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100K Giveaway Winners


Each of the below individuals are winners in the 100K giveaway.  I will send each of them an email later tonight for their shipping address.  I am still waiting for some of the sponsors to send their products for the giveaway, so I will announce exactly what everyone receives soon.  As soon as all products are in hand, boxes will be shipped out.  Congrats to the winners and everyone’s support and patience.

Winners from Traditional Means (Like Pages* / Submit Form)

  1. Matt Andrews (m*****20@yahoo.com)
  2. Dale Fogg (d*****gg@comcast.net)
  3. James Sherwood (s*****yj@gmail.com)
  4. Bob Torres (b*****19@hotmail.com)
  5. Michael Lane (I*****ne@gmail.com)
  6. Scott Sherman (s*****79@gmail.com)

Winner from “Liking” Facebook Post

  1. Lisa Atkin (l*****in@gmail.com)

Winner from “Sharing” Facebook Post

  1. Noah Alkinburgh (n*****gh@hotmail.com)

Winner from Twitter

  1. Russ Schulcz (@schulczr)

Winner from Instagram

  1. Marty Callan (@txfilmmaker)

*Liking too many pages caused some to be banned from liking Facebook pages.  This was not held against anyone in selecting winners due to factors out of their control.

Patch Giveaway (2 of 4) Winner Announcement

“Patches….PATCHES!?!? I dont need no stinking PATCHES. Well maybe the piggy one. I like bacon.” ~ Mike Kirkpatrick


Mike Kirkpatrick (k…..7@gmail.com) is the winner of this giveaway.  Email is inbound.

Patch Giveaway 2-1000

Thanks to all who entered and remember, there will be 2 more coming up soon, sometime after the beginning of the year.

In the mean time, make sure you have entered the 100,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway.