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Introducing Two New Contributors to ZERO7ONE.com


I am happy to announce two new contributors to ZERO7ONE.com, Chris Tran and Steve Coulston.  Both Chris and Steve are both great, down to earth, guys who definitely know their way around firearms.  Both of these guys put in many hours working with Defense Marketing Group as well as other media outlets and are a huge asset to have around.

Chris Tran


Chris’ Facebook Profile speaks volumes about him.  He is a full time police officer for a large municipality in the Pacific NW and has written review content published in Guns & Tactics Magazine, Tactical News Magazine and Blacksheepwarrior.com.  Chris provides a great No-BS approach to his reviews that will appeal to those who want an honest review on reliable gear without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.  Regardless of what Chris says, he truly is a Ninja masquerading as an “everyday citizen”.

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Steve Coulston


Steve Coulston, a United States Navy and Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC) Veteran, has been handling a wide variety of firearms for over two decades.  Steve is a gentle giant who provides detailed and easy reads on his reviews that he has had published on Guns & Tactics Magazine.  You will not be bored nor disappointed with the quality of work that Steve produces.

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I have the distinct pleasure to call both Steve and Chris my friends.  They have both gained public recognition and are becoming household names within the firearms industry. However, they do not let their fame go to their heads as they both remain extremely humble, grounded and dignified.  These are the guys who you want to be beside you during a firefight and go have a beer with afterward.

Keep an eye out for content from them in the future.

– ZERO7ONE Actual