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What Societal Role Do You Play?

In light of yesterdays tragedy in San Bernardino, this is something that EVERYONE should read On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs by LTC (Ret)Dave Grossman at least once in their lives.  It puts society as a whole into a perspective.  What are you?  A Sheep, A Wolf, or A Sheepdog.  I have been a Sheepdog for the past 18 years and will continue to be one until the day I die.


You do not need to answer this publicly, but be 100% honest with yourself.  Are you a predator that preys on the weak and victimizes your fellow man?  Are you the weak that is victimized without a clue what threats are around you?  Or are you a protector that can protect the “flock” as well as yourself and refuses to become a willing victim?   If an imminent and unsuspecting threat were to slap you in the face right now, which category would you fall into?

Everyone in the world falls into one of these three categories.  You are either a predator, a protector, or the prey.  With governmental elections coming upon us, what characteristic do you want the leader you are voting for to be?

If you have read this far and have not clicked on the “hotlink” above, make sure you read this article.


Remember to continuously ask yourself; “What societal role do you play? “