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Gas Pedal® Racing Team wins Triple Crown at US Nationals 2015

GOGUN Press Release 1


Frostproof Florida, October 2015

Gas Pedal Racing Team Members won an unprecedented triple win at the USPSA Open National Championship. The GoGun® USA Gas Pedal® grip was on the winning guns in Men’s, Women’s, and Junior National Titles in very hard fought competition of most of  the fastest shooters in the world.

GOGUN Press Release 3

Chris Tilley won overall and Men’s Category.  Kaci Cochran won Women’s, Kincaid Ross won Junior. All are Gas Pedal® Racing team members. Kaci dominated for her second National Title in a Row. Chris and Kincaid were very close second place winners in 2014.

GOGUN Press Release 2

The Gas Pedal® brand grip pioneered the concept of the opposable grip in pistol shooting. The opposable grip, which is fundamentally different than the classic neutral grip, has been increasingly the method of choice for some of world’s fastest shooters.

Almost a quadruple crown as the Senior Category was won by Keary Pearson who also used an opposable grip thumb assist made by another manufacturer.

Chris, Kaci, Kincaid and Keary are firm believers in the Opposable Grip method and give it credit for their improved consistency and acquisition speed.

GoGun® USA has claimed that use of the Gas Pedal® opposable grip is simply the fastest way to shoot, period. As Benny Hill, the Texas gunsmith, not the comedian says, “It aint bragging, if you can do it…. Winning don’t lie”.

GoGun® USA is also noted for its SuperComp® Rifle Muzzle brakes and also the Gas Pedal® Thumb Assist for rifle or Shotgun.

Go Gun Super Comp Tactical Talon Muzzle Brake on a Faxon Firearms 20in Heavy Profile Fluted Barrel 002-1000
Go Gun Super Comp Tactical Talon Muzzle Brake

GoGun®, Gas Pedal®, and SuperComp® are registered trademarks owned by Grip Holdings, LLC. SuperComp® muzzle brakes for Rifle and Gas Pedal® thumb assist for pistol are patented. Gas Pedal® for Rifle is patent pending.

Mammoth Sniper Challenge Entry Giveaway from Rhino Arms

Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Rhino Arms is handing out free entries into the Mammoth Sniper Challenge via a random drawing for you and a teammate.  The Mammoth Sniper Challenge is a three day precision rifle competition from January 7-10, 2016 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky with targets out to 1,100 yards.

Competitors must negotiate the Kentucky terrain and engage targets at up to 1,100 yards — it’s the real deal.

For Event Details, please visit: http://www.mammothsniperchallenge.com/index.html

For Entry into the Random Drawing, please visit:  http://rhinoarms.com/mammoth-contest/