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Smith and Bradley Watch Promo Code

Smith and Bradley, an American-Made Watch Manufacturer, is now a sponsor of ZERO7ONE.com.  The S&B watches are built to not only last your lifetime, but to pass onto your future generations.  It is time that you have a watch on your wrist that feels like a watch, not a happy meal toy.



For more information on their full product line and to order, please visit:  http://www.smithbradleyltd.com/.

SHOT Show 2014 – Luminox ANU Watch

Luminox ANU Watch
Luminox ANU Watch

New for 2014, Luminox Watches has introduced the ANU (Approved for Navy Use) watch.  The ANU features a 45mm sapphire crystal face that will not scratch as easily surrounded by a steel housing, the option of a nylon or rubber strap, and has an 8 year battery life.  The ANU retails for $695.00 and will be available in March 2014.

For more information visit, luminox.com.