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Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post

Blitzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post 001-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post and Adjustment Tool

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post (FSP) with white contrast stripe is a great upgrade to any AR-15.  With the included proprietary front sight tool, installation and adjustments are an easy task. The recessed white stripe chevron makes for very fast sight picture acquisition and offers a great reference for those who sometimes confuse the protective wings of the front sight housing as the FSP.  Sight adjustments are limited to every two clicks with the white chevron on both sides, though only two of the four sides are used for sighting, it will be twice as accurate as a single-sided sight while obtaining a precise zero.

Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight in Samson Mfg BUIS 001-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP in a Samson Manufacturing BUIS

The Blitzkrieg Components Chevron FSP is machined from a single piece of billet 416 stainless steel and is coated in a melonite matte black finish.  I have successfully installed the chevron FSP in a Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND front BUIS, a Magpul MBUS front sight, a Samson Manufacturing front sight and a standard A2 front sight base.  It will fit almost any AR-15 front sight housing, though Blitzkreig Cmponents advises that their chevron FSP is not compatible with the Magpul MBUS Pro or the LWRC Skirmish sights.

Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post in a Magpul MBUS 003-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP in a Magpul MBUS

Zeroing in my AR with the Blitzkrieg Components Chevron FSP was just as easy as any standard FSP and any noticeable difference in obtaining a realistic zero with every two clicks was negligible compared to one click adjustments. Additionally Blitzkrieg Components also offers a black chevron FSP without the white stripe marking for those who opt not to have the bright white feature on the front sight.  Personally, I prefer the white stripe as it offers higher contrast and a faster sight picture.

Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Front Sight with Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post 006-1000
Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP in a Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Front Sight

Engineering wise, I am not sure if it would be possible or even feasible to create a four-sided white stripe chevron FSP that would offer the chevron post on all sides.  If that were to be done, it would offer more capabilities for sight adjustment, however the chevron would probably need to be canted at an angle towards the target, and the shape of the sight would be more in line with that of a pyramid.  I would be interested to see if that was possible, and if it were to be as effective or if the sight being angled away from the shooter would cause any issues with sight acquisition, or precision.

Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Sights with Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight Post 001-1000
Even against a bright background, the Blitzkreig Components Chevron FSP offers enough contrast to obtain good sight acquisition.

For more information on Blitzkrieg Components, check out their webpage: https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/

SHOT Show 2014 – Leupold

Leupold DeltaPoint 2
Leupold DeltaPoint 2

For 2014, Leupold has launched the next-generation of their red dot sight, the DeltaPoint 2.  Retaining features of the first-generation DeltaPoint such as Motion Sensor Technology that turns the illumination on when motion is detected, the second generation DeltaPoint 2 will now include manual brightness adjustment and a master on/off switch for transportation or storage.

For more information visit, http://www.leupold.com/.