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Elzetta Design Announces the Bones Flashlight

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our latest product; the Elzetta Bones Flashlight.


As the name implies, Bones is a bare-bones flashlight with legendary Elzetta performance and durability and an always-welcomed lower price point.  It produces 650 lumens and activates with a quiet bone-simple click switch.  Finished in natural gray Type III hard anodizing and projecting light through a field-replaceable solid-acrylic optical lens (no reflector), Bones models join their Elzetta brethren as The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet.  Made in the USA like Everything Elzetta sells.  More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com

PRESS RELEASE: Increased Output for Elzetta Alpha Modular Flashlights

The following is a Press Release from Elzetta Design:
Two Elzetta Alphas

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce improved output for Elzetta Alpha Modular Flashlights.  These compact single-cell Lights now produce 415 lumens (100 more than earlier models) while increasing runtime by 10%.  Intensity remains unchanged at 1900 Candela, preserving the Alpha’s mission as a close to medium range illumination device with a smooth beam profile.  Beam tint remains neutral to optimize color rendition and enhance threat assessment and situational awareness.  A completely redesigned website has been constructed to make selecting the most appropriate Elzetta Modular Flashlight easier than ever.  Visit www.ELZETTA.com to create the perfect Light for you.  All Elzetta products are Made in the USA and guaranteed forever.

Elzetta 2015 Limited Edition Flashlights

The following is a Press Release from Elzletta Design reference their Limited Edition Alpha Light for 2015.

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our 2015 Limited Edition Modular Flashlights. Electric Yellow, Logo Side


For the first time, an Alpha Model has been chosen for the annual Limited Edition run.  These 315-lumen single-cell Flashlights feature Mini-CQB Bezel Rings and Click Tailcaps, all professionally finished in Electric Yellow Cerakote over Elzetta’s legendary Type III hard anodizing.  Even better, these electrifying Limited Edition Lights are priced the same as standard Model A312’s.

Electric Yellow, Serial Side

That means professional Cerakote finishing, a unique Bezel Ring design, and the exclusivity of a Limited Edition are free!  Elzetta Limited Editions always sell out quickly and are never reissued.  Savvy buyers will order theirs today at www.ELZETTA.com.

Press Release: Elzetta Design Mini-CQB Now Shipping

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce that the new Mini-CQB Modular Weaponlights are now shipping and production models are even better than promised.

A211A2 on M-LOK
A211A1 mounted to M-LOK
A212A1 mounted on Picatinny Rail
A212A1 mounted on Picatinny Rail


The Mini-CQB delivers 375 lumens (60 more lumens than previously revealed) of neutral-tint white light from a single CR123A battery.  As the name implies this new weaponlight is designed specifically for close quarters battle engagements and home defense applications.

With its high-lumen/low-candela output, the Mini-CQB produces an effective wall of light to optimize threat assessment and situational awareness.  The Mini-CQB is available with any of six Tailcaps (Rotary, Click, Alpha High/Low, High/Strobe, or Tape Switch with 5″ or 12″ Cable).  It is also available with three ambidextrous attachment mechanisms; M-1913 Picatinny, Keymod/M-LOK™, and MOE™ handguards. The Keymod/M-LOK™ system fits both mounting systems by utilizing patent-pending reversible nuts in one direction for Keymod and flipped for M-LOK™.

The Mini-CQB Weaponlights join Elzetta Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Modular Flashlights as The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet, featuring fully-potted electronics and solid-acrylic optical lenses (no reflectors).  Mini-CQB Weaponlights weigh less than 5 oz. and start at just $210 MSRP.  Like all Elzetta products, Mini-CQB Weaponlights are Made in USA with a lifetime guarantee.

For more information, please visit: http://www.elzetta.com

SHOT Show 2015 – Elzetta

SHOT Show 2015 Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light 001-1000
Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light with Keymod, Picatinny, and M-Lok Mounts

New from Elzetta Design for 2015 is their Mini CQB Light.  The Mini CQB is based off of their “Alpha” model and is compatible with all of the “Alpha” light components and is in partnership with Impact Weapons Components (IWC).  The single CR123 battery light boasts an amazing 315 lumens and most impressively, will mount to Picatinny, Key-Mod, and M-Lok rails by switching out the interchangable rail attachment point, which will be sold separately.

Elzetta is taking pre-orders now and you can expect them to be available around late-March to early-April 2015.

The Mini CQB will run $235 for the M-Lok and Key-Mod models and $210 for the Picatinny model.

For more information, visit Elzetta Design at http://www.elzetta.com/.

SHOT Show 2015 Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light M-Lok 001-1000
Elzetta Design Mini CQB Light M-Lok


Elzetta Design explains why all Aluminum is not Equal

Dave Barnett from Elzetta Design is at it again and this time he is explaining how not all aluminum is created equal.  And if you are going to SHOT Show, stop by booth 20601 and check these lights out for yourself.

From the Elzetta Design Blog:

Aluminum is aluminum, or so many people assume. In reality, very little is made from pure elemental aluminum. Rather, when something is said to be made from “aluminum”, it is almost certainly made from an aluminum alloy. (An alloy is simply a metal that has been mixed with other elements or chemicals.) There are a great number of aluminum alloys available and the properties of these alloys are critical in choosing the best alloy for a particular application.
In the manufacture of tactical flashlights, the most important material properties to consider are heat conductivity, heat capacity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and strength. The values of these properties vary significantly between different alloys (specifications may be found in various materials handbooks and online). High heat conductivity ensures that heat generated by LED chips and circuit boards is rapidly moved away from critical components while high heat capacity allows the material to absorb heat with minimal temperature increase. High electrical conductivity provides efficient electrical current flow with minimal losses. High corrosion resistance keeps components from degrading over time, especially when used in harsh environments. High strength, of course, makes components survive heavy loads and abuse. A well-engineered product will be constructed from an alloy that best optimizes these properties.
With these factors in view, Elzetta manufactures flashlight components from 6061-T6 aluminum. The differences in material properties of this alloy compared to other aluminum variants are substantial. For example, 6061-T6 boasts 28% greater heat and electrical conductivity and 20% greater heat capacity than 7075-T6 aluminum with a tensile strength 28% greater than alloy 6063-T6. The “T6” portion of the material grade refers to the heat treatment and is a critical specification. Simply specifying “6061” is woefully inadequate as 6061-T6 has a yield strength four times greater than 6061-T0. However, a heat treatment identifier without an alloy grade is meaningless (“T6 aluminum” is not a valid specification).
Despite the importance of the specific alloy used in construction, most flashlight manufacturers do not publish the actual aluminum grade used in their products. Marketing terms such as “aerospace aluminum” or “aircraft grade” are meaningless jargon with no solid definitions and such descriptors should raise suspicions. Of course, if a company does specify a specific alloy grade, the legitimacy of the claim is only as good as the integrity of the manufacturer making the claim. It is nearly impossible to identify an alloy grade by visually examining a finished product. Therefore, it is important that a flashlight manufacturer not only state the particular alloy material but also have the established credibility to be trusted in their statement (overseas manufacturers are notorious for substituting inferior materials, especially when the substitution cannot be readily identified by consumers). A well-designed flashlight is distinguished from a mediocre one by small details and often-overlooked specifications. Spurious claims of “aerospace” aluminum may indicate that a product is not made of The Right Stuff.