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Lucky Gunner Labs Conducts Extensive Ballistics Gel Test


Lucky Gunner Labs has recently conducted a very extensive ballistics gelatin test on 117 different handgun loads.  With five rounds fired per variation, that is 585 individual measurements for penetration depth, expansion and velocity.  If the Average Joe shooter were to attempt to recreate this test, just the cost of ammo alone would be well over $1700 (hoping that the average box of ammo would only cost $15).


Luckily (pun intended), Lucky Gunner has taken the task on themselves so you can reap the benefits of their hard work.


Check out their page by clicking HERE.  There is a lot of information to click through and you have the ability to click on the round that suits your needs the best and it will take you to their store for purchase.

A small disclaimer:  The handguns used in the testing were shorter barreled variants unlike the FBI Standard, which is full-size handguns.  This is a Catch-22.  There really is not a lot of data out there for compact-type guns, which is great, however, if you are shooting a full-size handgun, make sure you compare the differences with testing done with full-sized variants.  There will be a difference, even if it is slight.

Test Guns
Test Guns

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