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Battle Mug acquired by TOT Holdings LLC

Battle Mug acquired by TOT Holdings LLC

Vinemont, Alabama 27 April 2016

Battle Mug Family Photo 013-1000

Time On Target Holdings LLC (TOT Holdings LLC) announced the acquisition of Battle Mug today from their headquarters in Vinemont, Alabama.  The company will continue to manufacture, engrave, market and distribute high quality, American made products which are geared towards military members, veterans, first responders, and other patriots.

About Battle Mug

Battle Mug is an iconic mug which features M1913 Picatinny rails and a crenulated base and is protected by four U.S. patents.


The company was created in 2009 by a U.S. Army combat veteran who focused on creating military and firearm inspired lifestyle products crafted to the same high standards expected in Mil-Spec equipment.

Battle Mug with SOPMOD 008-1000

Since then the product line has been expanded to include a full line of drinking vessels and other items for the modern warfighter.

About TOT Holdings LLC

Time On Target Holdings LLC is a veteran-owned Limited Liability Company which holds the same sacred commitment to create, manufacture and deliver high quality American made products.

The new owners consist of five partners, including a retired Marine and a Marine who continues to serve in the Marine Corps Reserve.  Three partners, including an Army veteran, continue to manufacture Battle Mug products.  They have their own inspiring story which began in 2000; twin brothers and a close high school friend embarked on the American dream and founded Mach III, Inc. in Vinemont, Alabama. Mach III, Inc. builds and designs components for products in the sporting goods, automotive, agricultural, and aerospace industries.

Time on Target Holdings LLC is appreciative of the founder’s creativity and looks forward to a bright future for Battle Mug and wishes Joe Lundberg fair winds and following seas!

For more information about Battle Mug and their products, visit www.battlemug.com


Drink in Style with Battle Mug

If you are looking to stand out while drinking your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not), check out the Battle Mug BattleComp Drink.Oh! 7oz Highball Glass and the Bullet Shot.

The BattleComp Drink.Oh! 7oz Highball Glass is a heavy duty chunk of billet aluminum made to resemble the infamous BattleComp AR Compensator and at least for a few batches, were serial numbered, adding to their appeal.

The Battle Mug BattleComp 7oz Highball Glass


Holding four fluid ounces, the Bullet Shot will definitely trump any other shot glasses out there.  Made in the USA out of a huge chunk of aluminum billet, this 7 inch long shot glass weighs in around 1 lbs.  The solid aluminum bullet cap firmly secures inside the casing with an o-ring.


The Battle Mug Bullet Shot



Battle Mug Bullet Shot 011-1000


Though the cost of both of these drinking apparatuses ($109 and $79 respectfully) will probably prevent you from  buying a full set for all of your friends, they will definitely still be a great conversation starter and will make you stand out at any party.