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Gunfighter Magazine Featuring Your Favorite Gunfighters Now Available At Newsstands 


Bravo Company Manufacturing has announced that their new magazine, “GUNFIGHTER”, is now available at select newsstands.  I am curious to see if this series of magazines will be more on the traditional style of gun magazines, or Recoil-esque that is more of a lifestyle magazine with firearms as the main focus.


The cover of the magazine looks sharp, and the price tag by the UPC bar code looks to be $8.99 per issue.  I am willing to pay that for a well written magazine with quality “gun porn” inside, so I hope that they live up to the cost.



The following is the current list of stores/newsstands where “GUNFIGHTER” will be available at.  I am happy to see that Hudson News (typical airport newsstand) is on there as I have a flight this week, so I will be looking for it when I get there.




The line-up of some of the article authors looks very promising as there is a lot of real-world expertise and knowledge to be gained from all of these individuals.  Though I do not know if I will be able to read an article from “Pat Mac” without hearing his voice as I read it.   If you are unfamiliar with “Pat Mac’s” unique style of speaking and how motivational and entertaininig it is, click HERE, for a recent video and you will see what I mean.


If you happen to find this on a newsstand, let us know where you found it and what you thought of it.