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NI Tactical .625 Adjustable Gas Block

The following is a Press Release from Next Intent Tactical:

Expanding on its line of cleverly designed AR accessories and made in the USA on premium CNC machines, Next Intent Tactical now offers a gas block that will perform under the harshest use while weighing less than any other adjustable gas block on the market, all while looking better than any gas block period (our opinion).


  • Clamp-On mounting system for increased accuracy and clamping strength over set screw or taper pin designs.
  • Aerospace-grade Titanium construction: Ti-6Al-4V


  • Attaches with one 8-32 screw and 1 Belleville washer, no Loctite needed.
  • Infinitely adjustable and lockable using the proven, dual set screw design, no detent springs to damage or burn up, replacement hardware infinitely available.
  • Raw bead-blasted finish, machine finish available on request.
  • Low profile design fits under more handguards than most others.
  • At 0.58 oz or 0.036 lbs this is the lightest adjustable gas block we have ever heard of (12/4/2015)

Visit www.nitactical.com to purchase

Raw gas blocks are $119.99 plus tax (CA Only) & shipping.

Black available for an additional $10

Next Intent Tactical Adjustable Gas Block

Next Intent Tactical has just announced a unique approach to AR-15 .750 Adjustable Gas Blocks (AGB).  Made in the USA and constructed with Aerospace-grade Titanium (Ti-6AI-4V) on premium CNC Machines, the NI Tactical AGB is believed to be the lightest weight adjustable gas block on the market today, weighing in at 0.64 oz.


The NI Tactical AGB is uniquely mounted to the barrel via a clamp-on mounting system, which NI Tactical claims has helped with increased accuracy and strength over standard set screw or taper pin designs.  The AGB attaches with on 8-32 screw and a Belleville washer with no Loctite needed.


NI Tactical advises that their AGB is infinitely adjustable and lockable using a proven, dual set screw design with no detent springs to damage.

Next Intent Tactical Gas Block 001
The standard AGB will come in a Raw, Bead-Blasted Finish with a Machine Finish available on request.

The standard “Raw” finish AGB MSRP’s for $119.99 (plus CA tax) and will be available in black (soon) for an additional $10.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.nitactical.com/

SHOT Show 2015 – LanTac USA

LanTac USA, who has been mostly known for their Dragon Muzzle Brakes, had a booth full of new awesomeness available for all to see….and for one sticky fingered thief, a BCG to take home.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Blast Mitigation Device (BMD)-1000
LanTac USA Blast Mitigation Device (BMD)

LanTac USA’s Blast Mitigation Device, or BMD, is a removable shroud of sorts that can be placed over the Dragon Muzzle Brake to control the side blast from the Dragon and away from the shooter.  The BMD is quickly removed from the Dragon by pressing two release buttons on either side of the device.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG)-1000
LanTac USA Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG)

This Enhanced BCG is the brother of the Ti Enhanced BCG that was stolen from the LanTac booth at SHOT.  The stolen version was a one-off version without Forward Assist serrations and was made of Titanium.  Click HERE for more info from LanTac regarding a description of the stolen BCG.  They are offering a reward.

The Enhanced BCG is M16 Full Auto style, machined from 8620 steel with a Shot Peened (SP) bolt and is Magnetically Particle Inspected (MPI).  The entire carrier assembly is NiB, electroless NiB coated with the patented advanced UTC EXO process.  The carrier features forward gas porting with enlarged gas vents to run cooler and cleaner and reduces the pressurization of the receiver.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Gas Block and Dragon Muzzle Brake-1000
LanTac USA Gas Block and Dragon Muzzle Brake

The LanTac Gas Block will fit .750″ diameter gas pad barrels and uses two set screws to secure the block in place.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA SPADA-S Rail-1000

The LanTac USA SPADA-S Rail is a lightweight freefloat handguard that features reinforced attachment positions at the 3, 6 and 9-o’clock positions with helicoil inserts.  The rail offers zero protrusion to the rear and will mount to any upper receiver, regardless of shape.

SHOT Show 2015 LanTac USA Upper Advancd Receiver (UAR)-1000

LanTac USA Upper Advancd Receiver (UAR)

The LanTac USA Upper Advanced Receiver, aka UAR, is machined from Billet 7075-T6 aluminum, is finished with MilSpec, Type 3, Class2, Deep Black, Hardcoat Anodizing and comes standard with M4 feedramps.  The UAR comes standard with a CP-R360 Domed Head Cam Pin.  The Cam Pin features a circular head with singular flat face so it can retrofit any other BCG cam pin without the need of removing the gas key.

For more information on LanTac USA, visit http://www.lantac-usa.com/.