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SHOT Show 2015 – Lowa Boots

SHOT Show 2015 Lowa Innox Mid-Boot-1000

Lowa Boots, which have become my favorite boot manufacturer as of a few years ago released a new model, called the Innox, this year.  Waterproof Gortex and lightweight, this boot is available in mid and low-profiles and retail around $200.

From my current experience with Lowa Boots, I can speak with confidence that these boots will last you longer than most boots and the tread will remain after other’s will have expired.  I am currently wearing a pair of Lowa GSG Revo’s which have far exceeded my expectations with their comfort, durability, and waterproofing capabilities.

For more information on Lowa Boots, please visit:  http://www.lowaboots.com/.


SHOT Show 2014 – Lowa Boots

Lowa Z-Series Boots
Lowa Z-Series Boots

New for 2014 from Lowa Boots are the Z-Series (Z-6 or Z-8) tactical boots.  The Z-Series boots offer a thicker, heavier polyurethane frame for more stability in the upper.  The lower offers shock absorption, deeper lug tread, a repelling arch, and a full length and width stabilizer. The boot is constructed out of heavy duty leather cow hide or full grain leather, will be available with our without Gore-Tex, and will be available in 6 or 8-inch models.

For more information visit, lowaboots.com.

SHOT Show 2014 – Luminox ANU Watch

Luminox ANU Watch
Luminox ANU Watch

New for 2014, Luminox Watches has introduced the ANU (Approved for Navy Use) watch.  The ANU features a 45mm sapphire crystal face that will not scratch as easily surrounded by a steel housing, the option of a nylon or rubber strap, and has an 8 year battery life.  The ANU retails for $695.00 and will be available in March 2014.

For more information visit, luminox.com.

SHOT Show 2014 – Vertx Phantom Ops Pants


New for 2014 from Vertx is their Phantom Ops pant powered by an Active Airflow System and designed by Fighter Design.  These pants were designed for hot weather environments and allow air to circulate around the legs through mesh inserts along the inseam from mid-thigh to ankle and inside the cargo pockets.  These pants are extremely durable while comfortable to wear.  The Phantom Ops pant have a total of 10 pockets (5 per side) to include a slim pocket on each hip and dual concealed zipper pockets for discrete carry.  The pants are constructed with 6.5 oz 65% Polyester/35% Cotton mini Rip-Stop fabric with IntelliDRY treatment and 100% Polyester mesh to prevent shrinking.  The Phantom Ops will be available in mid-April.

For more information visit, vertx.com.

SHOT Show 2014 – Danner Tachyon GTX

Danner Tachyon GTX


Danner Tachyon GTX

New from Danner for 2014 is their Tachyon GTX boot line.  The Tachyon GTX features a GORE-TEX lining, a full grain leather polishable toe, pentagon lug pattern sole with a fully rubberized outsole, a fully waterproof synthetic ultralight upper, speed lacing system, and an EVA mid-sole.  Each boot weighs in at 17 oz (for a size 10).  The Tachyon retails for $150.00.

For more information visit, danner.com.

The Pointman glove by Line of Fire Tactical



Line of Fire Tactical has developed a glove dubbed “Pointman”.  Gloves come in many shapes, sizes, and purposes whether it be rubber medical-grade gloves for a doctor, cowhide split leather gloves for a construction worker, or in this particular case, tactical shooting gloves for the military serviceman, police officer, competitive shooter, or just about anyone who wants to protect their hands while shooting.  Of the three main purposes of gloves, protection, grip, and warmth, the Pointman covers two of them quite well and the latter on less than frigid days.


Utilizing patented micro-replicated technology, the Pointman uses a unique gripping system that combines a high friction surface with thin flexible backing.  Used alone the grip system provides a strong and secure grip in wet and dry environments.  Used in a two-part system, the strength of the grip is maximized, though the grip will release instantly when needed.




The grip is made possible by TEGS™ (Technologically Enhanced Grip System) by Grip Tech which uses thousands of microscopic nodes, or gripping fingers, that when used in a one-part system can increase grip by up to 80% and by 270% when used in a two-part system.  In layman’s terms, TEGS™ is a high-tech non-slip traction system, not a sticking system. It will not stick to itself or your clothing like Velcro does, but instead provides traction and grip when and where needed.  Every pair of Pointman gloves include a 36” roll of gripping tape for you to place on anything that you need to get a little extra traction on, such as the grip of your AR-15.


The Pointman is a short versatile glove that is constructed of high-grade digital goatskin with TEGS™ material on the palm and fingers, premium drum-dyed cowhide leather on top of the hand and fingers, 100% Nomex on top of the hand and fingers, and includes polyurethane abrasion and impact resistant knuckle and finger guards.  The gloves are available in black, tan, and foliage green and are available in sizes from Small to XX-Large.  Line of Fire has done a nice job with the exact placement of the TEGS™ material on the palm and fingers allowing the hand to form naturally into a fist or gripping position without bunching up, causing hot-spots, or discomfort.  The TEGS™ material is so extremely thin that you will not notice it is even there.


Though some glove manufacturers offer padded palms in their shooting gloves and if done correctly are not too bad.  The Pointman does not offer padding on the palm, but does offer very minimalistic padding on the top side of the fingers.  Personally I do not care too much for padding in the palm of my gloves and I don’t think that the lack of padding will be a deal-breaker for most.


For those shooters out there that is particular about how their finger falls on the trigger will appreciate the leather over wrap trigger finger that provides seamless comfort and better trigger dexterity.  The Pointman is touchscreen capable allowing the wearer to utilize nearly any of their touchscreen devices without the need of removing the gloves.  I only say nearly since I obviously cannot test out every single touch screen out there, though every touch-capable screen that I have tried works out just fine.


Out of the packaging, the Pointman is extremely comfortable, flexible and does not require a break-in period or conditioning for functional use.  For those who are accustom to the carbon fiber knuckles offered in some tactical gloves will find that the semi-hard polyurethane knuckles on the Pointman are more malleable, are not as restrictive and do not have the hard sharp edge commonly associated with the carbon fiber one-piece molded knuckles.  However, the polyurethane knuckles will probably not provide the same level of impact resistance as the carbon fiber knuckles do.  As long as you are not being cracked across the hand with a metal pipe on a regular basis, the polyurethane should suit most needs just fine.


As with almost every quality manufacturer, Line of Fire guarantees their gloves for 90 days, to the original customer, against any defects in manufacturing, materials or workmanship.  As common sense would apply, the Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, neglect or accidents caused by the customer.  Also keep in mind that you can extend the life of your gloves by hand washing them with a mild detergent and allowing them to hang dry.  The Iraqi desert was rough on many pair of my gloves and those that were washed more often seemed to last considerably longer.


The MSRP of the Pointman is $159.99, though discounted prices can be found around the internet.


For more information, check out Line of Fire Tactical at http://loftactical.com.


This review was originally written for Arms Collective by zero7one.