards.  The Fortis Upper features M4 feed ramps, MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail flat top, engraved “T” numbers, is finished in MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodization, and has a dry lube coating to reduce wear and added lubricity.  The upper does not come with a dust cover and forward assist assembly.


Fortis Manufacturing .308 Rail 005-1000
Fortis Manufacturing SWITCH™ .308 Rail System


Fortis Manufacturing .308 Rail 010-1000
Fortis Manufacturing SWITCH™ .308 Rail System

Designed for the DPMS High-Profile .308 Platform, the Fortis Mfg  SWITCH™ .308 Rail System is a lightweight and robust free-float rail system that is sure to please.  The beauty of this rail is the ability to install and remove without the need of tools and can be quickly swapped out depending on the mission type.  The SWITCH™ offers a QD Sling Mount and Key-Mod capability on the sides and bottom and a full length picatinny rail section on the top.

Fortis Mfg Hammer Charging Handles in Black Teflon (L) and Nickelene™ (R)

Available in Black Teflon and Nickelene™ finishes, the Fortis Mfg Hammer Charging Handle is one of the “slickest” charging handles I have come across.  Not only is it slick-looking, but the finishes adorning these charging handles offer one of the smoothest bolt racks I have experienced.  The aggressive serration surface offers extremely positive control as well as aesthetic appeal.


Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Fore-Grip – Picatinny
Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Short Angled Grip – Picatinny

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Fore-Grip - KeyMod

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Fore-Grip – KeyMod

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Short Angled Grip KeyMod 003-1000
Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Short Angled Grip – KeyMod

Available for both picatinny and KeyMod rails, the Fortis Mfg SHIFT series of fore-grips come in both a standard length and short angled version.  As the name SHIFT implies, the shooter has various options to “shift” the position of their hand to where it is most ergonomically proper depending on the shooters current shooting position.  All versions of the SHIFT allow for great control of the AR-platforms and is completely a personal preference on which model is best.

For more information, find Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. on the internet at:  http://www.fortismfg.com.



Blade-Tech Handgun Training Barrel Review

Blade-Tech, a company who is well known for their handgun, Taser, and accessory holsters, also produce many other great products for the gunfighter, trainer, or weekend shooter.  One of those products is their training barrel, which were developed exclusively for the professional LE/MIL and Civilian Firearms Training Industry.

Blade-Tech Training Barrel 006_1000

When I was searching for a training option for building clearing, non-firing movement drills, and introducing new shooters to a firearm, I had considered purchasing a blue/red gun.  Though the blue/red guns have their place in training, they do not offer the realistic feel and function of a real firearm.  In reality a blue/red gun is a chunk of plastic that is molded to simulate what a specific handgun looks like.  Blue/Red guns do not have the functionality of a true firearm and obviously do not have the same feel with weight and texture.  If you are going to train, train realistically.  If your handgun has a safety, shouldn’t you practice disengaging and reengaging the safety throughout your training sessions?

Blade-Tech Training Barrel 003_1000

Aside from wanting a training option for what has previously been mentioned, one of my training rituals is “dry-fire” practice.  It should be in every shooters ritual.  Prior to “dry-fire” drills, the individual performing the drill shall ensure that a magazine is not inserted into the handgun and both visually and physically check that their handgun’s chamber is clear of any ammunition.  Once the handgun is determined to be clear, the individual should ensure that they do not have any sources of ammunition on their person, or around their training area.  Once all of these tasks have been completed, the individual conducting the “dry-fire” practice should ensure that they point their weapon in a safe direction and not to point their handgun at anything that they are not willing to destroy.  I could go on and on about how many checks and balances are needed when ensuring your handgun is clear, having it pointed in a safe direction, etc.  However, time after time I hear about someone performing “dry-fire” practice and even after they think that they have mitigated any possibilities that their weapon will not fire, they still end up shooting something (TV, cat, wall, loved one, etc.) either during or directly after the training session.

Blade-Tech Training Barrel 001_1000

Enter the solution.  As long as you are capable of field stripping your handgun to the point of being able to remove the barrel and correctly putting it back together, you have the capability of switching out your “functional” barrel for a “training” barrel.  The Blade-Tech Training Barrel is made out of a strong yellow impact-resistant material that will resist harsh chemicals and withstand intense training scenarios.  The Training Barrel has a solid core which will not allow ammunition to inadvertently be chambered.  And with its bright yellow appearance, there is no mistaking to you and to others around you that the weapon is completely safe and incapable of firing.  However, while handling your handgun with the Training Barrel in place, you should still treat your handgun as if it were loaded and continue to only point it in a safe direction.  Also, aside from the inability to actually fire ammunition out of the barrel, or performing full malfunction clearance drills (with ammunition), the Training Barrels allow you to have full functionality of your handgun to include racking the slide and performing Primary Malfunction Clearance drills (Tap, Rack and Roll, Assess).

Blade-Tech Training Barrel 008_1000

The benefits of the Training Barrel far outweigh the drawbacks when using this barrel.  Honestly, the only drawback to using the Training Barrel is having to field strip your handgun to replace the barrel.  Depending on what type of handgun you are using, this could be negligible.  Breaking my 1911 down takes me a little bit more time than my Glock, which I can have broken down and reassembled in just under 30 seconds.

Blade-Tech Training Barrel 002_1000

In all I own three Training Barrels, one for my Glock 21, one for my Glock 19, and one for my Colt 1911 platform.  At a cost of around $13.99 each, it is very reasonable to have one for each handgun owned.  If I were to purchase a blue gun for each of the three handguns I have Training Barrels for, it would have cost me around $144.00 instead of around $42.

Available for the following handguns:  1911 (Commander/Full Size/Officer), FN (P9/P40/P45), Glock (17/19/20/21/22/23/31/32),  Kimber Custom TLE, Para Ord (12/13/14/16) , S&W M&P (9/40), Sig (220/220R/226/228/229), and the Springfield (XD40/XDM40).

Click HERE for more information on the Blade-Tech webpage.

SHOT Show 2014 – Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries (MI) is excited to announce many new products for 2014.

MI-SSK 12-inch Key-Mod Rail

First, MI has released the MI-SSK 12-inch Key-Mod rail.  The 12-inch MI-SSK is built out of 6061 aluminum and weighs in at 8.5 ounces.  This very lightweight rail uses a proprietary barrel nut wrench that can be affixed with a standard barrel nut wrench.  The rail comes with 5 QD sockets located on the front and rear of the side rails and one located on the front section of the bottom rail.  The MI-SSK will also come in 9, 10.5, and 15-inch length rails.  The MI-SSK (12-inch model) will retail for $289.95.

Tavor Keymod Handguard

MI also introduced what appears to be probably the first available Key-Mod handguard available for the IWI Tavor, offering 10 Key-Mod slots on each side of the handguard and an interchangeable front plate that can be replaced with a plate that will accept a 1-inch flashlight to house the light internally and will need a pressure pad to be operated.  The Tavor handguard will be available in February.

MI is also offering in 2014 a carbine length drop-in Key-Mod rail, a billet AR-15 receiver set, and scope rings and mounts.

For more information visit, midwestindustriesinc.com.

SHOT Show 2014 – Mossie Tactics UQDL


UQDL (Universal Quick Detach Loop)

New for Mossie Tactics in 2014 is their new UQDL (Universal Quick Detach Loop).  The UQDL allows for multiple mounting locations on multiple weapon systems by placing a coated wire loop through available locations around the weapon system where a typical rail mounted QD socket is not available.  The QD socket is built from 6061-T6 aluminum and is anti-rotational.

The UQDL retails for $24.95.  For more information visit, mossietactics.com.

UQDL (Universal Quick Detach Loop)