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30 Days of Free Ammunition Giveaway

Who doesn’t want free Ammo?  Gorilla Ammunition is giving away a box of ammo, every day, for the next 30 days.  This starts today.  The sooner you get on this, the better chances you have to win.  The longer you wait, the more competition you will have throughout the competition.  Read their press release below and make sure you drop in on their social media pages and let them know who you heard this from.  GOOD LUCK!  

Gorilla Ammunition is running a giveaway promotion. Giving away ammunition everyday for 30 days!



Vero Beach, FL, – February 11, 2015 – Gorilla Ammunition, a manufacturer of high quality modern sporting rifle ammunition, is performing a promotional giveaway that gives consumers a chance to win free ammunition. Consumers can enter the giveaway at the Gorilla Ammunition website and become eligible to win (1) 20 round box of high quality match grade ammunition of their choice.


Contestants can begin entering on February 11th, the first winner will be announced on February 12th and the giveaway ends on March 13, 2015. The Gorilla Ammunition 30 Days of Ammunition Giveaway requires contestants to engage them on one social media platform to be eligible to win. The links are provided below.

Gorilla Ammunition is a manufacturer of high quality modern sporting rifle ammunition and dominates the 300 Blackout ammunition category. All of Gorilla Ammunition modern sporting rifle ammunition offerings are capable of Sub-MOA accuracy and have standard deviations in muzzle velocity of less that 15 feet per second. These industry leading statistics are garnering Gorilla Ammunition loyal consumers, as this young manufacturer continues to grow rapidly.