WP Statistics


* Added: Installation/upgrades/removals on WordPress multi-sites now upgrade all sites in the network if the installing user has the appropriate rights.
* Added: RSS feed URL’s can now be excluded.
* Added: Option to set the country code for private IP addresses.
* Fixed: Additional WP_DEBUG warning fixes.
* Fixed: Incorrect parameter list in get_home_url() when checking for self referrals.
* Fixed: Single quotes can now be used in the report content without being escaped.
* Fixed: Referrers menu item was misspelled.
* Updated: Italian, French, Polish, Arabic, Persian and Chinese translation.
* Updated: Widget now formats numbers with international standards.
* Updated: Short codes now support three number formatting options; i18n, english or none.
* Updated: Removed old throttling code for hits which is no longer required.
* Updated: IP address exclusions without a subnet mask now assume a single IP address instead of all IP addresses.


* Added: shareaholic-bot to robots list.
* Fixed: Robot threshold setting was not being saved.
* Updated: Italian translation, thanks illatooscuro.
* Updated: Arabic translation, thanks Hammad.
* Updated: Honey pot page title now includes “Pot” in it.