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Fifteen Ridiculous Products for Gun Owners on Amazon

Amazon truly has just about everything from A to Z.  Granted, they do not possess a FFL (that we are aware of), but that does not stop them from selling gun-related items.  On a journey to find all things obscurely gun related, Amazon was the obvious choice due to sheer variety.  Here are Fifteen Ridiculous Products for Gun Owners that were found to be either ridiculously good or ridiculously bad, we are not sure, nor will we judge anyone who decides to include one of these items into their daily lives.

15.  Gibson AR-15 Cell Phone Case for iPhone SE, 5 & 5S (Pink)

14.  AR15 and Grenade Soap Gift Set – Includes Case

13.  Wild West Six Shooter Double Pistols Toilet Paper Holder

12.  Revolver 3D Wooden Puzzle

11.  Fired Shot’s Real Expanded Hollow Point Bullet10.  Chocolate Gun – Full Size Solid Chocolate Pistol with Case9.   Fred FREEZE! Handgun Ice Tray

8.  Bullet Push Pins

7.  Bullet Tire Caps6.  Ceramic Gun Mug5.  AK-47 Building Block Set4.  .45 Colt Nickel Bullet Engraved Personalized Cufflinks3.  16GB Metal Revolver Gun Novelty USB Flash Drive2.  Bullet Whiskey Glass

1.  Steampunk 6 Barrel Dummy Pistol Statue


Join Club Grunt Style and get a chance to Win a Rifle!

Do you want to win a rifle?  Sure we all do.

Do you want to wear some bad ass shirts?  You should.

How about both?


Join Club Grunt Style and get a new exclusive t-shirt every month and a chance to win a new rifle.

To join or to learn more info, click HERE and select the “Club Grunt Style” link at the top of the page.  There are options to pay monthly or save some more money to buy ammo with and select the yearly subscription.

Plus, you are supporting a bunch of military veterans and US patriots in the mean time.  For every t-shirt you buy, a Chinese sweat-shop is shut down, freeing hundreds of Chinese kids to go back to school and learn how to read and right.  Okay, not really, but you are buying American and that is what matters, right?




Drink in Style with Battle Mug

If you are looking to stand out while drinking your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not), check out the Battle Mug BattleComp Drink.Oh! 7oz Highball Glass and the Bullet Shot.

The BattleComp Drink.Oh! 7oz Highball Glass is a heavy duty chunk of billet aluminum made to resemble the infamous BattleComp AR Compensator and at least for a few batches, were serial numbered, adding to their appeal.

The Battle Mug BattleComp 7oz Highball Glass


Holding four fluid ounces, the Bullet Shot will definitely trump any other shot glasses out there.  Made in the USA out of a huge chunk of aluminum billet, this 7 inch long shot glass weighs in around 1 lbs.  The solid aluminum bullet cap firmly secures inside the casing with an o-ring.


The Battle Mug Bullet Shot



Battle Mug Bullet Shot 011-1000


Though the cost of both of these drinking apparatuses ($109 and $79 respectfully) will probably prevent you from  buying a full set for all of your friends, they will definitely still be a great conversation starter and will make you stand out at any party.